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Archive-name: Affairs/fantasy.018


Archive-title: The Swimming Pool

My favorite sexual fantasy is to have two very large

well hung studs take my hot sexy body and do what they want

with it. Hm......let's see ........ I'm lounging around the

pool in my back yard, the hot sun beating down on my tanned

and oiled body. The heat makes my slit wet and juicy and sweat

trickles down between my thighs. 

Suddenly and abruptly, I feel a hand being placed on my

shoulder and look up in surprise to see two handsome

men in jeans and tee-shirts standing there. One of them says

he didn't mean to disturb me, but they knocked on the front

door and there was no answer, so they thought they might

as well try to look around in the back to see if anyone were home.

He explained that they were here to fix the filter in the pool

and that my husband had called them this morning from his

office. "Oh yes!",I said, the filter is broken. Go ahead."

From where the pool filter was located those two hunks had a

great view of me and feeling kind of horny, I thought I'd give

them a show. I undid the strap of my bikini top so that just a

little tit was showing and I pulled my bottoms tight up into my

crack. I knew they could see and that I was having an effect.

One of the guys, a blond who said his name was Pete, walked

over and asked to use the bathroom. "Right through the door and

to the left." I said, sitting up a bit and letting my top fall

free exposing my large ripe breasts. The look on his face was

one of shock and embarrassment. "Oops!" I said, and winked at


He just smiled and headed to the bathroom. While he was

gone I called the other guy over, Jeff was his name, a tall

muscular fellah with black hair. "Could you put some sun tan

lotion on my back" I asked as I rolled over onto my stomach.

"Sure!" he said. Slowly he massaged the oil all over my back and

legs. Then I turned over and asked him to do the front too, which

he did with a grin. His large firm hands began squeezing and

rubbing my tits. As he did that I reached up and unzipped his

pants revealing a thick hard ten inch cock! I sat up on the

lounge chair and slid his hot meat into my mouth. I sucked

slowly on the head of his fat dick, slipping it in and out

between my red succulent lips. By then his friend was back and

was already taking off his pants. I laid back on the lounge

chair and removed my bottoms. I spread my legs wide and the

blond guy took his big hard shaft and plunged it into my

dripping cunt. 

The other guy stood over me and fucked my large aching tits

and mouth with his giant prick. The two of them pumped away

filling my mouth and pussy with their cocks. I wiggled and

moaned as they thrust in and out of me, ravishing my hot naked

body. My pussy clamped down tight on the thick tool between my

legs brought me orgasm after orgasm. I could feel the cock in

my mouth swell and I sucked faster until the guy shot a hot

creamy load of come down my throat. Then the guy fucking me blew

his wad deep in my cunt. I laid back, basted in their love

juices, and smiled. 

After all of that exotic lovemaking, we all went for a cool

refreshing swim and did it again before my husband got home.


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