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Archive-name: Affairs/alice-1.txt


Archive-title: Alice Part I - Mike

I was combing out my hair in front of the bathroom mirror when Mike came

in.  For a brother and sister, we got along pretty well.  He was tall and

good looking, and several of my girl friends were pretty interested in him,

even though they were the same age as I was (13).  Mike was 15 and a

sophomore in high school, while I was in the 8th grade.  I was tall for my

age and had filled out nicely during the past few years.  Several of his

friends made lewd remarks occasionally. 

Mike and I worked out together in our basement.  He needed to be in shape

for football and hockey, while I was doing gymnastics and diving.  One day,

we had just finished a workout and had each showered.  I was standing in

front of the mirror combing out my recently dried hair when Mike came in. 

He stood behind me and began to comb his hair.  When he was done, he put

both hands on my waist.  His hands slid forward to my stomach, then rose

upto cup my breasts through my robe.  I felt a warm sensation begin in my

belly and a tingling all over. 

"Cut that out,  you pervert" I said.

"Your tits are getting pretty nice, Al" he said huskily. 

"Thanks, I think" I replied, lowering my arms so that they brushed his

hands away. 

"You know, I saw you spying on me yesterday.  I think its time you learned

a few things."

With that, he turned me around to face him, slowly undid the towel around

his waist and let it fall to the floor.  I had seen him undressed before,

but not up close since we were little.  His penis was much larger than I

had ever seen it, huge in fact.  Skin covered about half of the large,

smooth, purple head.  It appeared to be about twice as big as his hand

which he wrapped around it and began to slowly use in a pumping motion.  As

he did, the skin near the tip slid with it, covering and uncovering the

tip.  I was fascinated by the sight and stood there as if rooted.  A

thousand confusing thoughts ran through my mind.  My view widened and I

took in his flat belly with its clearly defined muscles, his chest, broad

with small dark nipples, his broad thick shoulders. 

He paused in his stroking and stood there briefly with his hands on his

slim hips.  Then he took both hands and reached out to me, letting his

fingers trail lightly from my cheek downward along my neck to the vee

formed by my robe.  He slowly loosened the sash of my robe and let it hang

loosely.  His hands slipped under the robe to my waist, and slid slowly

upwards until they cupped my breasts.  He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples

and I could feel them stiffen at his touch.  He slowly raised his hands

taking the robe with it and sliding is off of my shoulders, let it drop to

the floor.  His touch was electric and left trails of fire on my skin.  My

knees were trembling and my legs were growing weaker each time his fingers

moved on my skin. 

He took my hands and moved them to his cock.  Even with the tales and

stories of my more knowledgeable girl friends, I was not prepared for the

size and hardness of it.  My hand was too small even begin to encircle it. 

I tried to squeeze it to no avail.  My knees started to buckle and I

grabbed him for support.  One of his arms went around my back, the other

swept me up with effortless ease and he carried me out of the bathroom and

into my bedroom.  My hand was still locked in a death grip on his rock-like

manhood as he lowered me gently onto the bed. 

He straddled my hips, his long torso towering over me.  "Look at me,

closely" he whispered. 

And look,  I did.  I studied the head of it,  noting the cleft on

the underside and the opening at the tip as he pulled the skin back.  I

could see the loose folds of skin covering his balls pulled tightly up

against him.  Removing my hand from him,  he leaned forward and began to rub

his cock on my belly and breasts,  occasionally letting it slap against me. 

The size and weight of it was incredible.  I had imagined an erection

before, but I had always pictured it as thinner and lighter.

He began a pumping motion again, and a drop of clear fluid appeard at the

tip.  He moved his cock to one of my nipples and transferred the drop to

it.  A few strokes later, a second drop was placed on my other nipple.  He

lowered his head and started licking my breasts, circling the moistened

nipple with his tongue.  His lips then seized a nipple gently while his

tongue flicked the tip of it.  The sensation was electric.  Each touch sent

waves of fire through me.  I heard myself sigh as I was unable to take my

eyes off of him. 

Between my legs it was like fire and ice.  I had had feelings of excitement

before but nothing like what I was experiencing now.  The feeling was

spreading through my entire belly and all my muscles were tightening.  My

back arched as I sought to press my entire breast into his mouth.  He began

to suck on the nipples harder, squeezing each with his tongue. 

He rose up and put my hands back on his cock, guiding them to a pumping

motion.  The tip was very wet and he took one of my fingers and collected

some of the moisture.  Taking the finger, he brought it up to his lips and

licked it.  He then took my hand, moistened my finger on the tip of his

cock, and guided it to my mouth, applying the liquid to my lower lip.  I

licked at it tentatively with my tongue, not knowing what to expect.  The

taste was slightly salty but sweet.  He wet my fingers again and offered

them to me to lick clean. 

He stroked himself slowly, and lowered his cock to my breasts again,

rubbing it gently around my incredibly hard nipples.  Leaning forward, he

brushed it against my neck and cheek.  My mind was racing with tales of the

girls at school, how they talked about blow jobs and sucking.  I couldn't

imagine how anyone could take something of that size in their mouth.  I

kept my eyes closed as he used his tool to caress my cheeks, and when he

brushed it over my lips a "no!" escaped them.  Undaunted by my feeble

resistance, he returned the tip of his swollen shaft to my lips, pulling

down my lower lip with the ridge near the top.  More of the liquid was


"Lick it" he said huskily.

I turned my head away but his free hand cupped my cheek and turned me to

face it again.  My lips were now coated with fluid and I instinctively

licked them.  As I did, he pressed forward and I felt my tongue brush

against the tip of it.  The taste was stronger now, and I could smell the

muskiness of his scent.  He repeated his command, holding himself against

my lower lip. 

With a tentative lick, my tongue slowly traced along the underside of the

tip.  I marvelled at how smooth it was.  With a little motion, he insisted

on an encore and again, my tongue extended.  Slowly he pressed it further

towards my mouth.  Opening my lips slightly as if I were going to clean off

an ice cream cone, I felt his shaft with both lips.  My toungue pressed

against the tip, feeling the small cleft.  With gentle pressure, his cock

slid forward easily until I could feel the ridge pass my lips.  My tongue

was now flat along the groove underneath the swollen tip.  He withdrew

slightly and pressed forward again, deeper into my mouth.  Again and again,

deeper and deeper he probed.  My mouth was stretching wider with each

movement.  My hands went to his hips to press him back when I felt the gag

reflex develop in my throat. 

He backed off slightly and I found my hands exploring his hips and ass. 

The pumping of his hips reacted to my touch.  As I pulled on his hard

buttocks, he pressed forward into my mouth.  As I released the pressure, he

withdrew.  I realized that he was letting me control the depth of his


"Suck on it .  .  .  harder" he moaned. 

I could feel the strokes quickening as I did as instructed.  Rather than

the long, slow strokes of the initial penetration, he was moving faster

now.  I could hear his moans growing in intensity.  Suddenly I felt his

entire body stiffen and a low scream escaped his lips.  A sudden jet of hot

fluid struck the roof and back of my mouth.  As I started to push him away,

another geyser erupted and he plunged his cock deeper.  Unable to breathe,

I felt a moment of panic.  I tried to swallow as best I could as more and

more fluid bathed my throat.  I could feel the pulsing of his cock and

reallized that he was still stroking the shaft slightly. 

As the pulsing subsided, he withdrew slightly, allowing me to breathe.  He

rolled slowly to the side, pulling my head with it to keep the penetration. 

I swallowed and began to sense the taste and texture of his spunk.  It was

much saltier than the earlier fluid and slightly bitter to taste.  It clung

to my mouth in sticky globs and left my mouth and troat feeling dry.  His

hands held my head, keeping my mouth around him as I felt his cock begin to

soften.  I let my head fall to his stomach, and I began to be aware of the

heat in my own loins.  He withdrew himself from my mouth and drew me up to

lie beside him, cradled in one arm, my head tucked into the nook of his


"That was incredible,  Al" he whispered.  "I have never

cum that hard before.  Are you OK?"

I sort of nodded against his shoulder, my mind still whirling.  His hands

stroked my back, kneeding and caressing.  I felt one hand slowly tracing

the curve of my hip, sliding along under the top edge of my panties.  He

rolled me slowly over on top of him.  His hands were now inside the thin

fabric, cupping my buttocks.  I felt incredibly warm and tight as I lay

atop him.  His hands slid downward, taking my panties with them.  One of

his legs with between mine, and I could feel the hardness of his muscles

between my thighs.  His penis was starting to harden again, and it pressed

insistently against my lower belly.  His hand roamed to my stomach, and

moved lower.  I could feel his fingers entwining the sparse hair atop my

mound.  He seemed to grab a wad of hair and pull it upwards towards my

navel.  The leg between my thighs raised further upwards, pressing against

my crotch.  As it made contact, it was though a stick of dynamite had

exploded between my legs.  My hips convulsed against him and my teeth bit

into his chest. 

He rolled over on top of me, removing his leg in the process.  I suddenly

felt empty.  I felt my panties being drawn down past my knees and off of my

ankles.  His hands traced rings of fire on my thighs, moving higher.  His

fingers probed my wetness, ice against fire.  My hips again began their

involuntary movement, seeking hardness.  His leg again emerged between my

thighs.  His hand was insistent as it rubbed and probed.  I felt the tip of

his finger slide into the wetness.  As I felt the muscles of my vagina open

to his touch, searing heat began to spread upwards through my belly.  My

fingers dug into his shoulders, pulling him to me. 

I felt him shift my leg around his, locking my ankles with his own.  He

spread his legs further apart, taking mine with him.  His cock was fully

erect now, pressing into my lower belly.  His hands slid up my sides,

taking my arms and pressing them over my head.  I felt totally helpless, my

squirming doing nothing more than tighten his grips.  I felt his body

shift, his cock dragging slowly over my mound, down along the cleft.  My

body seemed to be shrinking.  I felt like I was the diameter of a pencil. 

My legs fought against his to no avail.  Then came the pressure as the tip

of his cock found my wetness.  My head was trapped between my arms, my chin

on his shoulder.  I tried to protest but only a moan escaped. 

The pressure between my legs mounted.  I felt his legs widen further and

the pressure increased.  Slowly I was taking him inside me.  He began to

move, side to side, up and down.  I could feel him slowly stretching me,

filling me.  My hips moved against his movements to ease the pressure.  I

felt even smaller, tighter.  One of his hands slid down my back to encircle

my hips.  I felt totally naked.  The hand and arm lifted my buttocks as he

suddenly pressed into me with all of his strength.  The muscles of my

vagina suddenly relaxed and he plunged into my depths.  The sensation of

penetration was overwelming.  A mixture of pain, discomfort, and pleasure

coursed through me, spreading outward from my crotch.  The pressure was

gone, just the feeling of being filled, of being possessed. 

He just held me tightly for a while, not moving.  I reveled in the

sensation.  His legs relaxed, allowing me to move.  My arms were freed and

I lowered them to circle his shoulders.  He raised his head to look at me,

silently asking if I was OK.  Not sure of how to react, both of us just lay

there, looking, feeling, joined together.  I could feel him pulsing inside

of me at each movement.  I told the muscles of my vagina to clamp down. 

Lightning bolts shot through me as I did.  I could feel his breath, inches

from my face.  I drew his head towards mine until our lips were just

touching.  It was as though an electric circuit had been completed.  The

surge of energy coursed through me and I spasmed around him. 

He reacted by pressing against me.  I thought he was totally inside of me

and was unprepared for the thrust.  Blinding lights flashed in my brain.  I

could feel myself opening further, taking him deeper and deeper.  After

what seemed like hours, I felt the hardness of his pubic bond meet mine,

crushing against that secret spot.  Explosions wracked me as he ground our

hips together.  Harder and faster he rubbed, harder and faster were the

spasms that coursed through me.  I grabbed on with my arms, my legs, my

vagina.  I felt him pause, letting my reeling senses return.  He started to

withdraw from me and I heard my feeble moan in protest.  Like a pile

driver he plunged again into my depths, sending shock waves through me. 

Again he withdrew, again he plunged.  Again.  Again. 

His tempo increased, as did the length of his withdrawal and penetration. 

I could feel his heat within me, spreading through me.  I felt my own hips

respond, merging into his rythmn.  The waves swept over me, coming faster

and faster.  I heard screaming.  I felt the white hot poker plunging within

my loins.  I felt the insides of my body moving, rearranging.  I felt like

a thin sheath around him, taking him, milking him, taking life from him. 

Everything went white with blinding light, and then, slowly, to blackness. 

When conciousness slowly returned, I could still feel him inside of me.  He

was softer now, when I moved, I could feel him slip with the moisture that

joined us.  He rolled off of me, taking me with him to lie on our sides. 

Somehow, he stayed inside of me.  We lay there for what seemed like hours,

looking at each other.  On impulse, I brought my lips to his, as if to say

that it was OK.  He smiled and hugged me tighter as we drifted off to


          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The events described above actually took place over a period of several

months.  We have remained friends and lovers over the years since then.  He

is married, has two wonderful boys, and except for occasional visits with

me, remains faithful to his wife.  I have a group of men and women with

whom I have a deep relationship.  Except for my occasional visits with

Mike, I remain faithful to them. 

I hope you found the story interesting.  It was written with Mike's

knowledge and consent.  He wants me to continue with other stories.  If

there is sufficient interest, I will attempt to share them. 


(c) Copyright 1992 by the author.  All rights reserved.  Limited

distribution (not for profit) is granted, provided proper accreditation

accompanies.  Standard disclaimers apply.  Any use other than as

intended may be a violation of federal law.


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