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Archive-name: Affairs/augusta.txt


Archive-title: Augusta

Keywords: pregnant

     Augusta is a JAP (jewish American Princess) by

definition only.  She is Jewish and very spoiled yet she has

strikingly blonde hair and soft facial features.  She is very

petite with small hand and very tiny feet.  Five foot tall

with a proportional figure that fits her height and well

shaped breasts which are small yet round and firm.  She is

also very pregnant.  Her husband is off on another of his so

called business trips leaving her to fend for herself this

last month before the baby is expected.

     I dropped by one Saturday afternoon to check to see how

she was doing and I must admit I found out.

     "Hi there, what brings you here?"

     "I came over to see if you were alright."

     "Fat, tired and sore, but other than that I'm okay."

     "You're about ready to have the baby aren't you?"

     "Yep, next month, and if he don't come out I am going to

have a fit."

     "How do you know it's going to be a he?"

     "Oh I don't know."

     "Maybe it'll be a she and she be as beautiful as her


     "Well right now I don't feel so pretty, I feel fat and

my sides hurt.  It hurts when I sit or lay down and it

definitely hurts for me to walk."

     "Here this will help."

     "What are you doing?"

     "I'm going to massage your sides.  They hurt  because

you aren't quite used to carrying all that weight around and

it makes your muscles sore and this will make them feel


     "Oh God! that does feels good.  Where did you learn


     "I do have a few kids you know."

     "Yes and I'm sorry you and Toni split up.  Do you see

the  kids at all?"

     "No, she has them in Ohio."  I said massaging her sides.

She fell silent to enjoy the massage I guess.  I stood behind

her chair with my hands rubbing her sides.  Standing there

looking down at her I could see her breasts through the loose

open necked maternity top that she had on.  I reached around

cupping one small breast in each hand.

     "They aren't sore."

     "No but I bet they haven't been rubbed in a while


     "Please don't do that."

     "If you want me to stop, I'll stop if not I won't." I

I said slowly rubbing her breasts in small circles, cupping

them in the palm of each hand.

     "You better stop, it gets me excited."

     "I'm going to keep rubbing them until you are and then I

am going to rub you all over."

     "You can't"

     "Why, you can't do it because of the baby?"

     "No, it's not that it's, well, it's complicated."

     "When was the last time you went to bed and had sex the

way you wanted it?"

     "Don't, it's been a long time, almost two months."

     Then lean back and enjoy."  She leaned back and closed

eyes her eyes but she wasn't enjoying.  I turned the chair

around then knelt between her legs.  I lifted her maternity

top exposing her swollen stomach.  I kissed her navel then

teased it with my tongue.  I leaned forward pulling up her

maternity top and her bra.  I took each nipple in my mouth

and teased them until they stood straight out.  As I licked

and sucked them she reached behind her unsnaping her bra.

Her skirt was and old skirt with a draw string sewn to it and

the front cut out to make room for her swelling stomach.  It

didn't have the extra insert that you see with a maternity

skirt to cover her stomach.  Her panties came part way up but

just barely managed to cover anything at all.  I undid the

little bow she had tied in the draw string then pulled the

skirt down.

     "Stand up so I can pull them off."  She got to her feet

then I pulled off her skirt.  I grasp the elastic waist band

of her panties and pulled them down slowly.  The hair on her

pussy was damp and matted down but brilliantly blonde with an

aroma that I couldn't resist.  Before I got her panties to

her ankles so she could step out of them I pressed my face to

her crotch.  I had to tilt my head back to get close to it

but I reached my tongue into to taste the wetness of her

snatch.  She held onto my shoulders as she stepped out of her

panties and skirt.  I helped her unbutton her maternity top

and bra leaving her very pregnant and very naked in front of

me, exposing herself for desire and lust.  I took her hand

leading her into the living room where I helped her sit down

on the sofa.  I piled the pillows behind her to bring her

pussy to the front edge of the cushion then propped her feet

up on the  coffee table.  I got undressed quickly then

dropped to my knees between her legs.  She let her legs fall

to the side laying herself wide open.  Her pussy was puffy

and tender as I ran my tongue through the narrow slit

pushing her cunt hair aside leaving the slit clear for my

tongue to lick.  I licked it tasting the juices that were

already oozing from inside her pussy.

     As I licked her cunt she began to enjoy the feelings

that she had not felt for some time.

     "I played with myself a lot lately but it's not the


     "I've wanted to do this since the first time I saw you."

     "I wasn't married then how come you didn't?"

     "I was married, remember."

     "Didn't you fool around, I thought all men fooled around

on their wives."

     "I didn't until  she started sleeping with half the

neighborhood, by then you were married and then you were

pregnant.  You want to know something?"


     "Seeing you pregnant made me want you all the more."

     "I'm fat and ugly."

     "No you're beautiful, but being pregnant just seems to

turn me on even more."  I said going back to licking and

teasing her snatch.  I licked for a few minutes more then put

the head f my cock to her hole.  I pushed slowly yet as tight

as her pussy was it slipped inside her quite easily because

she was so wet.  As we watched I pushed my eight inch cock

all the way up inside her.  I could feel the baby with my

cock as the baby objected to having it in there.  She smiled

as the baby kicked.  I started stroking slowly watching my

cock disappear into her cunt then slowly reappear as I pulled

it back out.  Her cunt was so wet that I pulled it all the

way out then shoved it back in all the way with no problem.

I began to fuck her faster.

     "Oh God! that feels so good."

     "What feels so good?"

     "Feeling your cock up inside me."

     "After I fuck you in the pussy I'm gonna do a lot more."

     "Oh God!  I think I'm going to cum." she moaned.  Cum

 she did.  She gushed all over me as she let loose almost as

though she had lost control herself.   I stopped pumping

bent down and licked it, but it didn't have any urine taste

to it, it was cum.  I stuck my cock back in her and pumped

faster and deeper, making her cum all the more.  It was

almost too much for me to handle as I quickly began shooting

cum into her wet pussy.  I don't know how long I spent

shooting cum into her but it was all over her cunt and

covered the front of both of us and ran down between the

crack of her ass and covered her ass as well as running down

the front of me covering both my legs with a mixture of her

cum and mine which had an almost acrid smell to it. I began

licking it off her cunt hair and her legs and then I ran my

tongue down the crack of her ass.  I licked the small tight

wrinkled ass hole then pushed my tongue into it slowly.  She

moaned as my tongue explored the inside of her ass.

     "Can you stick your cock in it?"

     "Can I stick my cock in what?"

     "Please stick your cock in my ass, fuck me in the ass?"

            I pushed the head of my cock into her ass.  It

was tight and not nearly lubricated like her pussy was but it

fit so I began fucking her in the ass.  My cock worked it's

way inside her until it was buried in her ass.  I reached

around squeezing her tits as she rubbed her cunt.

     "Now, I'm ready." she moaned.  I pumped as fast as I

could to catch up to her.  Finally I could feel my cum

surging into her ass as she moaned with delight.  Her cunt

was gushing while I filled her ass with cum.  It was a wild

afternoon.  After we lay there for a while I took her

upstairs and gave her a bath and put her to bed for a rest.

     When she woke up an hour later, I climbed into the bed

and we started all over again.  I left that afternoon vowing

to come back often as I could.  She promised that whenever

Moisha was away on business she would call and we would have

a good time while he was gone.  I kept thinking of that as I

drove away smelling the crotch of the panties she had been

wearing, a pure delight.


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