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Archive-name: Affairs/helen.txt


Archive-title: Helen

 My pussy still tingled. I ran my fingers over the hair and gently touched

inside the lips. They felt swollen and a bit tender. I pushed my finger inside.

The inside felt open, still trying to adjust to it original size.


 It had started a week ago. Norman and I had gone to Al and Christy's home for

Christy's birthday. I had a couple of drinks and started talking to Al, feeling

kind of relaxed for the first time in many weeks.

 Al is a nice guy and does not deserve the bitch he has for a wife. Always

flirting with other men. The music was down low and Al was talking about his

work as a car salesman, telling me all the little bits of gossip that are

normal at any place of work. I noticed that Norman and Christy had been gone

for a while. I started to get a bit suspicious and excused myself, telling Al

that I was going to the ladies room.

 Instead, I walked to the kitchen and found Norman kissing Christy. I started

to get angry, but did not wish to make a scene. I asked Norman to stop it and

walked back to the living room, seething inside.

 Christy is not one of my favorite persons. She is always flirting with other

men. I had seen her several times parading around the house in her panties and

bra when the gardener was around.

 Somehow, she had always behaved with Norman.

 Al looked at me when I walked back to the living room.

 "Is Christy flirting with Norman?" he asked, "I was wondering when she would

get around to him."

 It is just the drinks" I said, hoping to avoid a fight.

 "Don't try to fool me. I know what kind of person she is. She enjoys walking

around half naked and showing all to any man. She is an exhibitionist. Do you

know that she will only make love to me when she is being watched?"

 "Are you kidding?"

 "No, I am not. And by the way, they are not back. Want to go and look for


 We walked back to the kitchen but found it empty. Al took my hand and signaled

me to be silent. Slowly we walked up the stairs. The door to the bathroom was

ajar. I pushed it and saw Christy and Norman inside, Christy holding Norman's

cock while he pissed.

 "I think you two should go" said Al.


 Norman and I had spent the week barely speaking. He had not even tried to fuck

me during this time. I was glad of this.

 Our love life during the time we had been married had been a one sided affair.

Norman was a lousy lover, a bum fuck.

 Our lovemaking usually consisted of him jumping on me without any

preliminaries, sticking his cock in me and cuming in a minute or two, leaving

me unsatisfied.

 It had become a ritual for me to go to the bathroom and masturbate to an

orgasm after these sessions.

 Today, I was still in bed when the phone rang. It was Al.

 "Listen, we have to have a talk. Why don't you come up to the showroom at

lunchtime and we will go have lunch somewhere?"

 I quickly made up my mind and agreed to meet him at a small place near his

place of work.

 Al is a handsome man, in an ordinary kind of way. 5' 9", about 180 pounds,

dark haired, with a few silver hairs at the sides. He drinks a bit more than he

should, but seems to be able to handle it.

 Al ordered a couple of drinks.

 "I have been watching you the last week and you are letting this become too

important. What difference does it make if Christy makes a pass at your

husband. It happens everywhere. I am used to it. Why do you think I have a few

drinks too many once in a while?"

 "You do not understand. This is a problem that has been growing for along

while. As a matter of fact, ever since our wedding night."

 "Look," said Al, "you know I am your friend. If you want to talk about it, you

know you can trust me to keep my mouth shut."

 The drinks arrived then, giving me a bit of time to make up my mind.


 "I was a virgin when we got married. Norman and I had been going together for

about two years, but I am a bit old fashioned and wanted to wait. Norman kept

trying to get me to go all the way, but I was able to fend him off, even though

we came very close. We would neck in the back seat of his car at the drive in.

I used to get back to the house with my panties dripping from these necking


 Finally he asked me to marry him. He figured it was the only way he could fuck

me. We had planned to go to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and had just left the

reception to change before going to the airport. The reception agreement

included a room for us, but we did not have too much time left. No sooner had

we closed the door that Norman grabbed me, threw me on the bed.

 "You cannot say no anymore, we are married."

 I tried to slow him down a bit, but he was too strong for me. He pushed my

dress up over my head , ripped my panties off and, without even trying to see

if I was ready, pushed his cock into me in one lunge. It hurt so much that I

passed out. When I recovered, I felt his cum dripping out of me. He had fucked

me even though I was unconcious."

 "What an asshole. But you cannot blame him too much. He was half crazy with

need. There is just so much a guy can take."

 "Yes, I can see that. But it got no better during the honeymoon. He would jump

on me, get his rocks off and go to sleep. Do you know that I have not had an

orgasm with him in six years? I have to do myself once in a while."

 "He deserves anything you do. Have you ever thought of finding yourself a man

that will be a better lover?"

 I looked at him.

 "That sounds like a proposition, Al. Maybe if you get a couple more of these

drinks in me I might just take you up on it."

 "That might not be a bad idea. You get even with Norman and I get even with

Christy. You are a beautiful woman, Helen. It is a shame that you are not


 "Let us have another drink. This one is all gone."

 "Take it easy on those, they are big."

 I was feeling the drinks by then.

 "Just get me another one and tell me if you are big."

 "I am not too big. Just average. But there is a guy back at the showroom that

is hung like a horse. His name is Bob. He is our accountant. Looks like an

ordinary kind of guy but is not ordinary there." Al smiled.

 "Maybe I should take both of you on."

 "If you do, I have to be first. After Bob is through, I would not be able to

feel you. Probably take a week for you to return to normal."

 "OK. Why don't we skip lunch and invite Bob to join us?"

 Al's looked surprised.

 "Are you serious. I thought you were kidding."

 "When I make up my mind, I go through with it. Either you come with me or I am

finding someone else."

 "No, I will do it. Wait here for a minute while I call Bob"


 Bob did look like an ordinary kind of guy. About 35, thin, starting to get

prematurely bald. But the looks were deceiving. Bob kept himself in good shape,

playing handball at a nearby gym twice a week. He had arrived about ten minutes

after Al had called him.

 "Is this the lady in need?" He asked, looking me in the eye.

 "Are you the guy who is going to solve my problem?" I countered. "You do not

look at all like the answer to a maiden's prayer."

 "If you can take it, I can deliver."

 "Hey, remember I am first," said Al, "I heard what you did to Maggie. Nobody

has been able to satisfy her since." "Are you guys going to stand around

talking about it or are we going to do it?"

 "My house is nearby and there is nobody there. Why don't we go there. Beats a

motel" said Bob.


 I was nervous. The trip to Bob's had taken but five minutes, but that was

enough to let me think about what I was about to do.

 "Look, you guys, let me think about this."

 Both Al and Bob looked disappointed.

 "You are not going to backout, are you?"

 I took a deep breath. "No, I am not, just point me to the bedroom and give me

a couple of minutes."

 The bedroom was huge. The largest bed I have ever seen was in the middle. A

bathroom opened to one side, while the stereo and a small bar took up the other.

 "Do you like it?" said Al behind me.

 "I do, but I thought you were going to let me get confortable first."

 "I prefer to do that myself."

 Al's hands reached for me. One closed around one breast, while the other went

around my waist. Gently, Al started to knead one breast, while the other hand

found the zipper at the back of my dress and drew it down. I felt Al's mouth on

mine, his tongue insinuating itself into mine, touching mine. My dress dropped

around my ankles. My bra followed it.

 Al's mouth moved down my neck to my shoulders and then to one nipple, sucking

on it. I felt myself carried to the bed and deposited on it. His hands pushed

down my panties, removing them. I closed my eyes, just feeling his mouth trace

a fiery path over my body. First one nipple, then the other, up to my

shoulders, my neck.

 His finger were not idle. They went lower, touching my belly, lower to the

place between my legs, touching, feeling. I felt his fingers rubbing at the

small bud at the top of my vagina, then move lower, inside, spreading the

wetness. My breath was coming faster.

 "Fuck me, don't make me wait. I have to come."

 "There is no rush, it is better to wait."

 I felt his lips go lower, kissing my belly. Then his tongue stabbing into me,

licking, flickering at my clit. His lips nipping at it. I could feel a small

stream of slippery moisture run down my pussy and down into the crack below.

 My hips were undulating, trying to capture that plateau that had evaded me for

so long.


 I felt him lift his head from my pussy, moving higher. He settled between my

legs. I could feel his cock rubbing against me, the thick undervein moving

along my pussy. My hips were bucking wildly, trying to capture his cock.

 "Slow down, It is not going to go away."

 I felt his hand hold his cock,moving the head up and down, moistening it, then

he notched the head at the hole and pushed slowly, the head getting in, then an

inch more, then two. I could not wait any longer and arched my back, catching

it when he was coming down. I felt the whole length ram into me, the hairs at

the base mingling with mine, the balls slapping against my ass.

 His hands gripped my buttocks, holding me for a moment, then lowering me back

to the bed. I could feel the ridges along his cock, the head pressing against

my womb. He started to move out, slowly until only the head remained inside,

then reversing and not stopping until his balls slapped against my ass again. I

could feel my orgasm lingering just out of reach. He was now pistoning in and

out faster and faster. My hips were girating wildly, trying for the climax that

I had never had to a man's cock.

 Al was not to blame that I did not come with him. He tried as much as he could

to get me over that last hump. Suddenly he stiffened and I felt his sperm

jetting against my womb, mixing with my juices and spilling out of me.

 He collapsed on top of me while I beat my fists in frustration against his


 After a while, he moved away. His now soft cock hung limp, trailing a thin

thread of semen from the head to my pussy. A small stream of cum ran down the

crack to my ass and pooled on the bed.

 "I am sorry" he said. "I wish I could have brought you out."

 "But it is your luck that I am here."

 Bob's voice behind Al made me look up. My eyes were drawn to his legs. I could

not believe my eyes! No man has a right to be that large. My hands went to my

pussy in a defensive gesture. He would rip me apart, gut me like a pig! "No,

get away from me! You can't... I can't take that..."


 It was like a baseball bat, fully a foot in length and at least two and a half

or three inches thick. It reached from the thick mat of hair to the tip of his

breastbone. His hands were wrapped around it and could barely circle it. From

the base hung a pair of balls like small coconuts. The head on it was the size

of an apple and from the slit on the end shone a drop of lubrication.

 Bob smiled and said: "The little lady is afraid. Little does she know that

that hole she has will accomodate anything. Besides I buy this by the gross."

 In his hand was a tube of jellied lubricant.

 "Be careful, Bob, you do not want to hurt her."

 "We'll just do it the easy way, let her come to me."

 Bob laid on the bed and opened the tube of lubricant.  Taking a great gob of

it, he placed it on the great head and spread it down the length. he kept doing

that until the tube was empty.

 My juices had started running again. If I got on top, I could stop anytime I

started to hurt. Besides, he was covered with lubricant. I timidly touched it.

It jumped at my touch. My hand could not circle it. Slowly I moved my hand up

and down it. The skin moved easily and a new drop of juice appeared at the slit.

 I leaned closer and touched the tip of my tongue to the drop. The salty-bitter

taste filled my mouth.

 I made up my mind. Lifting one leg, I straddled him, the big cock trapped

between my belly and his. I lifted myself but found it impossible to get in the

right position. It was just too big. Al came to my rescue.

 Lifting me up bu the waist, he lowered me until I could place the big head on

the cum-soaked hairs around my vagina. Bob moved his hands to my pussy and with

thumb and forefinger spread the lips until the edges lay on each side of the


 "Let her down, slowly."

 My pussy opening was being stretched inhumanely. My body lowered an inch and

the great head insinuated deeper into my pussy, the blood-filled tip stretching

the flesh almost to the tearing point. I moaned, now aware through the pain

that my own body was betraying me, that my own weight would be the momemtum

working me down the spear that was slowly piercing me.

 "Nooo, I can't... it's impossible."

 Al lowered me another inch.


 The rubber bands of my vaginal opening began unknotting in adjustment to the

monument forcing entry, snapping loose little by little. It got a bit less


 Suddenly Al laughed and said: "You can take it."... and released the hands

that were holding me up.

 Fire sirens went off in my brain, shrieking and alarm. I did not rush down the

firepole. It came to me, tearing up my insides. The runaway cock smashed

through all my resisting flesh, shoving the pink soft walls aside before its

monstruous head. It rushed into me, filling every crack and pore in the tunnel

to my womb, pushing my organs aside. His wiry pubic hairs cushioned the jolt as

my buttocks hit bottom, Bob's pelvis. His huge member was completely inside my

torn pussy, extending, I thought, through the top of my skull. The expression

in my face must have changed as I stared down to where the cock had disappeared

inside me, expecting a pool of blood.

 I looked at Bob. His arms were behind his head as he looked at me in

amusement. I started getting used to the huge foreign pressence that my body

had accepted with such astonishing flexibility.

 "Oh... oh... oh... ohhh..."

 Bob's balls twitched when he inflated his prick and my responding groan was

pained, my teeth clenching and my pussy hurrying to accomodate the increased

size of the large intruder. I repeated the moan when he shifted the other way,

but each sideways move expanded the walls of my vagina until they fit the giant

prick like a glove.

 There was no way he could be any deeper in me.

 "Fuck now," said Bob.

 Like a gymnast, I worked my legs back, my feet against my butt and tested

lifting my torso up the big cock. We were sealed together so tightly that our

meshed flesh was almost as one. I lifted my pussy until the lips found the

ridge of the head, what seemed like ten miles above the base and slowly lowered

my body down again. Bob shut his eyes, as if being lulled to sleep by the

dreamy sensation of a snug-fitting warm doughnut of softness as it ringed up

and down the length of the colossal cock. Al's hands went to my breasts,

cupping them and softly kneading the nipples. His mouth started kissing my neck

and bringing shivers to my skin.

 I was still pumping up and down, the pain now gone. Up and down, up and down

the unmoving cock, a half smile on my face, a signal of the full enjoyment of

something deliciously wicked. Faster I moved, Bob's loins now rushing to catch

my pussy as it slipped away on each upstroke. His loins now kicked into high

gear and the pistoning cock pushed inside me with teeth rattling impact.

 I was riding out the storm, my pussy lashed to Bob's massive mast. My clit was

getting rubbed as I rode it down the cock like the prow of a downracing

bobsled. The first blast of hot cum splashed into my pussy like molten lead,

the monstrous shaft swelling like puffed cheeks as it gushed.

 I was huffing and puffing as if I had swallowed liquid fire. My screams must

have filled the room as Bob's cock continued to fire, its hot cum filling my

womb and back down the vaginal passage, mixing at the base with the outpourring

of my pussy.

 Finally I was there. My orgasm soared higher and higher. It was frightening

how my body could run away, existing by itself. I climbed and climbed, my

climax like a balloon that suddenly exploded. I felt that I had been straddling

a high tension wire and someone had finally turned off the juice. I sagged on

Bob, aware of my pussy seeping around the thick stopper like a partially

plugged drain.

 I lifted my flowing pussy off the still rigid cock and watched Bob's face

clear as I threw a leg across his body and collapsed on the side.

 I rested, my leaking vagina hurting inside while its walls readjusted, trying

without success to locate in positions of the pre-Bob past.


 Norman is back in bed and I am starting to fall asleep. But a smile is on my

lips. My thoughts are in the little slip of paper in the bottom of my purse.

The one with Bob's address and phone number.


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