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Archive-name: Affairs/catmandu.txt

Archive-author: Ellen

Archive-title: Open Marriage Chronicles - The Heat from Catmandou

     After a year of our lifestyle, I'm still not sure whether

"open marriage" is the right term. When Bill first encouraged me

to date others, I found the idea appalling, but now I love this

arrangement. Bill hasn't shown any interest in involvement with

another woman, so this has been a one-sided affair. What Bill

gets out of these dates are the thrills of my telling about my

extramarial experiences. I agreed to whatever adventures Bill

might dream up as long as these were no threat to our marriage.

     So a month after our vacation at the Five Roses ranch, we

drove in separate cars to Catmandou, a live-entertainment club. I

was wearing four-inch heels and a red satiny oriental dress,

baring my back to just below the waist and slit to the thigh. I

found a table in a dimly lit corner. The place was decorated with

nostalgia gimmicks no one would want in their home but somehow

looked just right in the lounge. I gazed around the crowd and

listened to the three-piece band's soft music.

     Minutes later, Bill walked in, sat at the bar and ordered a

wine cooler. He acknowledged me with a smile, then turned away.

He glanced back now and then as several men eyed me, clearly with

sexual intentions.

     When I wear heels, some men under 6 feet avoid making passes

at me because of my 5'8" height. This was the problem this night

until a tall attractive man, his hair black as my own, noticed

Bill glancing toward me from the bar. Attired in a dark blue

blazer, white polo shirt, and white tropical slacks, he turned as

I smiled quietly at Bill, not the stranger; but the man lifted

his drink, sauntered over to my table, and grinned, "With


     I responded, "I am now, I suppose," smiling as I appraised

his blue eyes and lean physique. I aged him at 28. He was wearing

a white gold wedding ring like mine, but I pretended not to

notice, and so did he.

     He squinted at me through the dimness and, with a look of

surprise, remarked, "I haven't seen anyone with gray eyes in


     I smiled, "An inherited trait." I hear that a lot; there

aren't many of us. When gray-eyed people see each other, they

silently smile in acknowledgement, just as I've been told a young

person with prematurely gray hair returns a smile to another.

     He gave me his name, Phil, but his occupation gave me a

start; he was a new attorney with the law firm that set up Bill's

corporation and was now advising Bill's office manager, Steve,

who runs the business side of Bill's engineering practice. We

engaged in small talk, complimenting the other until he finally

asked me to dance.

     On the dance floor, he held me closely. Men from around the

room looked disappointed that they hadn't asked me first. The

touch of his cheek brushing mine, as Bill watched, excited me. By

the middle of the second song, he was gently pressing his groin

against mine. I was fighting to control my gasps as I felt his

firmness growing beneath his slacks. My face burned at his openly

sexual gesture, but soon in excitation, I was brushing my mound

against his hardness. I could feel my nipples tingling against

the satin of my dress. He whispered, "Do you have plans tonight?"

     "Don't you have to go home?" I queried, my voice trembling

as I remembered his wedding ring.

     "My wife's a pharmaceutical sales rep," he said softly.

"She's in Chicago until Tuesday at her company's headquarters

gathering." He'd remembered my own ring and had no reason to lie.

     I allowed him to press me closer. His skin radiated a heat

like my own. The female singer's long, slow melody of adulterous

longing seemed dedicated to our entertwined bodies. When it

ended, I realized Bill and I hadn't planned this very well. I

lied, "My husband's at a convention. I have no plans, Phil." We

bantered about a bit as I tried to think of what to do until

finally he came right out with it, "Can we spend the night at

your place?"  His swollen cock was now massaging my clitoris.

     I was breathing heavily, my eyes wild. My throat throbbed

fearfully, choked with increasing desire, as I breathed, "I'd

like to visit the ladies' room."

     He nodded, saying, "I'll meet you  back here in a couple of


     When he walked through the crowd to the cashier's desk in

another room, I strode quickly to Bill, explaining the situation.

As usual, Bill was wonderful; he grinned, "Great. I'll drive over

to the office and sleep on the couch. If I come home about five

a.m., will that be enough time?" I agreed, and Bill returned to

his drink as I waited at the door for Phil.

     We drove in separate cars. The late evening streets were

still wet from a brief Florida thundershower. The Mercedes'

diesel engine throbbed like my chest. Although I'd slept with

other men, this would be my first true "date." The multi-colored

lights of neon signs, street lamps, and a line of cars streaming

west to the suburbs cast long brilliant reflections on the wet

highway. I glanced back now and then at Phil's red Fiero

following closely.

     Stopping at a traffic light a block from the lounge, I

stared at a Cadillac's bumper sticker ahead of me and smiled. The

bumper sticker read, "Lead Me Not Into Lust, For I Shall Find It


     We emerged from separate cars into our garage. He murmured,

"My god, I just noticed the name on the mailbox! I know your

husband, by name anyway!"

     I laughed. "I told you my name at the lounge. You didn't ask

for my husband's. Don't be so up-tight, Phil!" Actually, I was

more tense than Phil, not from his association with the law firm

but from the desire that had grown with each mile I drove home.

Inside, Phil removed his coat, poured a drink from our bar and

searched out a diet soda from the refrigerator for me. He walked

upstairs to meet me in the bedroom.

     I'd turned on the stereo and flicked on a table lamp,

bathing the room in a dim red glow that seemed to accentuate my

inner heat. I turned, my hands on my hips and legs spread wide on

the carpet as I faced him. He stared, his manhood bulging beneath

his slacks, and breathed, "God, you're incredible!"

     My breasts heaved as he set the drinks on the nightstand and

took me in his arms. He unzipped my dress, puddling it onto the

floor, then unbuttoned his shirt. I trembled, barely able to

stand as he grinded his hardness against my clitoris. I fell to

my knees and pulled away his slacks, his nine-inch instrument

bobbing against my lips as his fingers stroked my neck. I moaned

at his sensuous touch. I was mesmerized by the dark, purple-

veined cock that I was now stroking, my hand squeezing it back

and forth from its black mass of pubic hair to the broad, bulging

head. I oval-ed my lips over the rubbery head, sucking it slowly

as he groaned, "Oh god, Ellen, you're terrific, oh god, oh

god..." My tongue slid along his length as his hips writhed,

pushing it beyond the back of my throat. The smoothness glided

through me until I was delerious with passion. I became one with

his cock and the throaty music drifting from the stereo. I flamed

with desire, my eyes wildly rolling up at him as I whimpered with

each stroke into the fullness of my quivering lips.

     He leaned to cup my breasts, then kneeled behind me as his

strong hands kneaded the softness of my breasts.

     I fell against his hands until my arms braced against the

floor. I shuddered as his warm cock brushed my flaming vagina

from the rear. I muttered, my voice quaking, "I'm on fire, Phil.

I'm yours!" My hips gyrated, tremoring as his lengthy hardness

entered my lubricated channel. My vaginal walls stretched with

each thrilling inch to accommodate him. And then he had sheathed

the tool to its hilt as my mouth opened widely, my eyes rolling

with the adulterous passion that gripped my searing soul. His

long shaft radiated, steaming in the hot coals of my cunt.

     Wailing as he fucked me wildly, I swirled my hips to his

rhythm. I turned my head to watch as his hips bumped against my

buttocks, further inflaming my passion. Each entry throbbed

against my clitoris until, deep within, I could feel the

thunderous waters of an orgasmic flood rushing up to burst

through me. I began to cry, tears streaking down my cheeks. His

blue eyes glinted. He was biting his lip in excitation when I

felt his cock swelling. He was about to come with me. He groaned

passionately. Our eyes locked. As his cock expanded within me I

spread my legs further as if I could somehow allow my vagina to

hold even more. I was biting the softness of my lower lip as I

cried, "It's super, Phil! Super! I LOVE it!" I reached behind to

touch his chest as his cock fucked into my hot, wet depths, which

were now a vortex of mega-lust that gripped the broad cock-head

sliding through my love tunnel.

     He increased his tempo. The building orgasm was still

distant but now rushing up like a mad prehistoric beast screaming

for air from primeval depths of a misty cavern. The earth opened

before me. I was falling through a bottomless chasm of adulterous

pleasure with his every thrust, my mind enveloping an unknown

universe inhabited by only me and Phil. I shuddered. The beast

within was insane with pleasure. My whoring had now spanned eons,

all sense of time lost as I cried out frightfully. I was praying

for the oncoming super-orgasm but fearing I could no longer bear

the passionate explosion.

     And then, OH GOD!  It rolled over us like a landslide!  My

mind and body exploded with staggering force! Gigantic stars

crashed as I screamed in ecstasy, feeling his warm sperm

splattering through my channel. The planet was quaking beneath me

as I sobbed in release from the bondage of this adulterous love.

Crying, I collapsed, tremoring beneath the white heat of his


     Later, in the afterglow, we drank wine, watching erotic

movies on our large-screen VCR from our bed until, finally, he

mounted me again, missionary position, fucking me slowly. I

screamed with a second, then third, then fourth orgasm, until he

came, shuddering atop me. Dazed, I muttered, "I love you," and

meaning it at that moment of gratitude. When he replied, "That's

nice," because Phil couldn't lie, I laughed and hit him softly

with my fist.

     He left at three a.m. I dialed Bill's office. When Bill was

in bed beside me a half hour later, I described Phil's fucking me

just as I'm telling you here, until Bill's manhood had risen and

was eagerly entering my vagina. At times like these, I almost

feel a control over him. I moaned, muttering my feelings of

passionately fucking Phil as Bill thrust into me. I could feel

his tool expand to awesome proportions, until finally, reliving

my adultery, I came again; Bill groaned, his sperm splattering

warmly into my vagina. We lay side by side facing each other as I

answered his questions about my feelings when fucking other men.

I admitted, "You lead me into these situations, but once I'm

united with another, I can think only of him and me. Sometimes I

forget I'm married." When his eyebrows arched, I smiled, "But I

still love you."

     Exhausted, I fell asleep. When I awoke with the sunrise,

Bill was still looking down at me, grinning in approval.

     A month later, my former career as a photographer's model

would develop into into another kind of picture...


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