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Archive-name: Affairs/alice.txt


Archive-title: Alice

    Alice had been naughty.  Her lover was away for the weekend and she was

bored.  When Dave called her, telling you about the concert tickets he had,

she knew what he wanted, but between the boredom and wanting to see the

concert (and Dave's build) she went.  

    Dave did everything he could to turn her on.  He had drinks at his place

ready before she left.  she sat out on the lawn at the pavilion, drinking

wine.  He put his arm around her, and at every opportunity Dave touched her,

stroked her, patted her, massaged her.  

    He spent a good ten minutes rubbing her forearms when she talked about

typing much of the morning.  He spent longer on her back, and the kiss at the

end had seemed so natural.  

    The three that followed were more forceful.  She didn't protest when his

hand began rubbing her breast ...  she rather liked it.  

    On the way home his hand was under her dress as he drove, teasing her

pubic mound so that by the time she reached his apartment you were wet and as

horny as she could remember being.  He took her on the rug in his living room,

and then later in his big bed.  

    For Alice, things had gotten out of hand ...  and she loved it.  

    Dave had continued to maintain possession of either her breast or her sex

the whole drive home.  When they had entered the house he had begun kissing

her in earnest as he undressed her.  His tongue had explored her in ways she

had always refused to her lover, Mark.  Dave had simply been insistent.  He

had tongued her mouth--deeply.  He had gone all over her neck, licking her


    Alice had always made Mark stop when he had begun that.  The sensation was

too--disturbing.  Dave had simply ignored her.  That alone had excited her.

The fact that she was also discovering a new erogenous zone on her body only

made matters worse.  

    Dave had continued.  He had tongued his way down to her breasts, and

instead of liking and sucking the way Mark did, Dave had gone over her whole

breast, or rather both of them.  It was flattering in a way, and just a little


    Alice had been deeply aroused.  

    That first time in the living room, on the rug, Dave had not even waited

to completely undress her.  He had taken off her bra and shirt, and then

pulled off her panties.  

    With her skirt bunched up around her hips he had forced her over the

footstool on her stomach and had her from behind, something she had refused to

allow Mark to do.  

    Her inability to control Dave made her feel terribly wanton as she allowed

him each liberty.  She had come almost as soon as he had entered her, her

skirt still on, on her face, from the rear.  

    Dave was taking her like a bitch, she thought.  The word "bitch" seemed to

excite her even more.  She repeated it to herself as his hard member shoved

home, again and again.  

    When Dave had come, she had expected to get dressed, but instead he had

taken her to his bedroom, removed the rest of her clothes and made her assume

positions on his bed.  

    When she had refused, he had simply moved her to the desired position.  

    As she showed herself, he had stroked her mound, rubbed her breasts, and

generally tried to keep her horny.  

    It had worked.  

    He had gotten her ready to make love a second time by eating her.  Alice

had resisted this.  She had never allowed Mark to lick her after they had had

sex.  It seemed so--Wrong.  

    Dave ignored her and went down on her, licking her with much more energy

than Mark did, making her come twice.  

    As she reached that stage of orgasm (the first time) when you lose control

of your body for a few seconds he had slid a finger up her ass and then had

continued to run it in and out of her in a fucking motion as he licked her

engorged slit.  

    He paid more attention to her pussy than Mark did.  He licked the whole

slit, running his tongue up and down her whole length, even darting in and out

of her well fucked hole.  He knew when he was getting to her and as the second

orgasm approached he went down on her with a gusto, matching each stroke of

his tongue with one from the finger in her virgin ass.  

    As she came the second time, Dave waited for her to relax and was in her

in a matter of two seconds.  

    She had come instantly, again.  

    Dave had settled down for a long screw.  He had pulled her knees up to his

chest.  He had pulled her legs straight and put them on his shoulders.  He had

turned her hips on their side, screwing her all the while.  

    Dave had come a second time and had barely allowed her to get her breath

before his fingers were buried in her snatch.  

    "He's treating me like a bitch!" She thought.  The thought made her hot.  

    He had played her body like a violin, keeping her on the edge of orgasm

for minutes at a time.  

    When she had had her fourth orgasm from his fingers, he had presented his

limp organ to her face.  She knew what he wanted and she looked desperately

for a way out.  

    She had gone down on Mark (and to both boyfriends before him), but never

after sex.  She didn't mind a clean cock, but to lick one that had just ...  

    That was too much.  

    But here was Dave, and she would have to admit that she was bothered by

something he obviously thought was fine.  He had already gone down on her, and

after coming in her as well.  

    Alice stared at the organ.  Dave took the back of her head and directed

her mouth to his cock.  

    In the end it was easier to suck his cock than it was to refuse.  

    Dave's cock had grown to its earlier proportions fairly quickly.  Alice

was at least fairly sure that he didn't expect her to let him erupt in her

mouth.  When he was hard he had continued to have her suck on him, guiding her

mouth up and down, setting the tempo.  

    Alice had begun to worry when he had pulled it out.  

    Dave turned her back over on her hands and knees.  She had pulled two of

the pillows from the bed to put under her arms for support.  He had reached

around and was fingering her slit from behind her.  

    Unable to hold still, she thrust her ass back at his cock.  She wanted to

feel his cock inside her and, oddly, she was thrilled to be getting it on her

hands and knees again.  

    The phrase, "Like a bitch!" went on and on in her head as she shoved her

bottom out to receive his prick.  

    Dave entered her slowly.  He seemed to want to slow her down, to make his

strokes as long as possible.  After four strokes, he pulled out and put his

now well lubricated cock against the rosebud of her asshole.  

    He had the head in before she had stopped shoving her ass back at him,

trying to recapture his cock.  

    Dave had held her by her hip on one side and literally by her cunt on the

other so that she couldn't dislodge him.  He had kept up the rubbing action on

her clit continuously so that she couldn't decide if it was painful

or--terribly exciting.  

    Dave continued, in small strokes, to shove his cock back further into her

ass.  She had taken it all.  

    "Like a bitch!" She thought.  

    He had gone into her to the hilt and rested a moment before beginning to

fuck her ass.  

    "like a bitch!" Alice thought.  

    He had made her come from the dual pressure of his hand on her clit and his

prick in her ass.  

    "I'm coming, Like a bitch!'" She thought as her orgasm erupted.  

    Dave had kept her coming for nearly three minutes.  His hands had had to

hold her in place to prevent her gyrations from unseating him.  

    Finally his spurting into her ass ended things and the two fell in a

semi-swoon on his large bed.  

    Half an hour later Alice had put on her skirt and blouse, her underwear

stuffed into her purse.  

    Dave had driven her home just before two in the morning.  She had kissed

him in the car and walked up her steps to her house feeling very confused and

very satisfied.  

    Seeing Mark sitting in the chair in the living room had nearly stopped her


    Alice's dress was wrinkled to death.  Even if she had stopped to use

Dave's bathroom thoroughly, the dress alone would have shown what she had been

up to.  

    Mark stood up and asked if there was any point in his staying.  Alice had

burst into tears.  

    Seeing Mark was a shock, but it had crystallized her feelings for her.  It

was Mark she wanted, and she told him that.  

    "Mark, I know I've hurt you, but I do love you.  I'll do anything to get

you to stay." 

    Mark had stopped.  "Really?  Anything?" 

    "Yes.  Anything." Alice had managed to get both sorrow and defiance into

her voice at the same time.  

    "If I stay," Mark began, "I want an end to all your hangups about sex.  If

you can screw around on me--" 

    "It wasn't ..." Alice began and thought better of it.  

    "You can stop telling me that things I want are dirty." Mark continued.

"That's the first thing." 

    "O.K.  Mark, just don't leave." 

    "Second, you can spend the rest of the week showing me that you've turned

over a new leaf." 

    "I will, Mark, I will." 

    "Third, You'll have to pay for tonight, any way I think you should." 

    Alice thought of what she knew of Mark, and decided that she could endure

anything that he might come up with.  

    "Whatever you think is fair, Mark.  Just remember I love you." Alice


    "We'll see how much.  Take off your clothes." 

    Alice had been afraid of this.  The phrase, "Like a bitch." now had a new

meaning to her.  

    She had turned her back to Mark and taken off her shirt.  She hung her

shirt on a chair, thankful that Dave hadn't been one for hickies.  She took

off her wrinkled skirt with more trepidation.  Mark knew she never went out

without panties.  

    "Turn around." 

    Alice tried to look demure.  It was hard.  Not only was she naked, but

freshly fucked as she was, there were still traces of Dave's come on her ...

and dripping out of her.  

    Alice wished fervently for a minute alone in the bathroom.  She didn't

dare ask.  

    "Come here." 

    Alice walked slowly to him.  

    "Lay across my lap." 

    Alice had assumed that he would want to fuck her.  A spanking hadn't even

entered her mind.  She could barely remember her last spanking.  She had been

in grade school and her mother had pulled down her drawers and used a hair

brush on her young ass after finding out about a fight in school.  

    With some genuine fear, Alice lay across his lap.  

    Mark didn't begin spanking her at once.  First he spread her legs and felt

the sticky dampness there.  Alice blushed hotly at the shame of having mark

examine the evidence of her infidelity.  

    Alice tried to hold still as Mark's fingers followed the traces up her

legs to her sex.  His finger went on onto her mound, and after a second, right

into her well fucked hole.  

    It was while Alice was trying not to react to the shame of such an

examination that Mark slapped her ass for the first time.  

    "Count them." 


    And so it went to twenty-five.  With each slap, Mark's finger explored

more of her cunt.  Then with his fingers in her hole, and his thumb on her

clit, Mark had begun the inquisition.  

    He had insisted on each detail of what she had done, leaving out only the

name of her partner.  Alice was so relieved that she held nothing back ...

for long.  

    At each new act, Alice had tried to hide how easily she had allowed

herself to be used by Dave.  Each evasion brought not a new round of spanking,

but a new level of sensation on her clit.  

    By four A.M., weak with orgasms, Alice had told him every detail, save

one.  She had not told him that she had gone down on him after he had fucked


    At four-thirty, Mark had allowed her a brief respite.  

    "I need to tell you some things." Mark had begun, "I believe you want me

to stay, and that you love me.  

    "I believe you will try to change, and I'll let your actions for the week

speak for themselves.  

    "I also know that you're still holding back something.  We'll go over that

tomorrow night.  I'm getting too tired." 

    Alice crawled up in his lap and kissed him several times.  She had never

come so many times in a single night before.  

    "One last thing, "Mark continued, "listening to you has made me horny.  As

long as you're naked, it seems like a waste not to do something about it." 

    Mark led her to their bedroom.  He stacked pillows near the center of the

bed.  He positioned Alice over them.  Standing to one side, he undressed.  

    Alice's relief as he plunged into her pussy was short lived as he pulled

out and slid his variously lubricated cock into her ass.  

                     THE END--

  But soon to come:

                                 Alice's Special Week.


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