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Archive-name: Affairs/carolee.txt


Archive-title: Carolee

He walked into the local library and saw that Carolee was working behind

the counter. He had long noticed her and found her very attractive

and she always seemed to be very cheerful.. She was always dressed in

either a just above the knee dress with hosiery and high heels, or nice

fitting slacks with hose and high heels. Seeing her just drove him crazy

and he knew that he had to do some- thing about it today. He noticed

that today she had on a green dress and light black hosiery and a pair

of black pumps with 3" heels. He waited till her area was vacant and

walked up. She smiled as she always did and he said "I know I am being

very forward but I would like to eat the crotch out of your pantyhose."

She said "did I hear you correctly. Did you say something obscene to me?"

I said "I don't think it was obscene." "You want to eat the crotch out

of my pantyhose and you don't think that is obscene." "With you it could

never be obscene." She said "I am married." I said "it's you I want to

do this to, not your husband."  She said "I'm not wearing pantyhose,

will you eat the crotch out of my panties?"  "Only if you are wearing

them", I said. "Finally a man who wants to do something with me. I wear

all sort of sexy outfits and lingerie and do you think he cares, the

rotten bastard. I think he is fucking his secretary, in fact I know he

bang- ing her ass. Yes, you can eat my crotch and then fuck my pussy.

Meet me after work at the far end of the parking lot."

I met her after work and she got into my car and I drove to a deserted

area. She said she only had about half-hour but figured we could do

quite a bit in a half hour. We embraced passionately and then grooped at

each other. I going for her tits and she for my zipper. A minute later

she was stroking my cock and cooing while I teased her nipples with

my lips and tongue. "Eat my panties. Please, now while I am so hot.

Do it good, make me cum." I got down on the floor of the car with her

in the passenger seat and slid her dress upward to her waist. She had

some great lingerie on. A full pink slip with lace all over the hem

and a black garterbelt and a pair of very pastel pink french cut tap

panties which were covered in lace. Her husband had to be nuts not to

be turned on. I centered the crotch part of the panties over her cunt

opening and started licking the crotch of the panties with my tongue.

Her panties got soaking wet and I could then taste her cunt juices and

smell them as her pussy was lubricating itself from the sexual attentions.

She started moaning passionately and asked me to pull the crotch of her

panties to one side and finger her for a moment. "your finger fucking is

driving me crazy," she gasped with her breath cumming in shorts pants "Now

fuck me, please, now. I am going to cum fast so work me hard." I slipped

my pulsating hard cock into her hot box and lunged in and out. She said

"stop a second and leave me straddle you. I want deep penetration."

We moved and she straddled me and I entered her cunt again. She slammed

down on me hard and kept there wiggling her cunt all over my cock.

At the same time I wet one finger and started working it up her ass. As it

went into her ass all the way she let out a deep long moan and screamed

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming, fuck me, drive your hot finger in my ass. Oh,

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I erupted shortly thereafter.

Afterwards she said "it was great, we can't make it a habit: I'm married

and got three children but I think we could get together at another

time and place. I still owe you my pantyhose and you owe me eating the

crotch of them. Don't push me at anytime and I will leave you know when.

It could be a day or a week, it could be a year. Be content and think

of someday in the future."  With that she kissed me and left.

I saw her numerous times in the library  but never made any overatures

or any wisecrack remarks. I wanted her again and just had to wait. I am

divorced but I wasn't lacking getting pussy. She was just so different.

Where my exwife was a redhead she was blonde. Where my wife was tall,

she was short. She weighted about 118, my wife about 142. Whenever I saw

her she just smiled or suggested a certain book or tape to use.One day

after my being absent for about a week I was in the library when she

approached me in the fiction section and said" Rod, I need to see you

tonight if possible. I have been waiting three days for you to come in."

I said "meet me at 9:00 at the end of the lot." At 9 pm she was there,

got in my car and we drove again to a deserted spot. She said" Rod, the

first time you said you wanted to eat the crotch out of my pantyhose but

I had none on, tonight you get your wish. Put your hand up my skirt."

I felt her pantyhose covering her legs and thighs and in her pussy area

she had on a pair of lace panties covering her pantyhose. She said "you

can eat both my lace panties and my pantyhose. Bring me off with your

tongue and you will experience one of the best blowjobs you ever had,

and I will swallow all your creamy cum."  Once again I got down between

her legs and with her nylon clad legs spread wide I started licking

her panties which were pulled snug up against her pantyhose crotch.

I could smell the female aroma drifting from her crotch area. It set my

hormones rushing. "Carolee, you pussy smells so sexy, the aroma is driving

me horny. Do all pantyhose come with "essemce of sweet cunt perfume."

Replying she said "everyday for the last three days I have thought of you

and before I came to work I fingered my pussy till it was sopping wet

just to get the aroma of my cunt in my panties and pantyhose for you.

In fact one day I frigged myself so hard I popped my pussy right then

and there. Lick me harder and I will come off for you. Oh, Rod, your

tongue feels so good and drives me wild. Quick remove my sexy red lace

panties, I am getting there and I want your tongue as close as possible."

In a flash her panties were off and I was licking on the crotch of her

white nylon pantyhose. "Im cumming, oh Rod, I'm cumming, harder with your

tongue, drive me wild, oh it feels so good. What a great cunt lapping you

gave me." A minute later she said "now you." I got up in the seat and she

took her panties and hung them on the rearview mirror. "Since it's dark

and hard to see look at my cunt wet panties of fine lace and think of

my pussy in them while I blow your stem off." She went down on me and I

thought a meat grinder was on my cock. She reached up and grabbed the red

panties off the mirror and massaged my balls with them while sucking on

my pipe. She twisted, pulled and slurped that thing ninty nine different

ways and I was hoping to learn the hundreth way when my cock erupted.

"Oh, oh, I'm cumming, oh chew my cock, oh, suck my load out of me, oh

swallow my cream. Oh fuck me with your mouth. Work my balls with your

lace cunt smelling aroma panties Oh! Oh!" and I was drained. Two minutes

later she asked"do you want to fuck me or watch me jerk my pussy off."

I said "I am to pooped to pop but would love to watch you finger fuck

yourself." She sat there, lifted her rearend up off the seat and removed

her pantyhose. With her legs spread apart facing me,she slowly fingered

herself into a real screaming orgasm.  All the time she had been fingering

herself she was saying the most obscene sexy things imaginable. I felt

sorry for her husband who had this firecracker and was leaving it slip

into my hands. She just needed attention. Finishing I told her she could

wear garterbelts and stockings if they were more comfortable. She said

she preferred to wear them and I said I preferred to see her in them.

I said the only reason I ever mentioned pantyhose was because most women

wore them in this day and age. She said not her or her daughters, who

both wore garterbelts when they wore hosiery.

We made a date to meet two nights from then. She said she could stay out

late as her husband would be out of town. "His out of town, I think he

is fucking his girlfriend outside the city limits, the rotton bastard."

She asked if we could go to my place and we did. We arrived at my

apartment and I ushered her in. I fixed us drinks and we went into the

bedroom and two minutes later we were naked and fucking. After we both

came she said she had tape-recorded her husband when he was talking to his

secretary on the phone. She had the tape in her pocketbook and played it

for me. She had him by the balls they way he was professing love for his

secretary, Claudia and the names he was calling her like "sweet cunt,you

hot little box you, lucious tits, gravy pussy, my fuck bunny" and things

like that. It was really getting to Carolee and she started bawling.

I comforted her as best I could. I finally asked her what she was

going to do about it. She said that a showdown was in order with him.

I also asked about her children, Lizabeth who was sixteen, Beverly who

was fifteen and Bret who was thirteen.She said they would have to roll

with the punches. I said that's basically what my son Steven did when

he and his mother divorced. I asked her how her and Gene met or got to-

gether as a permanent arrangement. She told me as follows.

She did a chhronigally list of her dates with Gene. Number denoting date.

She said as you can see we fell hard for each other and things progressed


 1. Having known Gene for a while I was surprised when he asked if he

could come over to my house after school. I was also pleased that he

asked as I had a crush on him. My mom and dad were at work so we talked

and ended up kissing, very deep kissing on the sofa

 2. Next time over to my house, his hands progressed to my tits,

feeling them through my blouse and bra.

 3. Third time he had my tits out and was sucking on them. I did not

let him know my cunt was on fire. I wanted to grab his cock but I didn't.

 4. Fourth date my breasts were out, my nipples hard as rocks, his hot

hands had traveled up my legs, past my stockings and garterbelt and

into my red panties. I had his cock out and was stroking it. I thought

things were progressing to fast but I did not want to stop. This wasn't

the first time a boy had his hands in my panties but this time I knew

it was destined to go farther.

 5. Fifth date my tits are out, my skirt bunched about my waist, my

pastel blue panties are on the floor, my legs are apart with Gene finger

fucking my pussy while I am hysterical with the thrill. I am screaming in

pleasure as he fingers my pussy over the top. I then played with his cock,

he asked me to put it in my mouth. I asked if he would put my pussy in his

mouth and he said yes so I put his cock in mine and licked it and sucked

it till he came. I tried to swallow as much cum as I could. Afterwards he

put his head between my nylon clad legs and with his hard tongue in my

snatch. he ate my cunt off. I won't go into details how he ate me, just

that I came and came good. My first time with a male was in- credible.

 6. The sixth date I had panty hose on which he said he didn't like.

He said he was strickly stockings and garterbelts. I had no problem

with that.  I had worn garterbelts since I was twelve after I told mom I

didn't like panty girdles. Mom said "Carolee, I wish I had the figure for

garterbelts like you do, but I don't but you do, but you  can wear them

instead of panty girdles." Later I found out Gene liked to look up his

sister's dress when the opportunity arose and she also wore garterbelts

and tap pants which revealed a lot of hair and pussy. Later on I told

his sister about Gene looking up her dress but it did not bother her any.

Maybe she liked the forbidden thrill of exposing herself to her brother,

I don't know. We ended up getting completely naked and sixty-nining each

other to a orgasm.

 7. The seventh date was almost the same as the sixth except I was back

to sexy garterbelts and while eating and fingering each other we talked

about fucking and did we want to do it. Yes, we decided we wanted to

fuck and as soon as we could get some rubbers for protection. Also this

time while eating my cunt Gene slipped his finger into my asshole region.

It felt funny there.

 8. In school Gene said he had made a rubber connection so that we

could fuck whenever we were ready. I think I was fucking ready about

date two.  He came over after school, I having arrived fifteen minutes

ahead of him.  I had selected a pretty dress and lingerie for this, my

cumming out party.  Another stroke of luck was that both parents would

not be home till about eight o'clock and it was only three-thirty now.

He arrived and we went into a long embrace. He told me that I looked

very beautiful which I know I did and I am not bragging. I was beautiful

brunett with the right figure, the right curves and a very pretty face.

I had no flaws.  I slowly stripped Gene and then asked him for the rubber,

which he gave me and I rolled it down onto his pulsating hard cock.

I told him to sit down as I was going to strip for him. The dress was

actually a two piece affair so I took the top off which left my full pink

color slip showing.  The whole bodice area of the slip was frilly lace.

Next came the bottom part of the dress which had the whole hem in pink

and white lace. I then asked him to help me re- move the slip which

he did. He starred at me and my sexy legs, the beige nylon stockings

being supported by my pink garterbelt, my black lace bra and my black

lace tap panties. His eyes bugged out of his head and I thought he was

going to shoot his load right there in the rubber but then he calmed down.

I was as hot sexually as he was. I slipped off my bra and dangled it in

his face and then I walked over to him, slid my tap panties crotch area

to one side and sat down on his cock. As lubricated as I was it went

in, met some resistance and went all the way in. Yes, we fucked till

we both came.I heard bells, sirens and whistles. My body never felt so

good till then. Afterwards I got off, slid the rubber off of his cock,

put the open end up to my mouth and sucked the creamy cum out of it into

my mouth and swallowed it. I said to him"My first fuck and I get to eat

it also." He frenched kissed me.  We fucked three more times and he left

about seven-thirty.

 9. Yes we fucked, fucked more and then he reamed his finger into

my asshole. I thought I was going to shit. After getting over that feeling

I knew we had some- thing else where sex was concerned. We both reamed

and rimmed each others ass- holes that day till he had to go home.

10. He fucked me in the ass. I loved it. It was totally awesome. We did

not use a rubber for this and that hot cream flowing in my ass cavity

was so warm and erotic. To this day I am not sure what feels better,

a cunt fuck or an ass- hole fuck. As you can see in ten dates I learned

it all. That part I have never regretted and would do the same thing

over again without remorse. Yes, we did many things together besides sex.

It was a great relationship for a number of years but things change and

values change.

We graduated from high school, went away to college together and fucked

for the whole four years. After college we married, had two girls and

a boy who are now sixteen, fifteen and thirteen. About ten years ago I

think he had an affair but that seemed to peter out but this one is to

much and he is going to be history.  I just can't take the cooing and

lovey-dovey shit he hands her on the phone. I know I am sneakey the way

I found out but that the ways it goes. We then kissed and she said "Rod,

will you fuck me in the ass, I need it bad." I gave it to her good.She

screamed, yelled, clawed and what have you. I was equally thrilled as I

had never fucked a women in the ass before.We then had a regular cunt

fuck and then she left. Before leaving she said "I have some things to

sort out, will you please stay away from the library till I sort them

out."With regrets I said I would.

Three nights later I arrived home from work and Carolee was there waiting

for me. She told me she had her showdown with Gene and that they would

file for a divorce. He was in love with Claudia who was fifteen years

younger (mid life crisis and young stuff syndrone for him). She said he

would move out this week- end. He moved out and she filed. Eventually her

kids got used to the thing of their mother dating. When she received

the final divorce from Gene we married and she and her kids moved in

with me to a new house Carolee and I purchased.

Four years later my son started dating Lizabeth, who was twenty and

Carolee was always on her because she never wore panties, even when

dressed up . When I told my son about this girl who never wore panties

he zerod in on her. Today they are married and have two children. So I

am Lizabeth's step-father but also her father in law. Carolee and myself

have been married about twenty years now and have no regrets. The sex is

tremendous and the companionship is great. Gene and Claudia lasted about

six years and now Gene is a lonely man who drifts from woman to woman.

Something how this all started by my saying something sexy to Carolee in

the library. Yes, she still works there, and every once in a while I walk

into the library, get her alone and say "I want to eat the crotch out

of your sexy lace panties"and she says "meet me at the other end of the

parking lot after work."  We meet and I eat her panties there. It's great.


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