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Archive-name: Affairs/


Archive-title: Embers

    It was winter, and the two of them were staying with a friend who had her

own apartment. The house was chilly, and they had talked late into the night. 

As Julie went into the bathroom to change for bed, he and Sara quickly held

each other and kissed. They scarcely had time for a gentle taste of one another

before slipping out of their warm things and into night dress. He pulled on 

a pair of boxer shorts and a shirt. She giggled, noticing how poorly they 

restrained him, and pushed him gently under the covers. She pulled on a long

nightshirt that fell to her knees, suspended in a long cascade from the 

tips of her breasts. She was setting their things aside as Julie returned, in 

a button-down flannel shirt and sweatpants. Julie's eyes made a brief contact

of Sara's behind as the latter slipped into the middle of the large bed. 

    Julie smiled at her guests. "It'll be nice to have company tonight. I've 

been so cold lately!" As she stretched to reach the lamp, he glimpsed a 

flash of midriff glowing pink in the soft light. Then blackness. 

    They all were rocked lightly as they shifted into place. Sara in the middle

slept on her right side, and he cupped her body in a spoon. Julie lay on Sara's

right, her head close. Sara could feel his hardness pressed against her back, 

and began to feel a small core of heat inside of her. But she cautioned 

herself that they were staying with a friend, and she was uneasy with another 

person so near. Though it was hard to be 

Julie was so sweet. They had been friends for several months now. Julie seemed

very comfortable with herself, something Sara envied. But she was coming out

of her shell, as he would say. 

    Sara turned her head and kissed his arm, which was threaded beneath her 

neck.  It streched out further still, and Julie lay her head in his hand. She

did look awfully pretty in the dim orange light of the remaining embers in the

fireplace. Julie was slowly tracing circles on the back of Sara's hand. She 

felt herself being slowly mesmerized. But there was a tension instead of the 

growing relaxation she was hoping to feel, was afraid of feeling. She

became restless, and shifted about. He whispered a question into her ear, 

nuzzling it in the process, and she drew herself up. Sliding over him, she 

murmurred "bathroom," and slid out of the room.

    Once in the bathroom, she turned to face herself in the mirror. Two 

crisp peaks in her shirt met her gaze, and she saw she was flushed. Hurriedly

flicking off the light she drew a drink of water and sat down, taking a deep

breath. Her fingers trembled as she drew the water to her lips to sip. 

Counting to twenty, she tried to recall the meditations he had taught her. 

She folded up her legs and found her center, her breath becoming normal.

      Sara darted back into the bedroom and slipped under the covers next to

him, opposite Julie. He turned obligingly and she lay on his arm. This was

familiar, this was natural, she thought. Soon she drifted off to sleep.

    He awoke to extreme darkness. The fire was dead, though some of its heat

remained. Concentrating, he found that he lay on his back, and felt Sara 

curled up to his left, wrapped around his arm. With a mental start he realized

that the heat he felt came from Julie, who had closed the distance between them

and was now nestled with her back to him, around his other arm. Stretched but 

comfortable, he relaxed, concentrating on the sensations of the room. There

was a low hiss emanating from the fireplace, almost beneath notice. The heavy

wool blanket weighed upon him reassuringly, and he felt Sara's warm breath 

dance along his upper arm. The fingers of one of her hands were laced with his.

His other hand felt a soft sponginess he couldn't identify. He moved his 

fingers gently, sliding the tips along and pressing slightly. As he searched,

a bulge formed underneath the surface of the cloth, and with another start he 

identified the sensation. He was gently stroking Julie's left nipple as his 

palm cupped her heavy breast. 

    Her faint sigh seemed to roar in his ears and his hand froze. Pressed 

against him, he felt Julie shift slightly, and the motion pressed his hand

closer to her shirt, jostling his fingers. He waited a moment, unsure of his

next move, when a warm, sticky mass pressed against the webbing of his thumb.

Julie's tongue slid agonizingly slowly over his knuckle and between his 

first two fingers. 

    He resumed his inspection of the flannel of her shirt, confirming his 

identification. He listened closely to Sara's breath, feeling along his left 

side for wakefullness. She slept heavily, as ever, something they had joked

about. He knew it would take a fire alarm to stir her before the morning light.

    He gently squeezed his palm, grasping a fistfull of Julie and kneading it. 

Her hips unconsciously shifted as her breath deepened. Her hand closed about

his wrist and pried him from her for a moment. He thought he had overstepped 

his bounds and was about to withdraw. His arm was being replaced, though this 

time his hand slipped under the soft cotton and he felt her hot skin touch his.

Her breast fairly burned as he stroked it, running his thumb over her swollen 


    Julie rolled back against him and then slid slightly away, lieing on her

back. The move slid her chest beneath him and he met the other coral hill as

the shirt fell away. Still he could see nothing, but in his mind he saw them

laying there, Sara deep in sleep, he embracing both women, and Julie with her

bosom open to the room, growing warm beneath the blankets. After what seemed

several hours, she raised her head and pulled his arm from beneath it, laying

it across her body. Julie shifted the blankets, pulling their top beneath his 

arm until it dropped beneath them. His palm lay against her belly, and he 

discovered with a smile that Julie was an "outie." His longest fingers just 

crested the ridge of her pubic bone. A whisper of motion and he could feel

the smooth skin beneath the sweats. He drew his arm upwards, his elbow grazing

her warm breasts, and he set about to untie the drawstrings around her waist.

At this odd angle he was clumsy, and his fingernails too short to grasp the 

tiny knot. He fumbled quietly for a time, until suddenly his hand was shoved

away. He recognized the tearing of a seam in his ears as she thrust his hand

through the torn waistband and over her mons. Now his fingers felt coarse

ringlets underneath  sheer panties, and he scritched lightly in circles at 

the top of the hill. With each circle he dipped somewhat lower, until he 

was sweeping across the barest hint of a ridge of flesh. He stopped his 

advances there, pressing more firmly but always only grazing that spot. 

     His hand was nestled in a womb of moist, warm air as Julie began

to roll her hips forward with each circle in vain to catch the fingers as

they passed. She was aching, straining for the contact, but was herself

afraid of waking the bed's third inhabitant. As he circled, he felt

her wetness creep up the crotch to meet his fingers and he relented.

At the top of his next circle he darted under the string which was the

waistband of her panties. Arching his wrist, he lifted the damp cotton

from her and danced his fingers through her hairs. Scratching lightly,

his fingers burrowed inward to her center. Her thighs parted involuntarily

to make room for him, and Julie's leg stretched over his. He lifted his

left leg over hers in an effort to restrain her motion. As his middle

finger slid wetly over her clitoris she thrust upwards and engulfed him.

He reached inside of her and cupped her as he had her breast, rocking

his palm in slow circles. His fingers were deep inside of her pulsing

walls as he grasped her lips between his knuckles and held firmly.

With the heel of his hand he pressed downwards and fluttered his palm,

sending vibrations through her spine to explode in her brain. She clamped

her teeth on his arm as her thighs clutched at him and she trembled.

     Minutes passed as they lay still. Sara stirred, rolling over to her

right. He turned with her, and the motion drew him from her with a soft 

smacking sound. As Sara's arm slid around his waist in her slumber, Julie

curled on her left facing him in the darkness. She drew his hand to her lips

and delicately licked it. She took a finder in her mouth and languidly 

rolled her tongue around it, tasting herself. As she nursed quietly on him, 

Sara's hand nestled between his legs as it often did, and was greeted by 

a warm splash of fluid as he lost control. Oblivious, Sara slept on, and his 

body slowly relaxed. Julie clasped his hand to her now-buttoned shirt, and 

he slipped away. He could have sworn he heard the last ember of the fire

wink out, though he might have been mistaken.  


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