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Archive-name: Affairs/


Archive-title: Conference Ball, The


I once went to a conference in another part of the country.  I met many people

who I'd known from afar in the past.  You know how it is the day before a

conference starts.  People hang out in the bar and the lobby.  I met some

friends, and noticed this tall, quiet man who was with them.  We sort of

watched one another as we engaged in a six-way conversation.  I thought he

was cute, but, then I think MOST men are.  I am generally just a looker.

Finally, someone said, "Oh, Jane, this is Len Josephs."

"Len!  Wow!  I've always wanted to meet you!" We shook hands, but wound up

hugging one another.  Len and I had exchanged some mail years before, and

admired one another's work.  Instantly, I wanted to take him to bed.  It was

quite a shock because I don't normally feel that strongly about someone

seconds after meeting him.  It was literally lust at first touch.

Since we had friends in common, we went to dinner together.  Now, I'm not

the sort of woman who picks men up.  It simply had never happened before.

I'd had the occasional extra-marital lover, but it had always been with a

friend, not with someone I'd just met.  I fought with myself all during

dinner.  How obvious could I be with him about the way I felt?  Could I

actually say to him, "I'd love to make love with you."?  While Len and I

wound up sitting together at dinner, and while he made me laugh a lot, he

seemed to back off when my knee rested against his.  Well, I knew he was

married, so maybe he didn't fool around.  Still, I felt like someone had

shot me full of speed.  I shook like crazy, and felt about ready to fly off

the chair, just looking at him.

After dinner, he went back to his room.  I went back to my room.  I paced

around a lot.  He'd given his friends his room number, and I'd memorized it.

I walked to the elevator, went to his floor and stood before his door.  I

raised my hand to knock...then turned and returned to my room.

I guessed I wasn't the sort of woman who can knock on a man's door, without

a reason other than to ask "Wanna fuck?".

Suddenly, I realized I had a book he'd expressed some interest in at dinner.

I took the book and practically bolted back to his room.  This time, my hand

connected with the door.  When he opened the door, he had a genuinely

shocked expression on his face, but I talked over it.  "I'm sorry if I

disturbed you, but I thought you'd be interested in seeing this." I said,

going into his room without further invitation.

"Oh, no problem.  I was just resting." We sat down on the beds and looked

at the book together.  Eventually, I sat on the bed beside him.  As we

looked at the book, we sat closer and closer together.  Finally, he took my

hand and squeezed it hard.  "I'm going over to Lori's party for a while.

Do you want to come back later?"

"Oh, yes!  I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I really want to come


"I don't want to stay over there for TOO long."

"Me neither." We stood up and kissed.  As hot as I felt, he felt hotter.

But it didn't show on his face the way it had to be showing on mine.  I kept

feeling myself turning red in front of him.

"What about precautions...."

"Well, I'm not too concerned.  My period ended yesterday..."

"I'd better go get some condoms."

I felt severely embarrassed, being a college-educated, Planned-Parenthood

trained woman.  At least if I was on the verge of behaving irresponsibly, I

had the good luck to find someone who WASN'T.  "You're absolutely right.

Sorry about that."

"It's OK," he kissed me again, his tongue brushing my lips.

I dashed back to my room, slipped into something more comfortable (yet

socially acceptable), and went to Lori's room.  Many old friends were there,

but I couldn't engage in coherent conversation.  My thoughts and eyes kept

drifting to Len, who sat in a corner, talking.  Finally, after a day-long

half hour, I went out of the party and down to the bar.  I kept calling

Len's room, to see if he'd gotten the hint and had returned to his room.  No

dice.  After yet another overly long half-hour, I returned to the party.  He

was still there.  Whew!  I wandered the party a bit, then returned to the

hallway.  Len followed after a moment.

"I thought you'd changed your mind." he said sadly.

"God no.  I just can't sit still.  Can we go now?"

"Yes." We walked to the elevator, relieved that there was no one in it.  I

took his hand, but we dropped hands as soon as the door opened on his floor.

No one was in the hall either, so we walked to his room together.

We were both nervous.  I ran to the bathroom.  He turned on the TV.  "Can we

turn it off?" I asked, turning on the light across the room.

"I don't mind." I turned the set off and joined him on the bed.  We kicked

off our shoes and laid back, just holding hands and watching each other at

first.  His hands were large and bony and very strong.  I suppose I have

something of a hand fetish, because just stroking his hands really turned me


As we kissed, his tongue filled my mouth, and I sucked on his tongue until

my lips were sore.  He played with the straps of my dress, reaching his

hand into the front to play with my bra.  He took off the dress, but had a

little problem with the bra---it was one of those strapless affairs with

innumerable hooks.  He took the bra off and suckled hard on my breasts.  I

lay back on the bed, caressing his neck and beginning to moan in pleasure.

I finally sat up enough to help him off with his clothes.  I had as much

trouble with his sansa-belt slacks as he'd had with my bra earlier.  But he

helped out, and I found him hard and hot.  He lay on top of me, his cock

rubbing against my underpants.  My clit began trembling against his heat.

He reached inside, stroking my clitoris.  "You're so wet," he murmurred.

"I'm not usually THIS bad..." I said, running my hands up and down his back.

My underpants were literally dripping from six hours of thinking about him and

a half hour of foreplay.  Already, waves of pleasure were streaming through

my body.  I remembered some of the net jokes about "If this is just

foreplay, tonight is going to kill me."  I wondered what my husband would

think if I died in the arms of another man...

I leaned forward and tentatively took his penis in my mouth.  He was longer,

but narrower than what I was used to.  He moaned, working my underpants off.

I sucked on him harder, feeling his cock get even hotter.

He pushed me off, laying me back and spreading my legs.  "Aren't you going

to go down on me?" I asked watching him grab for his condoms.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted that."

"Not want it??!  Please, do!"

He fell between my legs, his pointed tongue pushing hard against my clit.

I became even wetter, some from his tongue, but mostly from my incredibe

rate of arousal.  His tongue was very forceful, feeling more like a slick

finger than a tongue.  He licked me out, his tongue darting in and out of

my vagina.

Finally he rose, and put the condom on effortlessly.  He knelt and slid

very slowly into me, like someone using an iron poker to make a fire flare.

I pulled him in tight, feeling about ready to explode.  Very gradually, we

moved together.  I pulled my legs up to let him in ever further.  We

shifted around quite a bit, and I took some time on top, pressing my hips

into his.  An orgasm hit me so hard that my knees went weak, and I fell on

my arms to avoid hitting him.

We flipped over again, and he began pumping into me vigorously.  He pulled

up my leg and wrapped it wround his shoulder.  His face, usually so bland,

positively glowed as I came again.  I couldn't stop moaning.  He finally

came, rolling aside and stroking my belly. The whole lower half of my

body spasmed, and I couldn't speak for a moment.

"Same time, next year?" he asked.

"Oh!"  We held onto one another, giggling.  "It's funny...that's the

kind of lover I always wanted."

I was amazed by how quickly he was ready to come again.  I was certainly

more than ready myself!  As we made love again, every nerve in my body

trembled.  My body throbbed in utter pleasure.  The experience reminded me

of a very long weekend my then-boyfriend (now husband) shared long ago.

We attempted to sleep together.  He was far more successful than I.  I found

it impossible to sleep when I was tingling so much.  I finally drifted off.

When I woke up, I saw his eyes looking down on me.  "Good morning," he said,

his soft voice arousing me as much as his touch had the night before.

"Hi."  I reached up and started playing with his hair.

"How are you?"  He kissed me.

"I'm tired...but terrific otherwise." I kissed him back hard, noticing that

his penis was standing at attention under his pajamas.  "Do you want to...?"

"Hmmm..." He took off his pajamas.  I took off my slip, he put on a condom

and was inside me instantly.  My orgasm built quickly, and I kept trying to

muffle myself, worrying that I might wake up the folks in the next room.  I

sucked on his fingers, trying to quiet myself.

When we were done, I clung to him.  The notion of leaving him tore at me.

But, I knew we both had roommates to consider for the duration of the

conference, and various responsibilities.  I kept telling him how wonderful

he'd been, and he kept telling me how exhausted he felt.  Finally, I knew I

had to leave, so I kissed him goodbye and went to my room for a much-needed

shower and a change of clothes.

I ran into him often over the next week.  I particularly remember joking

with him in the bar the next night, with our respective roommates almost

within earshot.  That night, after being awake for nearly two days, I laid

down on my bed as my roommate brushed her teeth in the bathroom.  Just

lying down made my whole body quake, as if he were laying beside me and

taking me from behind.  It was as if I was in bed with a demon.  I don't

think my roommate heard my sudden, load moan.  I bit my lips and shifted my

position.  It was so strange to feel myself coming without being touched,

but them, the previous 24 hours had been pretty strange.

Len and I never could work out a reunion that week.  In some ways, it

didn't matter.  The night with him sent my body into what felt like a

two-month orgasm.  I could feel his cock slide into me, or his tongue move

against my clit.  I spent much of that week blushing.  For two months, I

couldn't make love with my husband without feeling Len.  That was very

frustrating, because Len and I could never be any more than long distance

lovers.  But after about two months, I approached love-making with my

husband with renewed zeal, and started appreciating him again for the fine

lover that he is.

And Len?  He turned out to be a terrific one-night stand.


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