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Archive-name: Affairs/coworker.txt

Archive-author: Walt St. George

Archive-title: Co-Worker

This story is intended for private use and may be copied as

desired. It may not be sold or reproduced for any type of monetary

gain or other purpose.

I am a 29 year old male and work for a medium size corporation in

Long Beach. I am single but have a 27 year old girlfriend that

would knock the socks off any man. Mandy is five seven, blonde hair

and blue eyes with the most fantastic body ever. She worships me

and we get along great. Best of all, when I want it, she never says

no. That is why I can't figure out why what happened, happened.

In our office, there are a few young attractive women and a lot of

women in the 35 to 45 age range. All or most of them are married

and have families. This one lady, Peggy, is about 40, oriental,

very attractive for her age and her figure is still dynamite. She

has nice medium-size breasts and shapely legs. She has a few lines

in her face but her hips have a motion to them when she walks on

her high heels that attract any man's eyes. Peggy is a real

sweetheart. She is always kind and considerate. She always dresses

very professional and is the last woman I would suspect of having

an office affair. 

So, we were working on a project together one week and spending a

lot of time working in the file room. The file room is in the

basement and is pretty secluded and there is almost never any one

in there. This is a large room with row after row of four drawer

file cabinets. There is really too much stuff in there for the size

of the room because the aisles are rather narrow. On our second day

down there, Peggy was wearing a long, conservative white dress and

white high heels. I had seen her in this dress before. She was made

up as usual and actually looked quite attractive. We were both

working in the end aisle which had only one way in and out. It was

so narrow that we could not squeeze past each other without making

body contact. That morning as I squeezed past Peggy a couple of

times, I noticed two things. First, she was wearing some kind of

perfume that drove me nuts. Second, her dress was a wrap around

type that was tied at the waist and I don't know if it was the

tight quarters or what, but as I squeezed past her and looked down

over her shoulder, I could see part of her very sexy white lace and

satin bra and, of course, what was in it. The next time I had to

squeeze past her, I got an even better view of her cleavage and it

was starting to arouse me. 

A little while later, Peggy asked me a question and as I turned to

answer her, I noticed that the edge of her dress was caught on a

file drawer and as she had turned away from the drawer, it had

pulled the bottom of her dress open enough to expose her right leg

to me. I was stunned for just an instant by the sight of her very

sexy leg and the fact that she appeared to be wearing stockings

instead of pantyhose. All I could see was just a hint of what

appeared to be the top of a stocking. 

Then, she must of felt a draft or something and I told her she was

caught at the same moment. She quickly turned away, embarrassed and

apologizing. Over the next couple of hours and through lunch, all

I could think about was what I had seen and how excited it made me.

After lunch, things went on as normal until about three o'clock. I

had been working at the end of the same aisle as Peggy. She was

about half way down from me working with a drawer in front of her

open, one behind her open, and one behind and just a little past

her open. I had an arm full of files I was carrying out and alerted

her that I was coming down the aisle. She tried to hurry and make

way for me but just as I got to her she pushed the drawer in front

of her closed and quickly turned and closed the one behind her in

one fluid motion. At the same moment, I reached her position and

slipped on a pen on the floor. The result was amazing. 

The tie from her dress had gotten caught in the drawer in front of

her when she closed it and as she turned to close the drawer behind

her, it pulled loose. Feeling something was wrong as she was

closing the drawer behind her, she turned quickly back toward the

first drawer and in so doing, got the edge of her dress caught on

the drawer behind her. As it slid closed, it pulled her dress

apart. A fraction of a second later, I step on the pen, slip, drop

files everywhere so I can catch hold of something to keep from

falling. I end up pressed against Peggy with her back against the

file cabinet. Her dress was open and her sexy white lace and satin

covered body was before me. Our faces were a few inches apart and

I was suddenly seized by the impulse to kiss her sexy red lips. I

did it. I kissed her on the mouth for just an instant. She didn't

do anything but just look at me. I moved my lips forward and kissed

her again. This time, it was longer and she started to respond. As

she responded her mouth opened slightly and her lips became softer

and wet and warm. My hands moved up to her sides and gently took

hold of her. "NO! Neal, I can't. We can't." she said and turned her

back to me. 

I was so hot for her and I had a huge hard-on. I started to kiss

her neck as I whispered that it was alright and that no one need

ever know that we enjoyed each other one afternoon. As I kissed her

neck, my hands slid up the front of her torso and found her soft,

full breasts in her bra. She was moaning softly as I started to

caress her. Then she said, "No Neal, please. We can't. I am

married." as she said it she pushed my hands from her breasts. I

was too fired up to quit so easily. I whispered to her, "Yes we

can. Just this once. No one will ever know." and as I said it, I

started to kiss her neck again and my hands found her breasts

again. She moved my hands away again but they were quickly back.

This time she didn't move them away and as I caressed her through

her bra, I could feel her nipples harden. I felt her gently push

her body back against mine and when she felt my stiff cock against

her ass, she moaned. 

My right hand slid down to the string tie that was holding part of

the left side of her dress across the front of her body and untied

it. She kept whispering, "No. No. No." but her body was saying yes,

yes, yes. My hands now reached up and slid her dress from her

shoulders, down her arms and off. I quickly tossed it onto the file

cabinet. Her back was still to me but I didn't care. What she was

wearing excited me like never before. She wore a white lace

garterbelt that matched her bra. Her panties were high cut and

white silk with only thin straps across her hips. My hands had

returned to her breasts and I was now rubbing my erection against

her silky panties. My fingers slipped into the cups of her bra and

found her erect nipples, but it was so tight and confining that I

couldn't do anything. Her breasts needed to be freed. My fingers

found the clasp of her bra between the cups and popped it loose.

Then I slowly peeled the cups back to release her breasts. As I did

so, she moaned slowly and deeply. She whispered, "I haven't been

touched like this in six years. OH GOD! it feels so good." Her

posture had changed as I now pinched her nipples. She was bent

slightly forward with her ass pushed hard against me. Finally I

slid my right hand down to the crotch of her panties and found them

to be hot and wet. It excited me so much that I almost came. I

started to rub her through her panties and her moans grew louder

and more intense. I couldn't stop now, I had to have her. 

She had finally given in and had reached her hand back and was

stroking me through my pants. I moved my left hand down and opened

my belt and fly. My slacks slid down my legs to the floor. She

grabbed hold of me through my underpants but wasn't satisfied. She

started to push them down my leg and I helped her. My cock was free

and harder than ever before. She stroked it like an expert. 

She was wearing her panties outside the straps of her garter belt.

I grabbed her panties and slid them down to her ankles where she

kicked them off. Then she parted her legs and I slid my hand right

down and a finger right into her. She was almost coming instantly

and I decided it was time. She bent forward more and pushed her ass

up and back. I bent my knees a little and positioned myself

directly behind her. I guided my cock to her waiting pussy lips and

then with one thrust, buried it into her. She was now screaming at

me to fuck her hard. I was pushing into her hard and she was

meeting my thrusts. She felt so good. Her pussy was actually

massaging and sucking on me. No woman had ever felt like this

before. The more I thrust into her the better it felt. She got

tighter and tighter and then came wildly. She was yelling not to

stop, to fill her with come. I was getting real close and her pussy

was sucking it out of me. My hands had hold of her hips and I was

pounding into her. The feeling was out of this world. She was

tightening up again and that was bringing me to the edge. Then her

pussy clamped onto me as she came and the feeling was so intense

that I exploded. I couldn't stop thrusting as I pumped load after

load of come into her. It was by far the most intense orgasm I'd

ever had. 

We didn't stop there. We rested a few minutes then she turned to me

and we devoured each other with hot passionate kisses. We kissed

for ten minutes or so and then decided to get a little more

comfortable. I found two old moving blankets and made a spot for us

way in the back corner. We started to kiss again and soon I was

sucking her nipples and going crazy over her. She then put her hot

mouth on my cock and after a few minutes of the most intense

sucking and licking I'd ever felt, I was hard as a rock. 

I rolled her onto her back and she stuck her legs up into the air

in a magnificent "V". I moved between her legs and buried myself

into her again. We fucked wildly for 20 minutes before I exploded

into her again. She must of had ten orgasms. There was just

something about her that made the sex great and her irresistible. 

After an hour or so, we got dressed and straightened up the room.

She told me how great it had been, the best ever for her and I had

to admit the same. It was quitting time and we both left. She went

home to husband and I went home to my girlfriend. That night I had

to tell my girlfriend that I had pulled a muscle at work and

couldn't make love to her. She was upset but understood. I was too

spent to be able to get it up for her. That night, all I could

think about was how much I had enjoyed Peggy. It was the greatest

sexual experience of my life. I didn't want to lose Mandy and I

decided that the one time would have to be enough. 

But, the next morning in the shower, again I was thinking about

Peggy and how she had felt. I went to work as usual. When I got

there I went to get a cup of coffee. In walked Peggy. She was

wearing a knee length bright blue skirt that was very tight. She

had on a matching jacket and a grey silk blouse. Her stockings were

black and her heels were blue three and a half inch spike heel

pumps. She looked great and I could feel a tingling in my crotch

just from seeing her. 

When she saw me, she smiled and blushed. She said good morning as

she quickly turned away and headed for her desk. About an hour

later, our boss came over and got me and took me to Peggy's desk.

He said that the re-organization we had been working on was looking

great and that we should try to finish the rest of the files as

soon as possible. Peggy looked a little flushed when he suggested

that the two of us should go back to the file room and get at it

right away. She looked at me and I cracked a half smile. We walked

to the elevator together and proceeded down to the basement. 

There were others in the elevator so all we could say was work

related stuff. When we finally were alone in the file room. I said,

"Peggy, you are a very wonderful lady. What happened yesterday was

great and I don't regret a second of it. I would do it again in a

second." At that she looked at me with a quizzical look on her

face. "Neal, you are a very handsome and wonderful young man. I

enjoyed our one time yesterday, perhaps more than I should have. I

have never been seduced by a man like that and it did feel so good.

I know we can work together still and I think of you as a close

friend. Closer than most." She smiled at me and I replied, "Peggy,

I feel the same way about you. You are a very beautiful and very

sexy woman. I have never been attracted to woman like that before.

I know I won't ever forget it. And, you will always be a close

friend to me too." All the while we had been talking, we had been

slowly moving down the aisle where it had all happened. At this

point in the conversation, it seemed appropriate to give her a

small hug and kiss. We were facing each other and as I slowly moved

toward her she seemed to know what was coming. I took her in my

arms and hugged her. Then as we separated, I kissed her soft warm

lips. It was a brief kiss but I couldn't help but feel electrified.

We parted and set about our work. But after a couple of hours of

brushing past her in the tight quarters and seeing her sexy breasts

straining against her silk blouse, I was thinking about seducing

her again. She had been using a step stool to get up high enough to

read file labels without having to pull them out. Every time she

stepped up onto that stool, her skirt pulled very tight across her

ass. She had taken to pulling the hem up her leg to give her more

flexibility to step up onto the stool. Every time she stepped up I

watched those sexy legs and silently begged her to pull her skirt

up higher. I was going nuts. I had a huge erection and wanted her

so bad. 

Finally, I said to her, "Peggy, how about one more time?" She

turned and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and she said, "Oh

Neal. Stop that. Now get back to work." She thought that I was

kidding. A few minutes later I looked over to see what she was

doing. She was standing on the stool with one cabinet next to her

open and one behind her open. I grabbed a stack of files and headed

toward her. I called to her to look out behind her. She saw me and

pushed the file drawer behind her closed but it stuck part way

open. Just as I reached her, she leaned over to close it the rest

of the way. Her foot slipped a little on the stool and she started

to fall. I dropped the files and grabbed her sides and pushed her

back onto her feet and the stool. She then stepped down off the

stool but as she did so, she left her left foot on the stool. My

hands were on her sides as I guided her to the floor. Her skirt

with its silk lining made the most fantastic sound as it slid up

her silk stocking. The hem came way up and a stocking top appeared.

I was too close to resist any longer. I started to try to kiss her

but she turned her head away. Instead, I started to kiss her neck.

My right hand went right to her left leg and started to caress her

thigh near the top of the stocking. My left hand went to her right

breast and started to massage it. Her arms didn't move at first but

then slowly encircled my torso. "Neal please. We can't do this

again. I know how great it felt but it is so wrong. I feel guilty

around my husband. OH that feels so good. No No. Stop it now.

Please stop." All the while her nipples were becoming hard as

rocks. My right hand was working her skirt up even higher and soft

moans were coming from her mouth. She wanted to stop but couldn't


Finally I worked my mouth around to hers and we devoured each other

in a wild hot passionate kiss. My hands started to unbutton her

blouse as we kissed. When I pulled it open, I was pleased to find

a very sexy dark blue silk and lace bra. I started to kiss her

breasts as I found the clasp and unhooked her bra. My mouth was

then all over her succulent breasts. Meanwhile my hands worked her

skirt up around her waist and I rubbed her pussy through her

panties with one hand while I kneaded her ass with the other. She

had reached down and was rubbing me and trying to get my pants

open. I wanted to take her matching dark blue silk panties off and

found that they had little ties on the sides. What a turn-on. In a

flash, they were gone. She pulled me free from my pants and guided

me toward her. She still had her left foot on the stool which gave

me great access to her hot pussy. 

In a few seconds, I was buried in her again. She grabbed hold of my

ass and I grabbed her hips and we fucked like animals for five

wonderful, heavenly minutes before we came together like an atomic


We spent almost half the afternoon screwing. We tried to work but

after an hour or so I would get hard again and just grab her and

take her. Every time she tried to resist but then she would melt

and give in. Once she gave in, she became like a starving animal.

I am sure that we smelled of sex and looked pretty bad too when we

left that room that day. 

Over the next week, every day we had to work most of the day in the

file room and every day, I couldn't stay away from her. She

resisted at first but then was easily seduced each time. I noticed

that every day she had on the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen and

she managed to flash a little of it to me first thing in the

morning. As soon as I saw it I thought I would explode with desire

for her. The sex was fantastic. I hadn't touched Mandy in over a

week when she asked if I was screwing someone else. I made the

excuse about the muscle still being sore. That next Saturday night,

after thinking about Peggy and her hot body all day, I attacked

Mandy like an animal and she loved it. 

Sunday I took her out and bought her $400 worth of new lingerie

explaining that it was something that I had read. Most of the items

were things that Peggy had worn. Mandy looked great and when we

went home, we spent the rest of the day in bed. 

On Monday, Peggy and I were back working in our own cubicals. Our

stint in the file room was over. She looked great as usual but now

I had a new fondness for her because I knew what pleasures lied

under her dress. We hadn't touched each other for three days and

had only talked a little. I did manage to tell her that our brief

affair had been wonderful and she would always be very special to

me. But on that thursday, she had a different plan. She came to

work in a red satin blouse and a black leather skirt that was

rather short. She wore black seamed stockings and high black heels.

WOW! She looked great. I was across from her office talking to one

of the guys when I looked over and saw her slide her skirt up to

reveal the top of her stocking. That was all it took to get me hot

for her. 

An Hour later, I followed her to a supply room down the hall. She

went in innocently looking for supplies. I went in wanting to fuck

her ass off. As I closed the door behind me, I locked it. She just

looked at me as I approached her. Then she started to open her own

blouse. Her black lace bra and sexy tits were enough to make me

come. Then she started to slowly hike up her leather skirt and her

black lace garterbelt was soon in view. She had her skirt hiked up

around her waist as she said, "I knew you'd be back for more. You

want me more than anything and I can't resist the idea of screwing

you. I wore this to seduce you because my pussy is hungry for your

cock. That's it suck my tits and guide your cock to me. Fill me


It was so true. I couldn't resist her for anything. My mouth was on

hers in a second and the kiss was hot and hungry. My hands were all

over her body. She felt sexier now than she had ever felt and soon

I was fucking her wildly. She was sitting on a stack of copier

paper boxes with her legs spread wide open, showing me her naked,

wet pussy, framed by her sexy garterbelt and stockings. I couldn't

believe how great it felt as her pussy sucked on my cock. I

couldn't stop sliding it in and out of her. My thrusts became

deeper and harder as I got nearer to coming. She came over and over

as I pounded into her. As she came for the third time, I exploded

deep into her.

After that day, no matter how much I tried to stay away, I

couldn't. I was hooked. The affair went out of control after that.

I tried to stop so many times but every time she was able to lure

me back for "just one more time". Mandy was getting real suspicious

since we made love only once or twice a week and then I was usually

so tired or spent that it wasn't very satisfying for either of us.

That was what helped fuel the fire between Peggy and I. I called

her one day and said that enough was enough and that she should go

back to her husband. The next day one of the guys came up to me and

said. "Have you seen Peggy today. She looks so hot that I would

fuck her in a second." After a couple of hours, I couldn't resist

the temptation to get a look. She was wearing a tight skirt about

three inches above the knee and a tight, low cut top that made her

sexy tits bulge out. She had been exercising and had slimmed her

hips down so that now her figure was even better than before. An

hour later, we were in the file room making love. 

A week later I tried again, telling her it had to stop. She said,

"It'll stop if you can stay away, but you can't. You know that I'm

the hottest fuck you've ever had and your young cock can't stay


The next day she walked by my cubical in a short spandex mini-dress

and sky high heels. That tight blue dress and heels made every man

drool and made me follow her to the supply room where we fucked

like rabbits. 

The finale was when she showed up at my apartment one Saturday

afternoon wearing a micro mini-skirt that was very tight and that

rode up her thighs as she walked. When it rode up it showed the

tops of her garter top thigh high stockings. That and the black

lace bustier she wore with her red lipstick and spike heels had me

so hot I couldn't resist. I started to kiss and caress her and soon

she was on my lap with me buried in her hot pussy. We were fucking

up a storm while I sucked her tits when Mandy walked in and caught


It was all over. Mandy moved out that very day, saying she never

wanted to see me again. A few days later, Peggy said to me, "What

really made it hot for us was that I was stealing you from a

younger, sexier woman. Now I have become a sexy, sought after,

woman and can have any man I want. Sorry, but it just isn't

exciting for me anymore. I hear the accounting manager has a young

sexy wife, I'm going to go "talk" to him. See you around." With

those last words, Peggy walked out of my life forever.



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