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Archive-name: Affairs/friday1.txt


Archive-title: Friday - Part 1

One Friday evening I went to this seminar and dinner alone because my husband

Aaron was out of town on business.  I had worn this mid-length, red velvet

dress with a low cut front and back. Yes, I was hoping to catch someone's eye.

My husband was always gone and I missed the attention. This young man, Daniel,

sat at the table with me and we had some great conversations, we even danced

together.  Daniel had been a perfect gentleman all evening long, he even

offered to take me home.  It had been a long day for the both of us and it was

nearing midnight.  There was no way I was going to miss out on an opportunity

to seduce this young, attractive and very verile man, so I accepted his offer.

He escorted me from the ballroom to the front door of the hotel.  The valet

brought his car, an ebony colored Corvette, trimmed in gold, with a T-top.  He

opened the car door for me, and it being so low to the ground, I almost fell

into it, but gracefully, making sure he had a good look at the uppermost part

of my thighs.

During our drive, after I gave him instructions on how to get to my penthouse

suite, we listened to the masters of symphony, like Bach, Mozart and

Beethoven.  All the while I was sitting stretched out facing Daniel adoring

his entire body, especially the way his trousers moved in the groin area as he

shifted gears.  He kept his hand on the gear shift most of the time, so as we

were nearing my place I put my hand on his.  I slowly moved my hand up his

arm, to his shoulder, his neck, down his well developed chest then slowly and

gently grasped his swollen rod, bulging against his pants.  His hand slid from

the gear shift to my thigh and slowly worked its way up to the warmth between

my legs.  I leaned over and nibbled on his neck and ears.  Timeing was

perfect, he had just pulled into the parking garage.  After he parked the car

he leaned over and kissed me.  He then turned off the car, got out, went

around the front of the car, as if to strut, then opened my door to help me

out.  I purposely put my right foot out first, leaving my left leg still

inside, so he could see more than just the upper thighs.  As I stood up he

gave me another kiss with a hug this time.

He walked me to the elevator and understood that he would take me to the door

of my suite.  During the ride up to the penthouse I explained that my husband

was out of town and that I would like to show my appreciation for his making

my evening so enjoyable.  I invited him for a "nightcap".  He accepted, hoping

(knowingly) that there would be more.  The elevator stopped and I handed him

my key.  He opened the door for me and let me enter first.  I immediately

turned off the alarm and turned on the switch that dimly lit the room as soft

music played in the background.  I asked him to have a seat.  He sat on the

couch that is in the middle of the room facing the fireplace.  I went to the

bar and fixed us a drink to share.  As I brought the drink to him I leaned

over the back of the couch and handed it to him.  As I leaned over I gently

rubbed my breasts against the back of his neck, then after handing him the

drink, I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear.  I came around to the front

of the couch and sat down beside him saying "We have to share."  He said "I

don't mind, as long as that isn't the only thing we're going to share."  I

asked "Would you like some appeteasers or some other form of hor d'oeuvres?"

Daniel didn't even have to answer, the bulging of his pants said it all!  He

offered the glass to me to take a drink.  I took the glass and a drink, during

which time Daniel leaned over and started nibbling on my neck and ear.  The

touch of his warm lips sent a chill throughout my entire body.  I jokingly

remarked "There must be a chill in the air."  Daniel's reply was "Well then, I

guess I'll just have to start a fire."  I wasn't sure whether he meant in the

fireplace or elsewhere.  He got up and took some pillows from the couch and

tossed them onto the floor in front of the fireplace, saying "Why don't you

bring our drink down here and I'll light the fire?"  Still unsure of what fire

he was going to light, I immediately complied with his request.  As I moved

towards him I slipped off my shoes while he lit the fireplace.  As soon as I

was comfortably sitting down beside him on the floor he took the drink from my

hands and began to light yet another fire.  He sat the drink on the hearth and

in doing so leaned over to kiss me.  He laid me down on the pillows and

suggested a massage.  He turned me over onto my stomach and began removing the

hair pins holding up my hair, so as to help me relax. My long blonde, silky

hair sliding down my neck and across my back sent a spine-tingling chill down

my back to the center of my body in anticipation. I hadn't gotten a rub down

in so long and really needed it, and what was hopefully going to follow.  I

laid there with my eyes wide open as his warm hands wrapped around my

shoulders and gently began rubbing them.  His hands moved ever so slowly down

my bare back to the zipper.  He maneuvered the zipper down to the small of my

back.  I was really getting warm, and it wasn't from the heat coming out of

the fireplace.  I was relaxed, yet tense from the anticipation.  I now had my

eyes closed and was beginning to fantasize.  As he kneaded my buttocks and

rubbed my inner thighs, he could sense my anxiety.  He continued down to my

toes and between them.  He then started back up my body with a feather-like

touch.  Next think I knew, Daniel's lips were carressing the back of neck.  As

he reached my shoulders his hands went inside my dress for the first time.  He

pulled the sleeves down and turned me over on my back. As I was turning over

he was nibbling on my ear and once all the way on my back he kissed me so

passionately I felt I was going to melt.  He kissed me so tenderly all over my

face and would not let me reciprecate.  He said "Just relax and enjoy.  You

will have your time...if you want".  He slowly pulled down the

sleeves of my dress while kissing me that I barely noticed that my breasts

were completely uncovered.  Daniel's lips were so moist and warm that as he

kissed me down the from of my neck to my breasts, my nipples were as hard as a

rock, reaching for the ceiling and begging for attention.  He teased them by

carressing and kissing the breasts all over, but never touching the nipples.

His tongue slide down to my belly button as if in search for gold. I couldn't

stand it any longer,  my hands unconsiously reached up to his head.  I now had

a handful of Daniel's full rich head of hair flowing between my fingers.  He

let me pull him towards my breasts, I made motions in a plead for attention to

my nipples.  I opened my eyes and as he glanced up at me for a moment, I could

see that he was smiling.  He then responded to my plea.  He took my breast in

his mouth, his tongue manipulated my nipple.  He seemed to had turned into a

child, relishing his mother's milk and didn't want to stop.  But he did, for a

moment, only to give attention to the other breast.  I motioned that what he

had made me very happy and before I could say or do anything more, his tongue

was sliding back down towards my belly-button.  He gently lifted my buttocks

to pull my dress all the way down.  His hand lightly stroking my inner thigh,

his face was now over my raging forest.  I could feel the warmth of his

breath.  He hesitated to go any farther, awaiting my approval.  I reached down

and to assist him in removing my panties.  Daniel pulled them down to my

knees. As he was leaning over to pull them all the way off, he kissed my

ankles and his tongue began gliding up my inner leg up to my thigh. He kissed

me on the inner thighs, the hips, the belly, everywhere but where I really

wanted him to.

The fire finally got so warm that Daniel began unbuttoning his shirt.  I

assisted him and pretended that I couldn't unbutton the bottom ones without

unbuckling his pants...he didn't resist...but that was all that he would let

me do.  After removing his shirt I could see his well developed, hairy chest

glisten from the heat and light of the fireplace.  He laid me down and his

warm, hard body was now over mine. I could feel the rod in his pants poking me

in the side, I tried moving to get a better feel of it but he wouldn't let me.

The arm that had gently laid me down was now moving towards my legs as he

leaned to caress my breast with his mouth.  His hand stroked my inner thigh,

motioning to spread my legs.  I slowly spread my legs so that he could finally

reach the area I had been wanting him to touch for, what seemed to be, hours.

His fingers slowly moved into my pubic hair and gently began stroking my clit.

I closed my eyes, I was on cloud nine. I then felt his warm, moist mouth trace

downward until the tip of his tongue flicked my clit.  Soon after, a finger

slid down to the opening of my vagina.  I couldn't help myself, my whole body

stiffened, then I "mewed" with pleasure.  Daniel seemed to be turned on by my

sigh of ecstacy, because, he in turn, moaned.  He somehow removed his shoes,

and unnzipped his pants, pulling them down to his knees.  I opened my eyes to

see the most exciting sight.  There was a gorgeous hunk of a man, going down

on me, with this rod bulging from his undershorts.  I reached to help reveal

the remainder of this beautiful sight, but (to be continued)


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