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Archive-name: Affairs/austral.txt

Archive-author: Anonymous

Archive-title: Australia


    This is my first posting...I have more to share in the future

if you like this, but must post anonymously, since I am a senior

manager at a Fortune 100 company and knowledge about my extra-

curricular activities would cause the end of my career.



    It was hot and steamy as we arrived at the airport in Bris-

bane for the long journey home to Boston.  This was the end of a

month-long campervan vacation in Australia, and I, for one, was

overjoyed to be heading back to some normalcy.  For an entire

month my wife Anne (I call her "the queen") had avoided sex in

the campervan, or anywhere else for that matter, since "the

children are nearby."  - The irony of her way of thinking will be

evident shortly.

    Actually, she is not very interested in sex anytime, since

she was taught by her mother that sex was "dirty."  The only time

she ever saw her parents making love, they were fully clothed

(hike up the skirt, dear - I'll just quickly unzip.)  Sometimes I

wonder how we ever ended up with three children; one is grown and

on her own, the two boys (Ralph, 17 and Trevor, 14) were with us

on holiday.  Because I travel regularly, I have opportunity for

other sexual outlets during the year, but four plus weeks within

close quarters with a demanding uptight woman does not give you

much opportunity to develop alternatives.

    I had some first class upgrade coupons, but at check-in time

was told there was only one seat available.  Anne immediately

volunteered because of her "potential for a bad back," and was

seated in 3A.  The boys and I were given 21K/L and 22L.  This was

aisle and window seating in the 2-5-2 configuration, and the last

two rows in the second section.  I took the single seat, and let

Ralph and Trevor sit together for the first ten-hour segment of

the flight.

    An attractive woman dressed in a loose sweater and very tight

blue jeans took the seat next to me.  I could see that Ralph was

uncomfortable and maybe even a little jealous, since he kept

turning around to talk to me, but she was too old (29) to be

interested in him.  She introduced herself as Christine, "You can

call me Chrissy."  She was about five foot eight, light brown

(almost blond) long hair, a nice ass - firm and high, breasts

with an impact even through her shapeless sweater, and obviously

in good physical condition.

    Chrissy was headed for Miami to pick up her belongings from a

recent divorce; she and her husband had been working together on

private yachts for eight years, and he had developed a cocaine

habit.  When he would not seek help to end his drug addiction,

and more immediately after a close call with customs in Australia

last year, she decided then and there to split from him, filed

for divorce, stayed in Brisbane, and had just been notified the

divorce was final.  In the meantime, she had met another guy she

wanted to stay with, and was going to Miami to settle up the

property and return to her new lover.  This I discovered during

dinner conversation and over a few shared glasses of wine.

Looking into my eyes, she confided she was "now free and ready

for some excitement."

    The movie started, the flight attendants went around the

cabin to lower all the shades, and Chrissy said, "I'd rather

talk, if it's OK with you; this movie is terrible."  I had also

seen the movie and agreed.  We spent the next two hours getting

to know each other better.  Chrissy at one point said, "You have

terrific eyes, I get really turned on by eyes."  We talked about

the kids, and when she asked if I was married and learned about

Anne in the front cabin, she thought it displayed selfish behav-

ior and then never mentioned my marital status again.

    By now, the boys had fallen asleep, and just before the end

of the movie, Chrissy excused herself for a few minutes, reached

into the overhead bin for her carry-on (stretched long enough to

get my mind focused on her hips and legs in those wonderful tight

jeans,) and headed to the lavatory in the back.  When she re-

turned, she was wearing loose-fitting sweatpants, and when she

asked if I minded if she lifted the arm dividing the seats, I

replied "Of course not!"  By now I had an idea of what she had in

mind, because she had confided during the movie that one of her

greatest turn-ons was the risk of discovery while having sex.

"My husband was not a great lover, but in the close confines of

the boat it was always exciting to fuck without anyone nearby

knowing about it; I had more orgasms from fucking near other

people than from the sex act itself."  As she shared this with

me, she was already visibly breathing more quickly.

    Chrissy and I arranged the blankets over both of us, now no

longer separated, and curled up like spoons in the otherwise

crowded seats.  I started to give her a back rub, slowly working

over her muscles by now cramped from the first five hours of the

flight.  She purred quietly, and after a while squirmed her

shapely ass on the seat, pushing it back into my

growing erection.  With both hands I reached around under her

loose sweater, and fondled her globes, her nipples growing firmer

under my gentle stroking.

    Chrissy reached back and with one hand released my belt, then

unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants.  I whispered in her ear, "How

do you do that?  I can't even do that with one hand, and they're

my pants."

    She laughed, and said, "Years of practice; don't worry, it

gets better."  My hard-on sprang out of my tight bikini briefs as

she pulled the waistband forward, and she whispered, "I'm glad

you're not wearing boxer shorts, I can't stand them."

    Chrissy began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing with its

own lubrication.  She used the pre-come to help rotate her fin-

gers gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pres-

sure.  I withdrew my hands from under her sweater to push my

pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my

swollen balls, which she now explored with her questing hand.

Lubricating her fingers even more with her saliva, she alternate-

ly rubbed my balls and massaged the head of my dick.

    My hands were now free, and I hungrily reached forward for

her erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down

her belly and slipping it under the waistband of her sweatpants.

She was wearing no panties underneath, and the inside of the

cotton sweats was already wet with her juices.  As I stroked her

mound, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet

cunt.  Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her

clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her

pussy while my thumb pushed against her swollen clit.  She was

breathing harder now, and could not stop moving her ass around on

the seat, first bucking her soaking cunt against my right hand,

then pushing her ass back against my cock through the sweatpants.

    Just then, the stewardess came down the aisle, paused notice-

ably as she came up to our row, glared at me (me?  why me?  there

are two of us here, you know!), almost said something, then

apparently decided that since we were bothering nobody else, she

would keep moving.  Thank God!  While we were both close to fully

clothed at that time, there was little chance she could do any-

thing legally disastrous, but who needs the embarrassment, or the

hassle from the kids for that matter.

    As the stewardess left, Chrissy whispered.  "She knows exact-

ly what we are doing, and she's jealous!  Now I want to have your

prick inside me.  I'll keep quiet, but I need you to fuck me

now."  With this, she lifted her ass off the seat and slid her

sweats down below her knees, then separated her legs slightly and

moved back so I could slide into her dripping pussy from behind.

I moved slowly in and out as she purred and pushed back onto my

cock quietly so we would not wake our neighbors.

    At the same time, I reached back around to stroke her clito-

ris easily but steadily.  The appearance of the stewardess had

startled me, and most of the urgency for release that had built

up from her stroking my hard-on had subsided, so it was a nice,

long, easy fuck, punctuated by her spasming in orgasm three times

before my cock pressure built up to the point of no return.  I

came with the most excruciating pleasure I had felt in my life

(actually for the last month, but you know how easy it is to lose

perspective at the moment.)  I felt like I unleashed at least a

pint of come into her already dripping cunt.  I sighed, and

whispered' "Chrissy, it must have been heaven that sent you to

this seat.  You don't know how much I needed that."

    She then turned around in the seat to sit normally, and

kissed me for the first time.  "I needed it just as much as you

did; you're a terrific fuck, but on top of that it's the danger

that makes me come so much.  Thanks for being here, I dreamed

that I'd be fucked silly on this trip.  As we kissed, I told her

about my favorite turn-on.  "What I like best is eating pussy,

but there is no room here for that.  Would you like to go to the

back of the plane with me?"

    "What do you mean?  In the lavatory?" she asked.

    "Yes.  If we are reasonably cautious we can get in there

without causing an uproar," I replied.

    "I've never done that before," Chrissy explained.

    "There's a first time for everything," I said, and moved to

pull up my pants and buckle my belt.  She thought about it for a

minute, and then said, "why not, let's try it!"  She drew up the

sweatpants and tied the drawstring (I hadn't noticed there was

one before - must not have been tied.)  Then she got up and

headed for the back of the plane, with me following directly


    She entered the first lavatory, which was vacant (good thing

the flight was long, and everybody was still asleep.)  I slipped

right in behind her before the flight attendants noticed we were

even there.  As I closed the door, she turned and we started to

kiss passionately.  She broke for a quick query, "how do you do

anything in this little space?"  As I untied the drawstring on

her sweatpants, I said, "Just lift up and sit on the sink, and

let me taste your cunt."

    Chrissy lifted, spread her legs, and I could see her cunt

lips were still swollen from her last orgasm.  I gently tongued

her outer lips, occasionally swiveling my head to nip the insides

of her thighs, but always returning to circle her clit, and as it

swelled up, suck on it gently.  There was no end to the wetness;

her own lubrication, supplemented by the enormous load of come I

had left in her pussy, dripped down both sides of my chin onto

the stainless steel sink surface and trailed down her thighs.

    After tonguing her into a few more orgasms, I realized how

hard I was getting again, and finally stood up, sliding her ass

slightly off the surface, and drove my cock into her again while

we exchanged extremely wet but tasty kisses, flavored by both of

our juices.  Such a short time after the last fuck, and she was

sooo wet; this time it lasted at least twenty minutes, both of us

sighing and savoring the overwhelming sensations coursing through

our bodies.  Finally, after a slow buildup that I never wanted to

end, I came again, not as much this time, but she sensed it and

started bucking hard just at the same moment.  The pleasure was

so intense it was almost painful.

    The light came on to return to the cabin, and after a few

minutes we were able to adjust ourselves to some degree of

presentability to return to our seats.  Just as we opened the

door, the same stewardess was looking right into my eyes.  She

said angrily, "Please return to your seats and stay there.  We

have some turbulence and the captain has turned on the seat

belt sign."  I couldn't help but think that maybe we were the

cause of the turbulence, but then that's just my imagination

running away with me again.

    As we settled in to the seats, Chrissy pushed the seat divid-

er down, saying, "I think everyone is waking up, let's not embar-

rass your boys."  The breakfast service was beginning, the cabin

lights were turned on, and we were again two strangers who hap-

pened to be sitting next to each other on the plane.  The secret

of our mile-high lovemaking was secure.

    We exchanged addresses, but with her in Brisbane and me in

Boston it's not likely we'll ever meet again.  Both of us prom-

ised to use caution in contacting each other should the opportu-

nity arise, so our current SO would not be disturbed, but also

promised to get together if possible again.

    I said goodbye to Chrissy at the seat, and went forward with

the unsuspecting boys to deplane.

    As we got to the end of the ramp in the terminal, I asked

Anne, "How was your flight?"

    "Great," she replied, "one of the most relaxing ever."

    "Me too!"



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