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Archive-name: Affairs/cabbie.txt


Archive-title: My Meter's Running

        You drive a cab long enough in Baltimore, you see everything.

I'm not kidding.  Baltimore is just full of characters, and it seems like

I've had 'em all in my hack at one time or another in the years I've been

doing this to keep a fucking ro of over my head and pay my non-fucking

ex-wife's alimony bills.

        Like I said, I've seen all kinds of fares, but the topper had to

be this rich society bitch last Christmas.  I pick her up at BWI load her

bags into the trunk and take off.  She's wearing a dead fox around her

shoulders and gave some fancy up town address.  She's about 40 years old,

but still sexy in a stuck-up kind of way.  Stinking rich.  I'm not

kidding you.  But here's the thing:  When I pull in front of her castle,

she goes into her purse to pay the tab, and whaddya know?  She can't find

her wallet!  "I'm terribly sorry," she says in this hoity-toity voice.

"I don't seem to be able to pay you".

        "That's too fuckin' bad, lady," I say.  "I guess you ain't goin'

home yet then."  And I pull away from the curb and head for the nearest


        That got her panties all bunched up.  "What can I pay you with?"

she says all nervous and agitated. She's in my environment now.

        "Well for starters you can suck my dick," I say.  I figure that

she'll get insulted and report me but what the heck, right?  I admit it,

I've got a crude mouth at times -- I guess that's why my wife left

me.....for another woman.  But get this:  The bitch actually says, "Well,


        With that I pull off the expressway, but leave the motor running

because it's a fucking cold day, and I want the heater on.  Then I climb

into the back seat with her, unzip my fly and haul out my pride and joy.

        "Here, lady, here's a nice cold treat for ya, See if you can warm

it up for me."  Before she could react, I shove my schlong between those

society lips quicker than you can say Jack Frost.

        I thought the old bat was gonna' choke on it at first -- judging

from the gurgling noises comin' from the back of her throat -- but before

long she got into the spirit of giving head as I pushed my stiff , spit-

slick pole in and out of her warm, delicate mouth.  Once or twice she

accidentally bit me, and I had to cuff her, but all in all, she sucked

like the pros I usually frequent, and when I spermed like a madman into

her mouth, she swallowed the whole mess without blinking an eye.

        "What's the matter?  Old man not giving it to ya?" I say.  She's

pretty hot by this time, so I reach down and yank open her skirt and pull

her lacy black panties down. She does not object!

        She's gasping like a pig in heat, going, "Fuck me, fuck me.  My

husband never touches me anymore.  Oh, stick it in me.  Ram my pussy,"

and some other trashy bullshit I forget.

        "Easy, you old cow," I snarl, and thrust three stick fingers into

 her heaving snatch.  It's surprisingly tight for such an old hole, and

 she was wetter than piss as I performed a digital exploratory.  After

 about two minutes of this threeplay I figure she's ready for my beefy

 cock, so I push her down on the seat, yank her legs wide open, lean down

 for a quick whiff of her smelly slit -- ah, heaven -- then aim my pecker

 at her hungry box and ram it home.

        I split her cunt apart with my piledriver, filling it up with my

stiff eight-incher.  She grabs onto me, digging her sharp fingernails

into my hairy ass as I belt her cunt with my boy-stick, reaming it in and

out as hard and fast as I could, ripping her dainty little, rich-bitch

cunt with my angry beast.

        To her credit, she gave me as good as she got, thrusting her

lily-white hips up to meet each savage stroke I laid into her.  For an

over-the-hill broad, her cunt felt pretty good as it clamped down on my

busy bone, almost as good as the hooke rs I fuck for their fares too.

        Right in the middle of it she starts begging me to talk dirty to

her, like my big fat dick stuffing her cunt isn't enough for her upper-

class snatch.

        "Ahh, shaddup!" I growl, and to show I'm not kidding, I let her

have a playful slap in the kisser.

        Instead of annoying her, it turns her on more, and we screw that

 in the back of my cab for about 45 minutes, traffic whizzing by outside

 the whole time.  I kept up the bone pressure as I manhandled her big,

 creamy knockers and stuck my tongue down her throat.  I pinched her big

 nipples till they were hard as pebbles and she had tears in her eyes.

        From the way her body is shaking, I figure she must have cum

half-a-dozen times since I jumped on top of her.  I feel like cuming too;

so when I my time came, I didn't hold back.  At the last minute I pulled

my dick out of her soppy snatch and, careful not to hit the seat, let her

have a hot, milky one right in the face.  She starts lapping it up like a

starving puppy,and smearing it into her cheeks, all the while babbling

about what a great cocksman -- I swear that's the word she used -- I am,

and how she never wants to stop fucking me.  Same old story.  Even the

whores give it to me for free.

        I finally took her home and let her pay me with a check.  It

didn't bounce either.  Too bad, I wanted an excuse to look that cunt up



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