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Archive-name: Affairs/fantasy.007


Archive-title: Valery

Only five more minutes and I was off work!  After

being stuck behind the register for 4 hours, I

was ready to get out and have some fun.  Debbie

told me to close, so I asked my last customer to

put up my closed sign for me.  

This customer was nice!  In fact, she was one hell

of a nice looking lady!  I'd say she was about 18,

with long blond hair, down past her shoulders.  Her

face was beautiful, and her breasts looked firm

and upright, not sagging.  She was very slim, with a

nice tan.  The only thing she wore was a short pair

of shorts, and a tight skimpy shirt.  I felt my

rod begin to grow, just thinking how it would be

to have a roll in the hay with her.

She gave me a nice smile as she began putting her

items on the counter.  When she stooped down to

lift her groceries out of the cart, I got a good

view of her gorgeous oranges.  How I longed to

lick and massage them!  I could almost feel her

nipples between my fingers!  (and my rod in her

love tunnel).

After I unloaded her basket and was finished ringing her

through, the total came to $69.69!  What a hell

of a number!  I blushed as I told her the amount.

She smiled and took out her checkbook, and check

cashing card.  Her name was Valery Chernesty,

and she lived in New Brunswick.  Her's was the

only name, and there was no wedding ring, and

considering she looked so young, I figured she

wasn't married.  As I put her bags in the cart,

she asked if she could possibly have someone bring

them to her car.  I graciously offered, even though

I was just about to punch out.

Valery drove a 1983 red firebird.  Her groceries hardly fit in 

the trunk.  She thanked me and offered to give me a ride home! 

 My fantasies began to start, as I dreamily said yes.

We spun out of the parking lot and onto main

street.  "You're an awfully cute guy", was the

first thing she said as we drove.  She didn't

ask me where I live, but I didn't care!  "You're

the best looking girl I've seen come into

pathmark" is what I said (how corny).  'How

old are you?', she asked.  'I'm 19, and you?'

' you have a girlfriend?', Valery asked

as she began massaging the car's stick shifter 

(how odd).  'No, but I'm looking for one'.

Then came the words I was hoping to hear...'could you

stroke my breasts while I drive?'  (god I couldn't

believe it!!).  My rod immediately began to form

a tent in my pants, as I sat closer to her, with

one hand massaging her breasts, as my other hand

went to her hot 'n juicy.  I unsnapped her shorts

and reached down and began stroking her clit.

She began to moan as we pulled in her driveway.

We practically ran to the house.  There was no one

else at home, and she lead me straight to her

bedroom.  A queen size water bed awaited us.  I

reached for her blouse and pulled it off, while

she unzipped my pants and pulled them down.  My

rod sprang free and awaited her attention.

After we stripped, we got on the bed and were

locked in a passionate kiss, with our bodies

tight against each other.  Then she turned around

and began sucking my 7 inch cock.  Just before

I blew my wad she deep throated me as much as she

could.  My semen blasted her throat, but she took

it all down without any trouble.  I then laid her

on the bed, and got in the 69 position.  I ate her

puss and sucked for what seemed like hours.  It

was some of the best tasting juice I ever had.

At the same time she was tonguing my balls and

tantalizing my cock by licking the end of it.

My temperature must have been around 110 degrees!

She almost began to yell as she reached her climax,

and I let loose a second time.

For the next couple minutes, we lay next to each

other as we ran our fingers up and down each

other's bodies.  Her nipples were hard, as I began

sucking them, ever so softly.  Before I knew it,

I was on top of her, and made my first entry into

her hot pussy.  As my now huge rod slid in and

out of her, she rubbed my back with one hand, and

reached for my balls with the other.  I stroked

her for only a few minutes as she again climaxed,

and I shot my wad a third time.  This time I was

to pooped to pop any longer.  While were laying

next to each other, I heard a car door slam, and

I immediately jumped to get my pants on.  The

next thing I heard was the front door open and

close.  She looked worried, and told me to climb

out her bedroom window.  I did, and gave her one

last kiss before I took off.

This was the first of my experiences with Valery.

And there are more to come!


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