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Archive-name: Affairs/bbslovrs.txt


Archive-title: BBS Lovers

   The BBS lovers wrote back and forth to each other, til they

both had enough of writing letters. Both were married but not              

to each other. They lived over 1500 miles apart.

   They both wrote to each other asking if they could meet. 

   They both came upon an agreement and meet halfway. He landed

at his halfway point on Friday late afternoon, waiting for his 

lovers plane to land.  When it was for the plane he got all

nervous and excited.  He heard them announce on the loud speaker

that the plane was coming in.  He stood there very impatient

looking for someone with a Red Rose pinned in her hair, she told

him that she would have one in her hair.

   She finally came walking off the plane with a big smile on

her face.  He walked up to her and introduced himself to her.

   She was very excited when she saw him, her body tingled all

over.  They talked for a little bit and decided to get a room

at a Hotel.  They checked in, and took the bags to the room,

freshened up a little and decided to go get something to eat.

   They went to a small place in town, ate and talked for about

3 hours.  They were both getting tired and they went back to the

Hotel.  He went in and took a shower while she sat nervously

waiting for her turn in the shower.  She was going to join him 

but didn't want to seem to pushy. When he came out she went in

an took her shower.  She got done and went into the room, he

was sitting on the bed with a towel around his waist.  

   She had on a skimpy nightgown that you could partially see

through.  He couldn't keep his eyes off of her.  She sat down

on the edge of the bed and started brushing her long brown hair.

   He moved toward her and took the brush out of her hand and

brushed her hair for her.  He told her how beautiful she looked

and bent over her and started kissing her neck.  She got chills

all over her body when he did that.

   He turned her to face him, and he kissed her lips, it was 

such a passionate kiss that she wrapped her arms around his 

waist.  They fell back on the bed, and when they did the towel

fell off of him exposing his massive cock.  She ran her hand

down his back and moved it to his hot throbbing cock.  She ran

her fingers up and down his shaft lightly teasing him, and than

fondled his balls.  He was so hard and hot.  He started to slowly

take off her nightgown, he pulled the straps down exposing her 

large breasts.  He couldn't resist putting his lips on her nipples.

   He kissed her breasts so softly that the more he did it the 

the harder her nipples got.  He pulled her nightgown the rest of

the way of, showing him her body.  He ran his tongue up and down

her body getting her even hotter than before.  She laid there

moaning for more.

   He ran his tongue down to her clit and teased the hell out 

hell out of her.  She let out a little scream of excitement, 

and wanted to suck his cock, so he laid back on the bed while

she went straight for his cock.  She teased him like he did to

her.  Then she put his huge cock into her mouth and slowly went

up and down on his cock.  He couldn't take it anymore and he

pulled her up onto him.  She sat on his cock and slowly put

it inside her dripping cunt.

   They were so wrapped up in each other that they both came

at the same time.  She fell back into his arms and giggled a

little with excitement.  They fell asleep in each others arms.

   About three hours later he woke her up and they made love

again.  They both got into the shower and soaped each other up

and then rinsed each other off, than they kissed each other

all over their bodies.  He pulled her pussy onto his waiting 

cock.  He slowly pumped his cock into her pussy.  She pulled 

him out and put her mouth on his cock, he could barely stand up.

   They fucked in the shower until the water started getting

cold.  He pulled his cock out and squirted his cum all over her

tits and belly.  They cleaned up and went back to bed.

   They got up about eight hours later and got dressed and de-

cided to go get something to eat and do a little sight-seeing.

   They couldn't let go of each other the whole time they were 

out.  He suggested that they go back to the Hotel after he 

bought her another nightgown, so she could model it for him, for

this was Saturday and they only had this last night together.

   They went back to the hotel and she went and took a quick 

shower and slipped into the nightgown.  It fit her perfect. He

couldn't wait to take it off of her.  He didn't say a word his

eyes said it all.  He stood up and walked over to her and started

slow dancing with her, the music was just right.  He whispered

sweet nothings in her ear and nibbled on her earlobe, which got

her all tinglely again.  She was running her nails up and down 

his back.  He kissed her long and hard.  They didn't even get

into bed, he pushed her up against the wall and fucked her til

they came again.

   They got into bed and she started to cry because it would all 

end the next day.  He comforted her and they made love again.

   They fell asleep in each others arms.  The next morning when 

they awoke they made love again.  This time it was more exciting

than ever.  They took a shower got dressed and went to the airport,

they kissed and gave each other a little squeeze and boarded the

planes, never knowing when they'll ever see each other again.

   Was it a Dream, or a Fantasy or was it Real?  It was just to 

good to be true.....


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