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Archive-name: Affairs/


Archive-title: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

 James Hunter regarded his nails as he glanced at the shop door from time to

time to reassure himself that there were no customers to catch him doing

his manicure. His job required his appearance to be impeckable; the

clientel he dealt with was the vain part of the upper class. It was unusual

for him to arrive at work with dirty fingernails, but he had spent the

night with his date in the most delightful manner, causing him to sleep to

long and barely reporting in time for today's work. But it had been worth

it, every minute of it, he said to himself. As he thought of the pleasures

of the previous night, the door bell suddenly tingled. Quickly, he

straightened himself and prepared his "The-customer-is-always-right"-smile,

as an elderly man stepped into the shop. "Good morning, Lord Reginald", he

said. "Yes, a damn fine one, if I do say so myself", the lord replied as he

stepped further into the shop. "If my memory isn't playing tricks on me,

I'd say it's your wife's 26th year birthday tomorrow, am I right?" "Ah, so

you remembered it, eh?" "Of course, Lord Reginald", James smiled. "Old

pig!", he thought. "I'll just browse a bit." James made a mental sigh. The

old fool came running every year to spoil his young wife with the most

expensive items that could be found in the Chadwick Jewelry store, where

James had been the junior executive for 5 years now. The lady was at least

30 years younger than the lord, and James had felt his mouth watering the

few times he had seen her. She was enjoying the life of the rich and famous

at the cost of her youth. He regarded the old nobleman as he, quietly

humming, strutted around the exquisitely decorated shop, examining the

stones. The bell rang again. James' interest in the lord dropped immediately

the second he looked at the new customer. A young woman, not a day past 24,

entered the sunlit shop. She was wearing an expensive, low-cut dress and

carried a white purse. She stepped up to the counter, where James sent her

a genuine smile as he tried to examine her figure in a not too obvious way.

"Good morning, miss", he greeted her warmly. She was exceedingly beatuiful,

her blonde hair hanging loose to her shoulders, her green eyes smiling and

her large breasts struggling to escape the tight dress. "Hi", she said with

a warm, light voice, sounding every bit as sexy as she looked. "You must be

Jim Hunter", she said, shaking his hand with quite a tight grip for a

woman. "I'm Sarah Preston. Fin Grimes told me all about you", she explained.

"Hopefully not all", said James, making her smile again. "How's his fashion

shop doing?" "Never better, he told me." "James, I can't quite decide. I'll

check some other shops before I make my choice, okay?", the lord said as he

started towards the door. "Fine, Lord Reginald", James replied, almost

sighing with relief. "Now, miss, what can I do for you", he asked,

redirecting his attention to the attractive blonde before him. He found

himself staring into the barrel of a gun. James was no expert on firearms,

but he had never seen such a big hole before. Actually, it was a magnum

.357, but it could have been a .20, that made no difference to James. He

felt cold sweat burst forth on his forehead as he lifted his gaze to

Sarah's face, if that was her real name. Kind of funny, he thought, her

expression hadn't changed, almost as if she wasn't pointing a large gun at

his head. She waved the revolver, beckoning him to come out in front of the

counter. "Now, Jim, you're going to walk casually around the shop and pick

all of the most valuable stones and gems out for me and put them in this

bag", she said, still smiling. She handed him the bag, and like in a trance

he did as told. He tried to select a cheap diamond, but then heard her

voice behind him : "Ah-ah, naughty boy Jim! You wouldn't deny me the best

you can offer, now would you?" As he felt something hard pressing into his

back, he shook his head and quickly dropped the gem. He could't cheat her,

it seemed.

 After a short walk around the shop that seemed to take hours to James, she

was satisfied. "Good boy, Jim, now give Sarah the bag." He slowly handed it

to her, and she put it in her purse. "Now, there's only one little thing

before I go...", she said. James felt the panic rise inside of him. This was

the critical point; she was probably going to shoot him - he could identify

her to the police. But to his surprise, that wasn't her intention.  His eyes

widened, as he saw her lifting up her short dress, all the way to her

stomache, exposing her naked pussy. "Eat me!", she commanded. James had

frozen, staring at her exposed sex. He heard a click as she cocked the

hammer of the revolver. "Come on, Jim, this is going to be fun!", she said,

pointing the gun at him. He knelt quickly, and she leant back towards the

counter as he positioned himself between her firm, slender thighs. She was a

real blonde, and her pussy was covered with the prettiest mat of pubic hair

James had ever laid his eyes on. He started slowly to lick her cunt.  Her

cunt lips were already engorged and pouting, inviting a private kiss. His

tongue slid up and down her tight lips, making him remember last night,

where he had been doing exactly the same thing. She sighed faintly and

caressed his neck with her free hand. Her pussy smelled wonderful, and her

juices was slowly leaking from her slit. James had almost forgotten his fear

now. Maybe if he gave her some really good head, she'd let him live.  He

forced his tongue inside her cunt, making her moan quietly. He then

carefully parted her pussy lips with his fingers and started flitting her

clitoris. This time she moaned louder. "That right, Jim, eat my little

pussy", she sighed, then gasped as he sucked her clit into his mouth,

swatting it with his tongue-tip, all the while probing her cunt with a

finger. She sighed again, then said "You see, Jim, my little pussy always

get sooo wet when I do my "shopping", it weeps for someone to kiss it and

make it feel alll better...Oh yeah, right there!" James, still aware of the

gun in her hand, was licking for dear life as he tried to make the girl feel

so good as he was able. He sucked her pussy with all of his might while

gently penetrating her with his index finger. Suddenly, she gave a little

scream and climaxed, her juices flowing into his mouth. Her left hand

holding his neck, forced his mouth closer to her throbbing cunt as she

moaned in her orgasm. After a while, it subsided and she relaesed her tight

grip. "You did real good, Jim. As a reward, I'll let you fuck me." He stood,

and she opened his fly and brought his penis out. It was limp,and James

cursed himself for being impotent at the least fortuneate moment.  "Aww,

poor baby, I've made you nervous, haven't I? We'll have to do something

about that." The next second, James thanked God fpr his limp dick. The

feeling as she knelt before him and took his soft cock into her her warm

mouth was unlike any other feeling he had ever sensed. She slowly retracted

his foreskin and started flitting his cockhead with her pointy tongue. The

fact that she still had the gun pointed at him didn't stop his prick from

growing in her mouth. James had never been able to persuade his girlfriend

to give him head, and here he was, getting blowed by a total stranger. She

started to suck on his swelling cock, her loving caress making him moan

deeply. Very slowly, he put his hands behind her neck and held her head. She

didn't object as he slowly started to move head up and down his cock, making

his now rigid prick slide in and out her hot, wet mouth. She actually let

him do it! His prick glistened with her saliva as it slid almost all the way

out, then it buried itself in her throat again.  His cock was long and hard,

but still, she did not gag. She had definitely done this before. Her head

was bobbing softly up and down his prick as he held her head gently in his

hands. Her hair felt incredibly soft between his fingers, and her eyes were

closed. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was, making small,

whimpering sounds as she sucked him off. Her soft lips closed tight around

his pounding cock, and her tongue was licking his dickhead like crazy. He

started fucking her mouth, grinding his hips quicker and quicker towards her

face. He came suddenly in uncontrolled spurts. He yelled as huge globs of

sperm pulsed out his urethra and down her throat. She swallowed quickly as

more of his semen filled her mouth. He plunged his prick deep into her mouth

a few more times, enjoying the last twitches of orgasm, before she let go of

his cock and stood. She held him close, pointing the gun at his back and

giving him a french kiss. His sperm didn't taste as bad as he would have

thought it would. She stopped and smiled at him. "Was it good?" Jim could

only nod. She read the awe and gratitude in his eyes as she said "Good. Lie

down, Jim." He did as he was asked, and she straddled him and impaled

herself on his rigid cock. She looked around and the kicked the alarm button

in the floor a few feet away.  He looked stunned upon her as she started

fucking him. The alarm bells chimed faintly through the door to the office,

but all James could sense, was the feeling of her extremely tight cunt

sliding up and down his prick.  She was, if possible, even more wet than

before, and her pussy was hot on his cock. She started diddling her erect

clit while making her small, whimpering moans. She pulled at the top of the

dress with her gun hand and freed her huge, firm breasts. She began pulling

at her nipples, which were already erect. She opened her eyes to find him

staring at her big, swaying knockers. "You can play with my titties, if you

want", she said, smiling.  Jim slowly reached up and held her gigantic, soft

tits. She moaned at his touch; her nipples were hard as stone as he

carefully molded them. His loving caresses made her hump faster, and she

climaxed with a scream.  Obviously, she was a woman of mercy, for she kept

op her movements after her orgasm subsided. James felt grateful; he needed

release so bad he could almost scream. And he screamed. His throbbing cock

shot three long, warm shots of cum deep into her cunt, before she swiftly

dismounted and caught hold of his swollen, trembling prick as it spurted

another load onto her face. She took it in her mouth and caught the last,

huge glob of semen with her tongue. While still stroking his shaking cock,

bringing forth the last few drops of sperm, she french kissed him again, and

he drank his come greedily. She looked into his eyes and gave his cock a

last, loving squeeze as she said "Goodbye, Jim, it's been real nice." She

quickly stood, straightened her clothes and wiped her face with a

hankerchief, sent him a last smile and left. He quickly dressed and checked

his nails again, and a couple of minutes later, the police arrived.


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