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Archive-name: Affairs/daybeach.txt

Archive-author: Pat L. Durante

Archive-title: A Day at the Beach

     It was a beautiful sunny day in Gloryville.  I remember the hot

summer sun shining on the vast ocean which lay before me.  I remember

thinking that nothing could be more beautiful than the Gloryville town

beach that day, but I was wrong.

     About midday, I saw her.  I saw her walking along the beach with

a light summer shawl around her waist.  She was far away, but I could

see the sun shining on her golden blonde hair as if she had a halo.

As she walked down the beach towards me, she stopped for a moment to

talk briefly with each person she passed.  After what seemed like an

eternity she reached the spot where I was tanning.  I tried to pretend

not to notice her arrival, but it didn't work.

     "Beautiful day," she said.  "I sometimes wish every day was like


     The sound of her voice reminded me of a small bird I heard

singing earlier in the day.  The sun was still shining brilliantly

behind her.  I could barely make out her face through the glare.

     "Well, man does not live on bread alone," I said foolishly.

     Suddenly, she seemed very interested in what I had to say.  I

propped myself up onto my elbow and for the first time I saw her face.

She was strikingly beautiful.  She was the kind of girl that you had

to look at twice to make sure you weren't seeing things.  When she

turned away for a moment, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't

dreaming.  My eyes wondered down from her face to her small, but

perfect breasts.  It was as if they were speaking to me.  "Hello.  We

are her breasts."  I thought.  Before I could finish my lustful gaze

of her assets, she spoke to me again.

      "I've run out of lotion Do you have any that I could borrow?"

She asked politely.

      I fumbled though my things and came up with a half used bottle

of sunblock.  I held it out to her, but she simply turned around.

      "Would you mind rubbing some on my back?  I feel a burn coming

on," she said calmly.

      Actually, I did mind.  I was suddenly very defensive.  I was

hoping to spend a nice quiet day alone.  I said nothing.  I began to

massage the sunblock on her smooth white back.  The smell of the sand

and the surf had combined with her perfume and her hairspray.  I was

becoming more and more aroused by her.

      I began to think about the argument I had with my wife hours

before.  I just needed to get out of the house for a while.  I came to

the beach hoping to straighten things out in my head.  I wasn't really

sure what I felt about her.  I began to wonder whether or not I had

ever loved my wife.  She changed somehow after our marriage, but I

couldn't put my finger on what it was that was different.  All I knew

was that I had to get away for a while.

      I gently rubbed the sunblock on her side.  As my hand rose up

and down, I brushed against the side of her breasts.  She shivered

ever so slightly as I rubbed the cold sunblock on her bare skin.  For

a long time, we both laid in the blistering sun.  Finally, she got up

and said, "lets go swimming!"

      I looked at her lustfully and said, "no, I'd rather stay here."

      She mistook my lustful gaze as sadness and wrapped her arm

around me.  "Do you want to talk about it?"  she asked


      "No!"  I screamed.  "Lets go swimming."

      We spent the next few minutes in the cold shallow water of the

ocean.  We had a fantastic time together.  We splashed, laughed, and

playfully teased each other.  After we had worn each other out, we

headed for the sand.  As we walked back to our spot, I noticed her

beautiful limbs.  She had quite long legs.  They were muscular, but

just enough to make them firm and sexy.  She was absolutely wonderful.

A work of art.

      Suddenly, the weather began to change.  The sun hid its face

behind a cloud that resembled a python.  I began to think about my

wife again.  We had some really good times together.  As the sun

lowered itself behind the water it began to get a bit cold.

      "Do you like to dance?"  she asked excitedly.

      I hadn't danced a step in fifteen years.  "Love it," I said.

      "Great.  I know this excellent little club in town.  Would you

like to go?" She asked.  She waited for a response, but it seemed she

already knew my answer.

      I met her at the entrance to the club.  She had changed into a

sexy red dress.  It flattered her petite figure.  Tight around the

waist, and stretched to accentuate her chest.  I was really feeling

guilty.  I had hoped she hadn't seen me so I could just leave and

forget about the whole day.

      "John! John!" She shouted.  She saw me.

      The club was very extravagant.  Drinks were $7.00 a whack!  She

insisted that she pay for everything.  We danced to every song.  She

was tireless.  Every once in a while I began to enjoy myself in spite

of my guilt.  The last song was for couples only.  She pulled me to

the middle of the dance floor and we danced cheek to cheek as though

we were lovers.  I think she wanted me to kiss her, but she could wait

for me no longer.  She kissed me passionately on the lips as though we

were the only two people in the room.  It was a long slow sensuous

kiss.  The kind of kiss that I had only dreamed about in the past.  My

thoughts turned to my wife once again.  What would she think of me if

she had ever known about this?  How could I face her in the morning?

We kissed again and again until the very last note of the song echoed

into the darkness.

      "Let's go to my place," she whispered.

      I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.  I followed her to the

parking lot where a limousine awaited us.  We got into the limo and

the driver peeled away from the club into the darkness of the night.

Her hands were all over me as we kissed passionately time and time

again.  It was so wonderful.  She placed my hand on her right breast

and as if instinctually I began to caress it gently.  I thought of the

first time I kissed my wife.  She was so young and we were so


      The long black limousine pulled up to a large mansion.  The

place was dark save a small light above the main entrance.  As she

walked in front of the house and into the dim light, she looked very

plain, her hair was no longer shining.  Her dress was so tight that

she had trouble just walking to the door.

      "Well.  Are you coming?" She demanded.

      By now I was completely overtaken by my guilt.  I felt a sharp

pain arise in my gut.  I could not think straight.  All I knew was

that I wanted her.  I followed her into the house where she

disappeared into the maze of rooms.

      "Would you like a drink?"  She called.

      "No.  Listen I'd better go.  I don't feel right about this," I

shouted after her.

      She returned to my view wearing a skimpy black lace teddy

inlayed with dragon patterns which barely covered her privates.

"Dragons!"  I thought.  The ache in my gut grew stronger.  I had to

stop this madness at once.

      "No.  No.  I can't.  I'm... I'm...married!!!!"  I screamed


      "Married!"  She laughed.  "Come on now do I look that naive?"

      We walked hand in hand to the bedroom.  Along the way I noticed

old weapons hanging at various locations along the long candlelit

hallway.  Frightening thoughts of torture came to mind.  I was afraid.

My life would never be right again after this day.

      We laid on the bed and kissed each other passionately once

again.  This time our tongues lashed out at each other like wild

animals just let out of their cage.  My mouth found it's way down to

her small breasts, I heard her sigh with pleasure as my teeth tugged

at her nipples.  A moment before our two bodies became one, I let out

a scream at the top of my lungs "MARIE!!!!"  That is my wife's name.

      I opened my eyes and the bright red sun blinded me.  It took a

few moments before I could see again.  Eventually, I realized that I

was still on the beach.  I had fallen asleep on the beach!  It was all

just a dream.  I felt the guilt in my gut once more.  I felt I should

be punished in some way for even having such thoughts.

      Before I could catch my breath again, I saw the most beautiful

blonde coming in my direction.

     "Beautiful day," she said.  "I sometimes wish everyday was like



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