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Archive-name: Affairs/cowork.txt


Archive-title: Her Kind of Lover

       I was seduced yesterday, and I just have to tell someone about it!

   His name is Fred. We work together.

       I am thirty-six and married, with two children. Fred is twenty-three,

   single, and a real dreamboat, with wavy brown hair, big blue eyes and a

   well-shaped, muscular body. We have been flirting ever since he started

   working with me about four months ago.

       We've been having lunch together nearly every day for a couple of

   weeks. Yesterday we got our day's work done early. Over lunch he asked me

   if I would like to join him in his apartment for a drink. After we arrived

   at his place, I excused myself to the bathroom while he made the drinks.

   While inside the bathroom I slipped out of my panties and sprayed perfume

   on the insides of my thighs.

       We sat close to each other on the couch and sipped our drinks. We 

   chatted while sipping, but mostly we just stared nervously into each 

   other's eyes. He knew that I loved my husband, but he also knew that I

   was incredibly turned on by him. His face was full of desire and this made

   me even more aroused. Thoughts of adultery fluttered through my brain.

   My expression must have told him that I'd soon be his, because as soon as

   I finished my drink, he leaned over and kissed me. I responded eagerly

   with my tongue, and we began touching each other. 

       Fred slipped his hand under my dress. I gently parted my legs so he

   could get at me. When he found that I was wearing nothing underneath,

   he moaned. His finger slipped inside my pussy, and I let out a soft

   whimper. Soon he had my blouse undone and his hot lips were on my neck

   and shoulders. I told him I wanted to do it in the bedroom, and he picked

   me up in his arms. On the way inside, I whispered in his ear that I wanted

   him to eat my pussy before he fucked me. I tingled from my belly to my 

   knees when he replied that ever since he had met me he'd wondered what

   I tasted like. 

       We undressed each other, and I finally got to touch his stiff cock.

   He fondled my breasts, then began kissing his way down to my pussy. While

   his hands gently caressed my hips and ass, his lips and tongue worked on

   my thighs and mons, moving slowly toward my inner lips. Finally, his

   tongue opened me, and he began to lick my pussy. I spread my legs farther,

   offering my entire pussy to his mouth. I never feel so beautiful as when

   a man's face is between my legs. 

       Fred swallowed all the cum I had to offer him. I couldn't stop moaning

   as his tongue ventured farther and farther into me.

       He started licking my hard little clit with his agile tongue. He did

   this rapidly, but ever so gently. As he worked on me, my thoughts wandered

   to the night before last, when my husband ate me out for an hour. Fred

   brought me to the brink several times, but eased off, allowing the sexual

   tension to build. By then I was pleading for him to make me cum. 

       His hands were under my ass, and I was humping his face furiously,

   but he kept on gently licking my clit, sending me higher and higher. 

   Everyone in the building must have heard me crying out when the glorious

   orgasm finally made my body tremble.

       Fred was on top of me in an instant. With one thrust he was all the

   way in. It was simply heavenly! He was close to cumming almost right

   away. I didn't mind because I knew he'd be able to get it up again within

   minutes. I love young men! He started grunting and groaning, as his cum

   spurted into me. 

       All my other infidelities have been brief;usually just one-time

   encounters. Now it looks as though I'll have Fred for my regular lover.


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