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Archive-name: Affairs/friday02.txt


Archive-title: Friday Night

July 24, 1992

Wife Dates new lover.

I'm going to keep a dairy of my emotions tonight. I plan to write

a little something at least each hour. I'm doing this because it

does two things. First it gives me something to do and secondly

many people have asked how I feel at such times.

You see my wife, Dena, and I have an open marriage. At least it's

a one sided open marriage. Throughout our 14 year marriage I have

remained monogamous while Dena has had many lovers. I don't mind

her affairs, in fact I was the one who suggested she date other


I do admit that nights such as this I am somewhat nervous because

Dena is dating this guy for the first time. On the other hand it

was me who arranged this date. Here's how it began.

Wednesday night Dena and I went to a local restaurant/lounge for

dinner. It's a favorite night-spot for visiting businessmen and

salesmen so it's usually full of men looking for a good time. Our

hopes this night were to allow Dena to meet someone she found

attractive and invite him to our home for the night. Dena often

visited to this lounge alone in an effort to meet a new lover. On

those occasions she has never failed to have sex with someone even

if it's only a quickie in the parking lot or sometimes she'll give

her friend head only. Most times she'll be invited to one of the

adjoining hotel rooms where she'll sometimes spend the entire night

satisfying their mutual urges. But I am getting off the main

purpose of writing this.

Dena and I arrived at the lounge around nine. As expected the place

was packed with mostly single men. Dena had worn a low cut dress

that was made of a material that when viewed with a light from

behind silhouetted her body sensuously. 

We were got lucky and found an empty table right away. This was

what we were hoping for because it would allow us to invite her

prospect to a seat while we got to know him better.

Within minutes Dena spotted several likely candidates. She had

already managed to make eye contact with one man who seemed in his

lat thirties. He was a rather tall man with a dark tan that

suggested the outdoor type. Dena turned to me and said. "Honey,

that's the man who'll be fucking me soon." My cock stirred. I told

her that I would go to the restroom and stay longer than necessary

and for her to make her move while I was gone.

I didn't really need to go to the restroom so instead I found a

place at the far end of the bar. I could clearly see Dena but could

only imagine what she would be saying. I had just ordered a drink

when Dena and her friend made eye contact again. Dena gave him one

of her sexiest 'comon' smiles. Seeing I was not at the table the

man wasted no time approaching Dena. They talked briefly then got

up to dance. I watched as Dena danced closer than necessary,

pressing and rubbing herself into her friends arms. The next song

was somewhat faster and they danced to that with Dena smiling

prevocativly to her friend. The third number was another slow tune

and this time Dena's friend's hand found her pump ass. He was

getting himself a good feel of her ass when I noticed Dena look him

directly in the eye then she kissed him. One could see their kiss

was passionate even from a distance. I knew her tongue was probing

his mouth as if to say. "I'm yours. Take me." I smiled nervously to

myself. I knew that before long this handsome stranger would be

lost inside my wife's love tunnel.

I got up from the bar and took my seat at our table while this

stranger continued to turn my wife on. After the dance they

returned to the table. Dena introduced her friend as Sam. A

salesman in town for a few days. We invited Sam to join us at our

table which he did although he was somewhat nervous. We ordered

drinks and Dena asked me to dance with her.

On the dance floor Dena said. "I want him to fuck him Honey." "I

gathered as much." I said. "I want you to ask him to fuck me while

you watch." I asked if she thought that might drive him away. "You

better hope not or you won't get any seconds tonight like you

like." "Then I guess it's up to me." I said. We returned to the

table when the dance finished.

Dena didn't sit down but instead she excused herself to go to the

powder room. Sam and I watched Dena's ass swing away through the

crowd. "Nice ass isn't it Sam?" "Is it ever." Sam said then

realizing he was saying that to me Dena's husband he quickly added.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that." "Or think those thoughts." I

chuckled back. "That too." Sam said. "It's OK Sam, Dena told me on

the dance floor that she wants some of you too." you mean..." Sam

let his sentence trail away. "I mean she wants to fuck you

tonight." I said. "But what about you. I mean she's your wife isn't

she?" Sam said. "She is my wife but you see. Dena and I have an

open marriage. I enjoy letting her sleep with other men. I

sometimes join in, sometimes I just watch, but most times I'm not

even present." I said. "You mean you've watched her fuck another

man?" Sam asked. "I have. Many times. Tonight I want to watch you

fuck her. Will you?" I asked. "If you're serious I will. I've never

fucked a man's wife while he watched." Sam said. "Nothing to it.

Just get naked and jump in. I can tell you she's got some good

pussy and knows how to please a man." "God my cocks getting hard

right now." Sam said. Laughing I said. "Mine's been hard."

Dena returned to the table and sat down. "OK. What's with the

grins. What're you boys up too?" Dena asked. "Well it seems Sam

wants the same thing we do." I said. "Really? Sam you'll do it?"

Dena asked excitedly. "If you two are for real." Sam said. Dena

reached over and placed her hand on Sam's cock. "We're for real."

She said. Then turning to me she said. "Honey, can we go home now.

I think Sam's ready and if I get much wetter I'll slip off this

chair." We all laughed and rose in unison to leave.

I paid the tab as Dena and Sam walked ahead to our car. They were

already at the car kissing as I walked up. "Honey, Sam and I are

going to ride in back so we'll have more room if you don't mind."

Dena said. "OK." I answered then we got into the car, Sam and Dena

in back. Starting the engine I said to Sam. "Sam, hold onto your

balls or she'll suck them through your cock before we get home." As

I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being unzipped Dena

said. "He knows me all too well Sam." 

I drove out of the parking lot and turned the car toward home, only

a few miles away. "Oh God, what a beautiful cock." Dena said. I

heard Sam catch his breath and knew that Dena had taken his cock in

her mouth. She likes to deep throat her lover as soon as she takes

him in so I knew also that her nose would be pressed tightly

against Sam's belly. "Can she take it all Sam?" I asked. "Goddam,

can she. I think she's going to swallow me whole." Sam said.

Laughing I said. "Just sit back and enjoy it, she knows what do."

Dena's mouth was making sucking sounds as I pulled into our drive.

She was really working on Sam's cock. I turned the engine off and

turned in my seat to look into the back. Sam was laying back with

his eyes closed while Dena was on her knees in the floorboard.

Although Dena head blocked my view I knew her mouth engulfed Sam's

cock. "OK, Honey, lets go inside so Sam can relax while you show me

what you can do." I said. Dena's head continued to bob a few more

times before she reluctantly released Sam's cock from her mouth.

Moving up to kiss Sam she said to him. "God Sam, you taste good."

I allowed them to hold their kiss for awhile then opening my door

I said. "OK you love birds. Lets go inside so we can all get


I opened the back door and Dena got out first. Sam was trying to

stuff his manhood back into his pants. Dena said "Don't bother

doing that Sam. I'll just have to take him out as soon as we get

inside. Noone can see you anyway." Sam looked around and seeing

there was no house in sight he got out of the car. His cock

standing tall before him. I knew Dena would enjoy herself tonight

because Sam's cock was about 10 inches in length and as thick as

her wrist. The head of his cock seemed almost small. Like the early

space capsules sitting on top of the booster. I was anchious to see

that cock stretching my wife's pussy as it plunged into her depths.

I couldn't see Sam's balls but I hoped they too were large and full

of cum. Dena liked it when her lover gave her a massive load. She

especially liked her lovers cum to be thick. Very thick.

Once inside Dena led Sam to our bedroom. I turned back the covers

on our King sized bed as Dena undressed her new lover. Sam lay back

on the bed as Dena began undressing. I went to get clean towels and

drinks as Dena dress fell to the floor. I knew that when I returned

Sam would have his cock buried in Dena's pussy.

I got the towels and took two of the smaller ones and wet them with

the hottest water I could stand. After wringing most of the water

out I got three beers out of the refrigerator.

As I entered our bedroom all was as I expected. Sam was on top of

Dena pumping his manhood into her. Dena was arching her back to Sam

so she could take him as deep as he would go. I sat the drinks and

towels on the night stand then began to undress all the while

watching Sam fuck his cock into my wife. Once undressed I sat on

the corner of the bed. I had a perfect view of Sam's cock as it

entered my wife. I began to slowly jack my own cock as the stranger

before me fucked my beautiful wife.

After a few minutes I could tell Sam was about to cum. This excited

me even more knowing my wife was about to receive a load from a man

we hardly knew. I began shooting my load about the same time Sam

began shooting his. "Ohh God Sam! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your cum

in me!" Dena was gasping. I knew she could feel Sam's cum exploding

inside her 'sugar walls'. My own cum was flying a I jacked myself

harder and harder. Sam's back was stiff now as he spilt his seed.

I could see the first faint whispers of white cum escaping from

Dena's pussy as Sam slowly pumped his cock into her. I knew he was

trying to empty himself on this first go. Dena was squirming

beneath Sam her own organism reaching it's climax. "Ohhh God! Ohhh

God! I'm cumming! I'mmm Cummming! Shoot it in me! Shoot it all in

me!" Dena was gasping.

As our three mutual climax's subsided Sam lay spent and still on

top of Dena. Dena's pussy twitched as the tingling subsided. My

hand was wet with my own cum as were my legs. I moved myself into

position and kissed Dena deeply. "I love you." She said. "I love

you too." I said. "And I love Sam's cock inside me." Dena said and

kissed Sam as deeply as we had.

As their kiss broke Sam rolled off Dena and lay beside her. "Eat my

pussy." Dena said to me. I maneuvered myself between Dena's legs.

Sam's seed was just beginning to really flow from Dena's pussy.

"Clean my pussy Honey. Clean Sam's hot cum from my pussy while I

get him up to deliver a new load." Opening Dena's pussy with my

hands I placed my mouth on her silky wetness. I was immediately

greeted with the unmistakable taste of fresh cum. I lapped Dena's

pussy like a new puppy. My cock was hard as nails as I cleaned her

pussy so Sam could deposit a new load soon. As I worked on Dena's

pussy she was busy sucking Sam's cock back to life. My jaws were

beginning to cramp when Dena said to me. "Honey, I think Sam's

ready to make another deposit."

I moved to my place at the corner of the bed as Sam once again

mounted my wife. His cock stabbed at her pussy two or three time

without entering her so I gently took his cock in my hand and

guided it into Dena's pussy. Sam began pumping with renewed vigor

as his cock buried itself deeply in it's warm wet heaven.

Again I jacked myself off as I watched the sight before me. Sam

still hadn't shot his second load although Dena had climaxed

several times. Each time she became more vocal. Asking if I could

see Sam's cock disappearing into her. Asking Sam to fuck her

harder. To shoot his load inside her. To fill her pussy full of

cum. As Dena begged Sam for his cum I shot my third load into the

air. Now Sam grunted "I'm cumming! I' cumming!" "Ohh Yesss! Ohh

Yesss! I feel it. I feel you shooting inside me." Dena was saying

to noone. To me she said. "Honey Sam's shooting his load in my

pussy! I feel him shooting his hot cum load in me!" then "Ohh

Goddd! Ohhh GGGoddd! I'm cumming too! Ohhh Godd, Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fuck me!"

The sight before me was beautiful. My wife beneath this handsome

stranger with the massive cock shooting his seed into her deepest

recesses. I couldn't stand it any longer. I shot my forth load.

After Sam spent himself and three of us rested awhile Sam and I got

dressed and I drove him back to his hotel. He asked if he could

call Dena and perhaps date her next time he's in town. I told him

that I was sure she would like that and would be disappointed if he

did not.

Dena was asleep when I got home. She had placed one of the towels

between her legs but it had fallen away when in her sleep she

spread her legs. Sam's cum was still slowly oozing from her pussy.

I decided not to wake her and instead I jacked myself to

compleation again as I watched Sam's cum run slowly down my wife's

ass then join the wetness of the towel below. It's times like these

when I feel closest to Dena. I love to see her get pleasure from

another man.

That brings us to the present. Sam called Dena today and told her

he liked her pussy so much that he decided to stay one more night

if she would see him again. Dena agreed to date him and promissed

to call me after each time they had sex. She called me about 45

minutes after she left to meet Sam at his hotel to tell me that she

had just finished giving Sam a blow job. She said he had shot

several very thick globs of cum in her mouth. She had swallowed all

of it and could still feel the slight burning in her throat and

taste his cum in her mouth.

Sam's in the shower now and Dena was planning to join him after

hanging up with me. I can just see her now. Pinned to the shower

wall while Sam pounds his cock in her. Or perhaps he has her

sitting on the counter. Her legs spread wide. His cock buried deep

in her pussy spilling more of his thick white jism inside her

pussy. God this is almost as good as being there. I know the phone

will ring soon. It will be Dena telling me that she has just

accepted another load of cum. I wonder how many times she'll call.

Lot's I hope.

God I love her. I love her fucking. I love her sucking. I love

sloppy seconds.


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