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Archive-name: Affairs/awajanis.txt


Archive-title: Awakening of Janis, The

{ This is my first posting.  It is a story, at least up to about 20 chapters

  now, that is mostly true.  Would like to hear if you want more chapters.  }

He'd talked to her an innumerable number of times on the telephone.  As a

matter of fact, they had been casually flirting over AT&T for nearly 6 months.

Neither had seen one another so as they walked into the meeting room where

they were supposed to have their weeklong meeting, both were looking for the

other.  He knew her right away because she was the only woman in the room.

Before the meeting began, he made a point of walking up and introducing

himself.  "Hi, I'm Peter Watkins," he said.  "I believe we've met, over the

phone."  Her handshake was firm but there was no commitment there and her eyes

only glimpsed his as they said their pleasantries.

It was a working meeting and she was in one group while he was in another.

Only occasionally did they have to address one another.  Toward the end of the

meeting, he asked for some assistance from anyone in the room.  As she looked

at him, their eyes met, seriously, for the first time.  He knew, she was his.

Of course, in a meeting such as this, there was no time for exploring the

relationship further.  But tomorrow was another day.

Since she lived in the general area, she left with her car pool and he

wandered back to the hotel following the meeting.  The next morning, he was in

the meeting room getting ready for the meeting when she came in with an arm

full of papers to be distributed.  He jumped up to help her and lifted the

load from her arms.  As he did, his arm brushed against her body.  To anyone

else, it would have looked innocent, but he knew there was electricity passed

on that casual touch.  So did she; they both knew it.  During the day, he had

several other opportunities to be close to her.  His touch was returned,

albeit only slightly, each time.  He knew she was his.  She knew she was

attracted to this man.

That's all there was to this first meeting.  Although they did go to dinner at

her home and met her husband, two children, dogs, cats and assorted other

house guests.  He knew, however, there would be many more meetings and the

foundation had been laid.  She knew too.

The next time was a working meeting in Phoenix, far from both their homes.  As

usual, the first day was casual, with the greetings and small talk that

normally accompanied such meetings.  Oh sure, they got their work done but the

real meeting was to take place later.

They all went to dinner at a local restaurant.  He made sure he sat next to

her and they visited cordially all evening.  His leg casually brushed up

against hers several times and was met with little resistance.  His touches

were returned and the electricity between them began to build to a crescendo.

As they returned back to the motel, in his rented car, he made sure she was

the last person to be driven to her area of the motel.  He pulled into a

parking place and shut off the engine and lights.  His arm reached out and

playfully touched hers.  She looked at him and they kissed.  It was a long,

deep kiss; each other's tongue probing the other's mouth.  His hand sought out

her breast and she pulled away from him abruptly.

"What's the matter," he asked.  "Nothing," she said; "I have to go to my

room."  He walked her to her room and then returned to his.  He was so sure

that he had read her right, yet she had pulled away from him.  "What the hell

is going on," he wondered.  Just then the phone rang.

"Hello," he said.  "I'm sorry," she said.  "That's OK," he muttered.  "What

was the problem?" he asked.  "I'm married - you are too," she said.  "I can't

do this," she protested.  "Besides, I'm in the middle of my period," she

stated matter of factly.  "That's OK," he said, reassuringly, "We don't have

to do anything you don't want to do.  I just thought you wanted to ..."  I

do... did," she stammered.  "This is so difficult - its my first time for any

of this and I don't know what to do.  I want you so bad - but what about my

husband, my children.  What would they think?"  "Hey, you're a big girl," he

said, "You have to make up your mind what is right for you."

"What does your wife think?", she asked.  "If I don't tell her, she doesn't

think anything," he said.  They talked for two hours and finally hung up.  He

knew she was his; but it may take a while.  She was extremely driven by sex

but she had to work through this.  They would have many more times together

and they could wait.

"Do you want to make love to me," he asked.  "Oh yes," she stammered.  He

could tell, just by her voice on the phone, she was blushing.  "Will you do it

next time we meet?", he asked.  "Yyyyyessss," she whispered in the phone.  Do

you want me to lick your clit?" he asked.  There was a pause on the phone, he

heard a quick breath, "Don't say that," she said, "Someone might be

listening."  "You're getting wet down there, aren't you?", he said.  "Oohh

God," she whispered "Shut up."  The AT&T flirting was becoming more direct.

By the time they got to Phoenix, she was so hot that just the sight of him

made the juices start flowing in her pussy.  She spotted him in the lobby as

he was registering for his room.  This was one of the largest conferences that

their company had ever had, with over 500 employees attending.  Both of them

knew a myriad of people and all were staying in this or the adjacent motel.

She knew that she would have to be extremely careful because many of these

people also knew her husband.  Yet she was intrigued with this man.  He was

not the most handsome man in the world but what attracted her to him.  His

hands and the way he talked to her over the phone.  His hands were big for the

size of his body and they blended with the upper body of a man who had labored

long and hard in the west as a cowboy, ranch hand, wildlife biologist and

computer operator.  He had a quick sense of wit, humor and knew just how to

push the right buttons to make her body quiver at the sound of his voice.

She'd never been with a real cowboy before and the thought of that made

goosebumps appear all over her body.  What the hell cowboys had to do with it

was something that puzzled her.

She returned to her room and watched as he took the glass walled elevator to

the 6th floor.  She knew he didn't suspect she was watching him and that

excited her.  She was actually getting wet watching this man ride up the

elevator.  "What's the matter with me?," she thought to herself.  She waited a

few more minutes after he left the elevator and began to wonder if she should

call him.  After about 15 minutes she walked over to the phone.  Just as she

grabbed the receiver, it rang.  It scared her so she dropped it on the floor

and she became embarrassed.  "He  -  Hello," she said as she picked up the

receiver from the floor.  "If I say you have a beautiful body, would you hold

it against me," she heard him say.  A gush of fluid escaped from her pussy.

Her body was trembling as she began apologizing for dropping the phone and

stammering various things into the mouthpiece.  "What am I saying," she

thought to herself.

"Sssooo, should I come down and we go to dinner or what?", he asked.  It was

only 5pm as she glanced at her watch, a little early for dinner.  "Uummm,

don't you" she was interrupted by his saying he would be down and they could

discuss it.  Before she could answer, he hung up.  She rushed to the bathroom

to clean up.  She knew her panties would be soaked from all the fluid that had

escaped her pussy as they talked.  "What in the hell is the matter with me?"

she wondered to herself.  Just as she was finishing the last button on her

levis, a soft knock was heard at the door.

She opened it and her knees started to buckle.  He had on his western clothes,

and she had not realized how wonderful she thought he looked.  He was not the

"marlboro man", but she recognized a genuine cowboy when she saw how his

clothes fit and the way he just stood there.  The big belt buckle seemed to

gleam like a neon sign.  "Well, do I just stand here for the duration, or do I

get invited in?", he joked.  She stepped back and he walked in past her as she

closed the door.  Her pussy was soaked and her knees could barely keep her

legs from buckling beneath her.

He looked around her room and walked over to the shades and pulled them shut.

"There's no sense of advertising the fact that we are together in this room,

for whatever reason", he said.  "There are plenty of people in this outfit

that would be glad to rumor monger us to death," he continued.  "Come over

here," he commanded.  She flew to him and their lips met.

She was helpless in his arms.  Those big hands virtually covered her back as

he placed them around her and his strength practically crushed the breath out

of her.  He was not a big man but obviously was strong and caring.  The kiss

lasted for, it seemed, an hour.  He picked her up and carried her to the bed

and laid her down before their lips separated.  She was already breathing hard

and her body was in flames.  His lips began caressing the sides of her neck

and reached to her ear lobes.  His hands had found her breasts and were gently

squeezing them.  She wanted to say something but could not find the breath to

do so.  She was totally his to do with as he saw fit.  She knew, somehow, that

he would not be cruel to her nor ask her to do anything that she did not want

to do.  She trusted this man implicitly.

By now, her blouse was fully opened and his hands were exploring her stomach

and had already caressed her legs.  She felt him following her zipper down to

her crotch and the juices in her pussy were drenching her panties.  She

wondered if they would soak through her levis.  As his hand applied just

slight pressure to her pussy, she came for the first time.  Her body arched

against his touch and her breathing became erratic.  Flames shot up the front

of her body, piercing her breasts and bringing a blush to her face.  She was

sweating profusely and was totally out of control.

He began to take off his clothes as he caressed her body with his lips.  He

moved away from her to remove his pants and she sat up on the bed.  "I hope

you don't like big breasts," she said; "If you do, you're going to be really

disappointed by me."  He finished removing his pants and returned to making

love to her.  "Anything more than a mouthful is excess," he whispered to

reassure her that he would not be disappointed.  He removed her bra and his

lips met her nipples and began caressing them with gentleness, yet firmness

she had never before experienced.  His had again found her crotch and she came

again.  Not the full climax she would feel later but still, enough to take her

breath away and cause her to feel the flames of desire shoot from her pussy to

her breasts where her lover was working intently.  Her nipples caused huge

contractions in her pussy each time her lover sucked on them.  Her hips

gyrated with each sucking action, pushing her pussy into the hand that was

gently massaging it through her levis.

She felt the button to her jeans give way and the zipper practically unzipped

itself.  A hand crept under her panties and she felt a finger caress the tip

of her clit.  "Oh Christ, I'm cumming again," she thought to herself as

another wave of contractions, flames, muscle spasms and breathlessness

overtook her.  She was reveling in the hands of her lover.  She raised herself

slightly as he moved lower and began to remove the levis and panties from her

body.  When they came off, she raised herself and removed her blouse and bra

that were just hanging on her body.  For the first time she saw his erect cock

standing out from his body.  She reached for it and began massaging it.  She

felt a finger at her clit and it began to rub up and down her slit.  She knew

she was ready for entry as the hand slid easily up and down her vaginal entry.

Suddenly, the finger slipped inside her as her lover sucked her left breast

into his mouth.  She shuddered as she was almost overwhelmed into a fourth


Her lover worked his lips and tongue down her stomach as he slowly arranged

himself between her legs.  She felt his tongue on her clit as he slowly licked

it.  Suddenly, her clit was sucked into his mouth, his tongue flicked it back

and forth mercilessly as his fingers worked inside her vagina.  Oh God, Oh

God, Oh God," she thought as she came again.  The waves of excitement came

from deeper within this time.  They sucked at her breath, her nipples became

so tight they seemed to be caressed by just the air flowing over them.  She

bucked at the tongue which continued to flick her clit.  Sweat was streaming

down the sides of her head and beaded up on her stomach.  She had never been

with a man that could make her feel this way before.

The waves began to subside and her breath started to return to normal.  She

felt him lift himself from her clit and raise above her.  As she opened her

eyes, she felt his member enter her vagina.  His lips met hers and his tongue

began to reach towards the depths of her throat.  She could taste her juices

on his tongue as he rhythmically began fucking her.  With each stroke, she

could feel his pubic hair and pelvis rub on her clit.  She knew she was in for

one of the strongest climaxes she had ever experienced.  His tongue began

tickling the sides of her neck and working toward her ear lobes.  One of his

hands had grasped her left nipple and was slowly squeezing it, driving waves

of excitement from her breast toward her stomach.  She could feel the fire

beginning to build in her clit as he began to increase the strokes he used in

fucking her.  Her toes started to close, her knees began slowly to straighten,

her stomach was beginning to tighten.  She had never been here before.

Suddenly, her breath left.  The fire from her clit met the waves leaving her

breasts in the middle of her stomach.  Her toes completely curled up.  Her

buttocks heaved in excitement and her legs wrapped around her lover as she

pulled him harder and harder into her clit.  Slowly soft moans began escaping

her lips.  They became louder until she was screaming.  She bucked with her

lover and her whole body spasmed against the this climax.  She had never had a

feeling such as this.  She thought she would pass out as she lost track of

time, space and everything.  She felt as if she couldn't breath, yet she could

hear screams of joy coming from her mouth.  As he exploded inside her, she

felt herself lift another notch up the climax ladder.  "How far can this go,"

she wondered as she screamed louder.  She could not quit bucking and swaying

against the force that was bringing her to this feeling.  She wanted it to

last forever, but it began to subside.

She could hear the screaming and moaning beginning to subside but the rhythm

of fucking was still making her pussy and clit cause her to drag her lover

deeper and deeper into her vagina.  Harder and harder she pulled at him.

Slowly, she regained some of her consciousness.  She could see the sweat on

his chest and she began to feel her breaths coming in somewhat of a regular

fashion.  Her lover began to slow his strokes and caress her forehead.  Slowly

his lips found hers and his tongue eased itself into her mouth.  The spasms in

her stomach muscles began to subside and the slow strokes in and out of her

pussy began to feel like rhythmical interludes.  Her toes uncurled and her

legs slowly dropped to the bed.

"Looks to me like you enjoyed that," he said as he lowered himself to the side

of her.  She tried to say something but her throat was so dry, not a sound

came out.  She felt as if her throat was sore as she cleared it trying to get

some moisture to her vocal cords.  Suddenly, he was up and returned with a

glass of water for her.  She drank a little and, as he lay down beside her,

put her head in his arms.  "That was wonderful," she breathed. "I have never,

ever, cum like that before.  Where did you learn to do all those things?" she

asked.  "Oh, you were just all excited because this was the first time," he


"What's for supper?", he asked.  She looked at her watch. "My God," she

thought, "Its 6:30."  "Its already 6:30!" she exclaimed, "the last time I

looked at my watch, it was only 5:00."  "Time flies when you're havin' fun",

he said.  "Maybe we should just order in?" he said with a question in his

voice.  "Or we could just skip supper altogether," she volunteered.  "You mean

you think you could handle some more of what we just did?" he asked.  "Well,

maybe not right now - but we could discuss it", she giggled.

They passed the night, making love three more times.  Each time, he managed to

make her cum.  She could not imagine cumming that many times in one night.  It

had never happened to her and she didn't know what to make of this man who

just walked into her life and practically took her over.  She always knew that

sex was very important to her, but this man had awakened things within her

body that she didn't know existed.  Little did she know how much these

feelings would have on her body as the weeks and years progressed.


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