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Archive-name: Affairs/helensto.txt

Archive-author: Heironymus

Archive-title: Two Helen Stories

Putting Helen in Her Place

Written in 1992 by Heironymus 

For Free Distribution to all Humankind 

     Helen sighed. "I bet you'd like that huh?"

     "Yeah." She was so damn cute, curled up on the sheets, her

long legs drawn up. I found myself staring at her virgin ass.

Helen and I cheated with each other. She would call, every six

months or so, and we'd meet, talk about old times, and fuck. Or

not fuck, as her whim dictated. Sometimes, she just wanted to

sleep with me.

     She snuggled back against me. "I'm pretty drunk."

     "I know." I said, caressing her small, firm breasts with both

hands. I pinched both nipples, hard, causing them to tighten into

little pink knots. She moaned. Helen always loved having her

nipples mauled.

      We'd been close once. I'd even thought at one point we might

marry, but she'd called it off.

     "Does Mary Anne let you put it in her fat little but? Hmmm?"

     I snorted. The answer was yes, but I didn't want to tell her

that. The truth was, I had to let Mary Anne's ass heal a little

bit. She'd always submit if I asked , I knew, but I wanted her to

enjoy it. Her asshole was a precious natural resource. Not to be


     Too much.

     I ran my hands over her body, stroking her long, hard thighs,

massaging her hips and buttocks gently. "Just let me. You remember

your old roommate, Lacy, what she said about it?"

     "She said she liked it." Helen murmured. "She said it felt

really good."

     "Yeah." I whispered, spitting in my hand, and gently slicking

her cunt and asshole. Helen had put on some weight, and her small

firm tits were now slightly larger than I remembered. She was

still beautiful. Six feet tall, short blonde hair framing an

aristocratic face with high cheekbones and clear blue eyes. She'd

begun to remind me a little of Tasha Yar on the new star trek


     My cock was enormous, straining, oozing precum steadily.

She'd already come once as I'd rolled her over and fucked her from

behind. As much as she said she disliked that position, she never

failed to come like crazy when I made her do it.

     I began to rub the head up and down her crack, from her cunt,

over her asshole, and back again. She rolled over fully onto her

stomach. I moved my weight on top of her, and used one foot to

spread her legs a little wider.


     I slid it into her cunt, and worked it in and out a couple of

times. She was sopping wet. "Ummmmmm." She sighed. I was rubbing

the fluid up onto her asshole with each stroke. Her entire crack

was slick, soaking wet.

     I began to press it against her ass with a firm steady


     "Jake..." She whined.

     The head slipped in suddenly, and she gasped.

     "Ahhhhhhhhh." I began to move it in her asshole, slowly,

introducing a little more cock with each tiny stroke.

     "Jake, stop it." Helen whispered. But she didn't struggle.

Instead, she began to move ever so slightly, to minimize the

penetration. Her face was turned to one side, and as I bent down

to nibble her earlobe, I noticed she was smiling.

     "No." She moaned softly, still smiling.

     I jerked it out of her, enjoying her little gasp at my sudden

absence, and began to lubricate my shaft with saliva.

     Helen wiggled her ass slightly. "Don't you dare put it back,"

she whispered.

     I kneaded and caressed her ass slowly, with both hands. "Too

late for that."

     I slid one finger in her cunt, as I pressed my thumb against

her tight little asshole, and began to rub gently.

     Helen gasped as my thumb punched through.


     I thought briefly about the joke comparing women and six

packs. What the hell."

     "Gonna fuck your ass honey."

     "Uh huh." She whispered.

     "Hard." I moved up on her, slicking my cock with spit.

     I pulled out my thumb, and straddled her, spreading her

cheeks roughly, grabbing her ass like a man halving an orange.

     Helen looked over her shoulder, pouting.

     "Oh, go ahead. You want it so much? Do it."

     I butted my slick cockhead against the opening, drizzling the

little oozes of precum liberally over her anus. Pivoting back my

hips, I was able to thrust forward, slowly, without letting go of

her ass.

     Her pucker held for a few seconds, before relaxing, as I

kneaded her cheeks open.  The head slid home, as Helen's breathing



     Hot, very hot, tight, and slippery.

     Another inch. Little snorts of breath from Helen's flared


     Even tighter.

    I began to go deeper. Tight, pleasure, like pushing my cock

into a huge clenched fist.

    She began to struggle, grimacing slightly. I pinned her down

with both arms, as I stabbed deeper and deeper.

     "Jaaaaake," she whined.

     "Shut up, bitch. You love it."

     She looked back over her shoulder again, shock and outrage

registering in her face. I pushed myself in deeper, watching the

outrage dissolve, as her eyes lidded and her mouth slipped open.


     She lay back down, spreading her legs slightly wider.

     "Just do it."

     In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. Deeper. Tighter.

    Glistening. My cock, longer, harder, harder, darker, almost

purple in the dim light.

     "Ohhhhhhhhhhh...." Helen's body stiffened. She was cumming!

I'd had no idea she was enjoying it so much!

     Without disengaging myself, I rose up on wobbly legs, pulling

Helen's ass with me.

     "What are you doing," she managed, "don't stop now,


     I folded her long body neatly in two, my dick almost slipping

free from her ass, but not quite. Now her rounded buttocks were

resting on her ankles, her hands writhing in the knotted sheets,

her face embedded in pillow. It was a position I'd found with Mary

Anne. It allowed the deepest possible anal penetration.

    On my knees behind her, I began to bang away in earnest.

    "THERE," thrust, "YOU," thrust, "GO!"


    Helen's cry almost made me blow it, but I held onto my load by

the barest of margins, as orgasm after orgasm racked her frame,

her tight little ass muscle massaging my cock, her breath cumming

all the while in little chaotic gasps, like the crying of small


     "One more thing." I moaned, rolling her over.  I pushed my

glistening cock in her face. I'd always wanted to do this. What

the hell. She probably wouldn't ever call me again, but who cared?

     She looked up at me, disgusted. "I'm not going to suck that,

its been--

     So close. I stroked it once, twice, and grabbed a handful of

her short blonde hair. Helen always swallowed it all. Always. I'd

never seen a drop of my cum on her.

     The pleasure surged , as Helen glanced up at me in confusion.

She had no idea what I was doing! My sack felt so filled with jism

I thought it might burst.

     Staring down at Helen, with a ring of thumb and forefinger, I

took myself over the edge.

     The orgasm hit me like a shockwave, but I kept my eyes open.

I saw the first monstrous jet of come strike her in the left eye,

and she jerked her head back violently. I held her head firmly in

place though, and the second jet squirted up her nose. She

flinched again, and opened her mouth.

     The third jet splattered against her lips, and then she was

grabbing my cock, and guiding it towards her mouth out of force of

habit, milking the shaft quickly with one hand, as she sucked at

the rest of the load.

    But I kept cumming. And cumming. She swallowed once, twice,

three times.

     "Ohhhhhhhhh," I shouted, loudly, "Nice!"

     After she had caught her breath, she began to laugh. "Oh,


     She blew a thick wad of come from her nose.

     I grinned down at her. "Sorry if I was a little rough," I

started to apologize. "I don't know--"

     "Shhh." She sat up, still laughing, wiping jism from her

face. "That's okay." She kissed me lightly, and I could taste my

come in her mouth. She looked me in the eye. "I liked it."

     "You liked it?"

     She looked embarrassed. "Yeah, I don't know..."

     "You like me telling you what to do? Making you take it up

the ass?"

     She nodded uneasily.

     "Making you do it."

     "It felt good." she shrugged. "Sometimes, I like being told

what to do. That's all."

     I stretched, falling back on the bed, as Helen began to rub

the kinks from my legs. Kneeling on a bed, pumping away like mad

for twenty minutes can really take it out of you.

     Still. Life was sweet.



 Harrowing Helen

Written in 1993 by Heironymus 

For Free Distribution to all Humankind

     "On your knees, girl."

     The room was lit by candlight.

     Hellen swallowed, but kneeled quickly. She had on a black

lace bra, and panties, and a lot of makeup. Her lips were blood

red, and she'd used black eye liner and violet eye shadow. Her

short blonde hair was carefully done, perfect. A red silk scarf

around her neck dangled between her small, perfect breasts. I'd

told her to make herself up as slutty as she could, and she'd done

her damndest.

     Things were looking good.

     I unzipped my fly, and pulled out my cock.

     "Lick it."

     I made no movement toward her. After a moment, she shuffled

forward on her knees, until my cock was bobbing in front of her

face. I grabbed it and rubbed the clear ejaculate on her cheeks.

She looked up at me, astonished. She seemed to only half believe

she was doing this.

     She took it in her hand, and began to suck.

     "I didn't say suck it." I pushed her head away. "I said, lick


     She nodded, and began to lick, her tongue extended, her eyes

closed. After she had licked for awhile I told her to stop.

     "I want you to bend over that sofa, and touch yourself."

     "Jake, I don't know if this is such a--"

     "Do what I tell you." I slapped her in the face with my cock,

leaving a dab of fluid glistening on her cheek.

     She nodded quickly, and got up, leaning over the sofa. Her

legs were long, nicely muscled, ever so slghtly thick in the

thighs. She reached down, and timidly began stroking between her


     I slapped her buttocks twice, hard, pinking them.

     "Jerk off. I know you can do it."

     "Oh." She spread her legs a little wider, and worked her

fingers around the string panties. I could see that she was wet,

very wet. Her pussy dripped as she began to knead it.

     "Could you put it in?" she pleaded after a few minutes. "I

want it."

     "You're not getting it there."

     She began to rub herself faster.

     "Noooo" She said, "Please don't fuck me there."

     "Shut up. Your going to get up your ass, and your going to

like it.

     I jerked at her panties savagely. The fabric stretched, and

bit deeply into the pale flesh at her hips, but finally parted.

leaving wed welts, one on each side. A shiver ran through her

body, and she spread her long legs even farther apart.

     I pressed the tip of cock against her asshole, as Hellen

began to finger fuck herself, hard, with two fingers. There was

resistance. The harder I pressed, the tighter her asshole got. I

pulled back, and spit in my hand, working one finger into the


     She gasped.

     "Your going to get a lot more than this, honey." I said

savagely. "A fuck of alot more." I thrust the finger back and

forth, in time with her own finger fucking.

     "Don't" She whispered, bending over farther and spreading her

cheeks with both hands. "Filthy animal." She looked over her

shoulder at me, and bit her lower lip. "Put it in."

     I pressed my cock against her anus again, and again there was

resistance. "Fuck!" I grabbed her hips, and pressed forward,

pulling her onto my cock with all my strength.

     It slid into her ass slowly but inexorably, to the hilt.

     Hellen cried out, a long, high-pitched wail, her body jerking

spastically, and she tried to stand up. "You bastard! I hate you.

Always hated you!"

I shoved her back down with both hands, and held her there

against the sofa. She had a safeword. I almost wished she'd use

it. Some part of me was afraid of rupturing something.

     But she didn't, she just snarled and cursed, calling me

names, railing against men, cocks, dicks for brains. It was kind

of fun, actually, listening to it all. It began to blur into

incoherence as I pumped it in, faster, harder, deeper.

     She began to whimper as I rode her mercilously, for a long,

long time, pulling it all the way free, raming it home, each time

causing a tiny gasp to escape her lips. I lubricated it as need be

with the thick, greasy saliva that seems to always congeal in my

mouth when I fuck women up the ass.

      Finally, I ripped it free and waited, watching her asshole


     "Please." She whispered.

     "Please what?" I licked my hand, greasing the shaft.

     "Put it back in." I could barely hear her. "I need it."

     I slid it home again. She came, over and over again, and I

could feel her ass spasming as she did, clamping down on my cock.

Finally I pulled it out, her rectum a quivering pink wound. She

collapsed, breathing heavily, to the floor. She moaned softly.

     "Now," I said. "Down your fucking throat."

     She rose up on her knees and looked up at me, imploringly.

She sucked the head of my cock.

     I grabbed her head, and began to force it down her throat.

     She gagged. I kept pushing it deeper.

     Looking down, I noticed that she was still fingering herself.

Tears streamed down both cheecks. I could see the bluge of my dick

in her throat.

     I slipped it back and forth several time, feeling her gag

each time, and finally pulled it out. She gasped for breath for

several seconds, saliva thick with mucos dripping down her chin.

     I slapped her face with my cock, now rockhard. "Suck it."

     She sucked it slow and lusciously, spit dripping down the

shaft, gradually soaking my pubic hair. I reached down and caught

one of her hard, pink nipples between thumb and forefinger,

pulling her small breast into a perfect cone. Hellen quivered,

moaning around my cock.

     "Look at me."

     She looked up, my dick in her mouth.

     I reached down and finished the job, as she flicked the tip

of the head with her tongue. The come splattered against her face,

and she opened wide, and caught a huge wad of it on her tongue. It

disappeared into her mouth, and I heard her swallow.

     "Eat it." I whispered.

     She began to clean her face with her fingers, sucking the

jism from them one by one.


     She looked up at me, satisfaction glimmering in her eyes.

     "Thank you, master."

     I liked the sound of that.

     "You're welcome. Slave."

     Helen giggled and shook her head, as if denying that she was

playing this game. I found an uneaten drop of jism on her

forehead, picked it up on my forefinger.

    She licked it off.


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