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Archive-name: Affairs/4grantd1.txt

Archive-author: Dats Him

Archive-title: 4 Granted - Part I

  Since graduating from college, Simon and Melisa lived with her 

parent's at their large estate in Rhode Island. Melisa, more than Simon, 

wanted to move out, away from her rich father's influence. Even though 

he had the best intentions in the world, Melisa didn't want her husband 

conforming to her father's conservative way of life, which she felt 

Simon would if they remained living there. As it was, her husband could 

be a real stick in the mud at times, and Melisa didn't want him getting 

any worse.

  Her prayers were answered one day when Simon received an unexpected 

job offer from one of his old friends. The sexy, but spoiled, redhead 

used all of her charms and every trick she knew to coax Simon into 

accepting the offer, which was no small accomplishment since her father 

had a counter offer for a large pay increase and a better position 

within his corporation for Simon. In the end though, Melisa won out, and 

they moved away to Simon's home town in northern Wisconsin.

  Tonight, a week after their move, her husband's old high school 

friends were having a welcome home party at The Landing, a small lodge 

hidden deep in the woods. Away from their wives for the evening, Simon's 

buddies proceeded to get drunk out of their minds while telling Melisa, 

the only woman present, about the wild times they use to have together.

  After a couple hours of drinking and listening to their tall tales, 

Melisa began feeling the effects of the alcohol she had consumed. In yet 

another toast made by someone, she gulped down her fifth shot of 

whiskey. Melisa, feeling no pain and more than a little horny, then 

started giving her husband some not-so-subtle suggestions about how 

amorous she was. With a drink in her hand and sporting a devilish grin, 

the petite redhead un-characteristically walked up to him and asked 

Simon to go outside, suggestively squeezing his buns and winking at him. 

Simon grumbled, "Maybe, later."

  Finally slipping away from the boisterous crowd an hour later, Melisa 

walked over to the far end of the patio behind The Landing. The view was 

incredible. It was a clear and cloudless night with a huge, bright full 

moon hanging in the sky. Like the largest light bulb ever created, the 

moonbeams sparkled off the water of the lake below, bathing the 

surrounding forest and patio in a soft white glow. When she reached the 

railing, Melisa noticed the shadow of someone off to the side, but she 

was too horny to concern herself with one of her husband's drunk 


  Slowly turning around, she tilted her head back, and parted her lips 

for a kiss. His hands immediately went to her breasts as he bent down to 

kiss her. Melisa felt him groping around at the top of her expensive 

dress, almost ripping it, as he tried to get his hands inside. He 

finally pushed her dress from her shoulders and pulled it down. His 

touch felt like fire when his fingertips finally dipped inside the lace 

cups of her bra. Melisa could feel his urgency, his desire, and she was 

happy that it matched hers. She heard a slight tear, then a loud rip. In 

his lustful state he had torn her bra apart. The round curves and 

softness of her large breasts were now totally exposed to the night air. 

Melisa didn't care that he had ripped her bra. She had waited three long 

hours for this, and a torn piece of clothing wasn't going to dampen her 


  He pinched her already hardened nipples while his lips continued to 

crush and smother hers in a sloppy kiss. Melisa moaned her hunger into 

his open mouth. He dropped his hands and seized the undulating cheeks of 

her firm ass. Because he was 6' 4" and she was only 5' 5", even with 3" 

heels on, their embrace didn't last long. Already Melisa's neck was 

getting sore from leaning back at such an awkward angle. Breaking their 

kiss, she pressed her hands against his chest, and stepped back a bit.

  Simon's heart almost stopped beating when his wife reached out to open 

his jeans. With lust in her eyes, Melisa quickly undid his pants, and 

pushed them and his underwear down to his ankles. Dropping to her knees 

in front of him, Simon held his breath as Melisa teasingly licked and 

kissed her way slowly up his thighs. He gritted his teeth when her lips 

parted, and she encircled the crown of his dick with them. Simon though 

his head would explode when his wife's mouth began to suck and swallow 

his now completely hard shaft. Her saliva was making his dick glisten 

like the lake below them. In the two years they had known each other, 

Melisa had never sucked him off before. Simon was too stunned by the 

sight of her luscious, red lips sliding up and down his thick rod to say 

anything to her now. While she gently fondled his testicles with her 

right hand, his wife reached around and massaged his ass with her other 

one. Melisa then began moaning in delight as her mouth proceeded to 

steadily increase its loving action. Almost ready to climax, he reached 

for the back of her head, but Melisa removed her mouth from his cock and 

raised herself up.

  "I can't wait any longer. I want you to fuck me. Right here, right 

now!" his wife panted as she lifted her dress up to her waist and spread 

her feet apart.

  Simon had tried telling her that The Landing wasn't as fancy as the 

places back east, only a local hang out for the loggers and a few 

sportsmen who knew of it, but Melisa insisted on dressing up for the 

party anyway. In the bright moonlight, the sight of her shapely legs 

encased in tan nylons and perched atop a pair of high heels was the most 

erotic vision Simon had ever seen. When Melisa's trimmed, red pussy 

hairs came into view, Simon was shocked. He didn't know she had left the 

house without wearing any panties.

  With the top of her dress down and the bottom of it raised, Melisa 

hoped she looked like a woman begging to be fucked. That's what she was, 

and that's what she wanted to look like. It had been over a month since 

Simon had fucked her last, and Melisa thought she'd die if she didn't 

get fucked now.

  With ease, he lifted her 105 pound frame up and kissed her hard on the 

mouth. Melisa wrapped her arms and legs around him, kissing him back 

with a passion Simon didn't know she had. When her silky legs surrounded 

his mid-section and she locked her ankles together, he cupped the cheeks 

of her small ass in the palms of his hands. With one swift and powerful 

thrust, his entire cock pierced and buried itself inside her pussy. 

Melisa suddenly broke their kiss and cried out. Savoring the way his 

cock had enlarged and filled her pussy so completely, his wife held 

herself steady for a moment. Every nerve in her body tingling with 

excitement, and a barrage of fireworks was going off behind her tightly 

closed eyelids. After the initial wave of pleasure passed, Melisa looked 

into his eyes and in a throaty whisper said, "It's been so long!" His 

wife then crushed her mouth over his in another wet and passionate kiss. 

Simon was shocked that his prim and proper wife from the east coast 

could ever act this way.

  "Come on, baby, really give it to me. Fuck my brains out! Faster! 

Faster!" Melisa hissed as she began to wildly bounced up and down, 

impaling herself upon his cock with every once of energy she had.

  Simon was starting to feel dizzy, and wasn't able to stand on his own 

two feet any longer. While Melisa continued to fuck him like some sex-

starved nymphomaniac, Simon weakly dropped down to sit on the wooden 

bench by the railing.

  Melisa cried out again, "Come on, honey, fuck me faster! Please, baby, 

faster! I'm almost there. Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

  Suddenly, Simon became sick to his stomach. Just in time, he leaned 

over the patio and heaved his guts out.

  After Melisa straightened out her clothes, she kissed him one more 

time then went back to rejoin the party. Simon threw up again when the 

man who just fucked his wife followed her inside.

  "Good morning, sleepy head." he heard a soft and far away voice say.

  The throbbing pain started as soon as Simon opened his eyes. Melisa 

leaned forward and gently kissed her husband on the forehead, while her 

hand ducked under the covers.

  "How could you?" was all Simon said, not even flinching when Melisa's 

cold fingertips touched his crotch.

  "Hey, I did everything I could last night to get you to... you know... 

make love to me. I'm still horny, Simon."

  The pain in his temples was replaced by a dizziness as blurred images 

of the scene he witnessed on the patio at The Landing came back to him. 

Melisa's silky legs were wrapped around another man. Another man's huge 

hands were squeezing her tiny ass cheeks as she furiously leaped up and 

down on him. Another man's tongue was probing her open mouth in an eager 

kiss. Simon closed his eyes in torment. Was it all just a bad dream? Did 

he only imagine that Melisa had sex with someone else last night? His 

wife mistook his confused look as a sign of a hangover.

  "Do you want something for your headache, or how about some 

breakfast?" Melisa asked as she slipped out of bed and threw her robe 

on. "Maybe after you're feeling better, we could... mess around."

  "Mess around?" Simon said, then mumbled under his breath as she walked 

out of their bedroom, "That's not what I'd call it!"

  Melisa was right about one thing though, Simon was experiencing the 

worst headache of his life. It had been a long time since he went out 

drinking with the guys, and now it was time to pay the piper. His 

stomach did a sudden flip-flop, and he made a mad, stumbling dash for 

their bathroom.

  On his knees in homage, Simon had no offering for the porcelain god. 

His belly was empty. All he could do was listen to his gut wrenching 

prayers as they echoed around in the rotund bowl, making his head pound 

that much more. His stomach began hurting from the violent convulsions 

it was going through trying to present anything in praise to the short, 

white deity he was kneeling in front of, but it had nothing to give. 

Like a rejected beggar, Simon bowed his head and implored the powers to 

be for mercy. The icy-cold, ceramic altar was soothing his forehead when 

his silent petition was answered. The toilet seat came crashing down on 

the back of his neck.

  "Oh, honey, are you okay?"

  Simon turned toward the compassionate voice he heard, and looked up 

through the hallow-like hole above his head.

  "My, oh, my! Don't we look green." Melisa said and then started 


  "It's not funny!" Simon groaned, half in anger, half in self pity.

  "From where I'm standing, you look funny. Here," Melisa said as she 

grabbed her husband's arm and helped him to his feet, "get back to bed. 

You'll need to sleep this one off."

  After making him take some asprin with a full glass of orange juice, 

Melisa tucked her husband into bed like a little boy.

  "JESUS H. CHRIST! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!" came the shout that woke 

him up.

  "Leave me alone!" Simon grumbled, not bothering to open his eyes to 

see who was there.

  "Hey, Mel, you got any coffee made?" Simon's best friend Bob, yelled 


  "It should be ready in a few minutes."

  "Come on, those muskies are practically dying to jump in the boat, 


  All Bob got was another tortured grunt.

  "Did Simple Simon have too much to drink last night? Does his little 

head hurt?" Bob teased.



  "Double asshole!"

  "Weekend Weed Whacker!"

  Simon opened his eyes at his friend's last jab. He remembered it was a 

derogatory nickname the locals called all the city people.

  "What the hell are you doing here? It's not even..." then Simon 

remembered they were suppose to go fishing this morning.

  "Damn, what did those people on the east coast do to you?" Bob said, 

then quickly yanked the covers off of Simon.

  "Hey, Melisa, Simon's got one of them retractable fishing rods and the 

line's all tangled up! You better get in here and help this poor boy, 

cause I sure as hell ain't!"

  "OKAY, I'm up already! Now get the hell out of here while I get 


  "Never mind. False alarm." Bob shouted.

  In the kitchen, Melisa sarcastically stated, "Another one!"

  "I need to ask you something, Bob."

  "No, we're not going in! I don't care how many times you throw up, or 

how green you get. I'm always out here until I get my quota, so don't 

ask again."

  "It has nothing to do with that." Simon said.

  "What is it then?"

  When his friend didn't answer, Bob turned his head around. Simon 

seemed to be looking at something in the distance, so Bob followed his 

line of sight, and tried to figure out what it was. Seeing nothing out 

of the ordinary, he asked again, "Well, you going to tell me what's on 

your mind?"

  Confused, hurt, angry and still hung over, Simon said, "Never mind."

  Melisa was so startled to hear the knocking at the front door that she 

almost dropped the box of crystal she was carrying into the dinning 

room. Setting it on the table, she yelled out, "I'll be right there!" A 

man wearing only a T-shirt and jeans, his back turned to the door, was 

standing on their porch. Boy!, she thought, They sure grow them big up 

here! Melisa suddenly realized she was still only dressed in her short 

robe. She jumped when the man began knocking again. Opening the door up 

enough to stick her head out, the half-naked housewife asked, "What can 

I do for you?"

  "Hi there! My name's Jack. Sorry to bother you, but can I use your 

phone? My truck got a flat and I need to call somebody out here. It's 

just down the road a bit." he said with a smile.

  "Don't you have a spare?" Melisa asked, afraid to let a stranger in 

the house, especially the way she was dressed.

  "Don't I wish! Listen, I haul logs for the mill, so it's not my rig, 

but if I'm not back by a certain time, I'll be in deep shit. Look, I 

just need to let them know I got a flat, then I'll go back out there and 

wait for them to send somebody to fix it."

  "Where are my manners? I'm sorry. Come in, the phone is in the living 

room." Melisa said as she opened the door all the way.

  Jack stepped in and followed her as she walked past him after closing 

the door. Tom was right. Not only was the redhead beautiful, but she had 

a fantastic body! She was a little small for his taste, but if 

everything else Tom said was true, he could overlook that. When Melisa 

turned around to face him and point at the phone on a table by the wall, 

Jack had to swallow his heart. The red haired beauty before him had the 

biggest pair of tits he'd ever seen on a woman her size.

  While Jack was on the phone, Melisa knew she should have gotten 

dressed. Every time she turned around the man's eyes were on her. It was 

like he didn't care if anyone was on the other end of the line. Her 

cheeks turned red and her pulse quickened when she saw his gaze fix upon 

her breasts. Pulling her robe together to hide herself from his stare 

only seemed to make Jack's eyes grow larger. Looking down, she noticed 

the thin material of her short, white satin robe was stretched tightly 

across chest, making her erect nipples even more visible. Completely 

embarrassed for getting excited just from having a man look at her, 

Melisa ran into the kitchen.

  "I've got to hand it to you, Tom, you were right." Jack said when the 

woman disappeared. "She sure is something else! How long have I got?"

  "Well, it's only nine and she's probably sober by now, so be here when 

everybody gets back from lunch." his boss said.

  "Thanks! See you at one." Jack replied as he hung up the phone.

  Now all he had to do was figure out a way of getting the redhead to 

let him stay in the house while a fictitious emergency truck repaired 

his fictitious flat tire.

  "Say, lady!" he called out, "Can I use your bathroom?"

  "It's the first door on the left, down the hallway."

  When she heard the man close the bathroom door, Melisa raced from the 

kitchen and into her bedroom. She hurriedly straightened up the bed, 

threw the clothes she wore last night into the closet and took her robe 

off. After wiggling into a tight pair of pink bikini panties, she 

searched for a matching bra in her dresser drawer. From the corner of 

her eye, Melisa saw something move, and bolted upright in surprise.

  Less than two feet away, Jack was standing in the open doorway to the 

adjoining bathroom. He didn't say anything, didn't even apologize for 

sneaking up on her, but then he didn't have to. The way he was looking 

at Melisa said it all. Before, when he was on the phone, his looks were 

appreciative, even complimentary. Now, there was something else in his 

eyes, and Melisa started to tremble. Jack was awed by the near flawless 

set of tits the young redhead had. And her nipples! My God, they were 

the most perfectly shaped little nubs he had ever laid eyes on!

  The two of them just stood there, both with their mouth open and both 

wanting something different. Neither knew what the other's next move was 

going to be, so they both were afraid to move. Wearing only a flimsy 

pair of panties, Melisa felt vulnerable and helpless. On the other hand, 

Jack couldn't remember the last time he was this sexually aroused. It 

was certain they couldn't just let the tension keep building up between 

them, one of them had to do something, but which one was going to make 

the first move?

  Last night, Melisa had too much to drink, and just got carried away. 

That's all it was. Yet, like last night, she could feel her pussy 

beginning to moisten, and she became embarrassed again. The young wife 

looked down, to keep the man from seeing the way she was blushing. Her 

heart skipped several beats, and she stopped breathing. The man's cock 

was sticking out of his open jeans, coming to life, bouncing slightly as 

it grew larger and stiffer. Her nipples hardened all the more at the 

sight, and Melisa became ashamed from the way she was reacting.

  Tentatively, Jack raised his right hand. Melisa flinched at his sudden 

movement, but stood her ground. Slowly he reached out to her. The sigh 

the redhead made after his hand covered and gently squeezed her left 

breast told Jack all he needed to know. He reached out with his other 

hand and began slowly squeezing both her tits. Melisa legs wobbled, and 

another sigh escaped from her still open and suddenly dry mouth. Jack 

released her breasts, and his hands slid to her rib cage. Melisa clamped 

her eyes shut and bit her lower lip as she raised her head. Her mouth 

opened with a soft and pleading moan as his hands surrounded her slim 

waist. She felt his fingers at her hips, hooking themselves inside the 

only piece of clothing she had on. Like a hot knife through butter, Jack 

ripped her panties on both sides.

  Melisa's only response was to look up, not in surprise, but in 

anticipation of his next move. Jack noticed the change in her and 

reached down. Melisa's legs parted, and he lazily pulled the torn and 

useless panties from between her quivering thighs. At that moment, they 

both knew she was his. Melisa, almost in a trance, walked over to the 

bed. She couldn't believe that she was again going to fuck a man she 

didn't even know!

  "That makes twelve, six each, right?"

  "Yeah, yeah, I know. Jesus, Simon, you really look like shit! How 

about we get you a little hair of the dog that bit you?"

  "I just want to go back to bed." Simon said as he put his fishing gear 


  "By the way, don't forget you and Mel are suppose to come over tonight 

for dinner. Sue's been dying to meet your wife." Bob said.

  "I meant to ask you about that. How come nobody else brought their 

wife or girlfriend last night?"

  "I'm not suppose to tell you this, but all the girls are planning a 

big surprise dinner for you two day after tomorrow. Tell Mel to be 

prepared, too. Some of them are pissed at her for catching you. I'm 

pretty sure she'll even hear some catty remarks from Sue tonight."

  "Look, Bob, I only dated Sue once, then stepped aside when you told me 

how you felt about her."

  "Shit, I'm not accusing you of anything. I wouldn't mind being in your 

shoes, though. A lot of the other guys feel the same way. We're just 

jealous. Hell, you were the star jock at school, had your pick of any 

girl you wanted, got a nice scholarship, married a gal who's not only 

the sexiest creature on earth, but comes from a rich family to boot! You 

guys are the envy of the whole town, so you better get use to it. The 

same goes for the rest of us. Yeah, I'm a little jealous, too, but I am 

what I am. Just do me a favor, will you?"

  "What's that?" Simon asked his friend.

  "Don't let it go to your head. As far as I can tell, all your success 

hasn't changed you. Try to keep that way."

  Simon waved from the dock as Bob pulled his boat away. The fresh air 

had done him some good. At least he wasn't sick anymore, and maybe only 

a short nap would get rid of his headache.

  As he walked up the hill to the lake front cottage they recently 

bought, Simon thought of asking Melisa about last night. He then decided 

it was best to get rid of his headache first. Besides, he still wasn't 

sure if he had really seen Melisa with another man, or if he had dreamed 

it all. Thankful that his wife wasn't around when he opened the door, he 

tossed his fish into the kitchen sink, and headed off to bed.

  Simon might as well have been shot with a gun when he opened his 

bedroom door. In a way, he was. This was no dream. This was real! His 

wife WAS with another man!

  Melisa was kneeling over his prone body. Her hands were clutching at 

his dick and balls, while her lips were sliding up and down his cock. 

Simon could see the obscene lump in her cheeks expand and move as a 

stranger's dick poked around inside his wife's sucking mouth. Simon 

could see Melisa's tiny hands stroking the thick shaft of the huge cock 

protruding from her lips. Simon couldn't see who the man was though. His 

head was trapped between Melisa's thighs, hiding him from view, as she 

lewdly smeared her pussy back and forth in a fucking rhythm on his face. 

The wet slurping sounds of their tongues and mouths on each others 

genitals made Simon sick to his stomach again. Their grunting, groaning 

and moaning made his head pound more painfully. The brokenhearted Simon 

wanted to die on the spot!

  Melisa shamelessly made love to the man's cock with her mouth and 

tongue as her fingers played with his hairy scrotum below her chin. Her 

dainty hands then firmly grasped the base of his cock, and with ever 

increasing speed, she began stroking his dick with both hands while her 

head bobbed up and down. Melisa twisted her face in a corkscrew motion 

and her hands continued to fly rapidly over the man's shaft until he 

finally ejaculated. She suddenly gagged when his cock briefly forced its 

way into her throat. She then moaned loudly in orgasm as vast amounts of 

thick gooey cum poured from her lips and began running down the dick she 

was still wantonly sucking.

  Simon didn't see or hear any of this. He had rushed outside, racing 

aimlessly up their driveway and then down the road. With tear stained 

eyes, he looked up when he heard a car coming from behind.

  "Well, hello there stranger! Long time no see. Hop in, I'll give you a 

ride." a cheerful woman's voice said.

  Like a zombie, Simon walked around to the other side of the car and 

got in.

  Letting the hot water of the shower pelt her still tingling body, 

Melisa shook her head. She felt guilty for cheating on her husband a 

second time, but she also felt marvelously satisfied and very relaxed, 

something she hadn't felt in a long time. Melisa really did love Simon, 

and knew that what she did was wrong, but she just couldn't help 


  Two years ago, before she ever met her husband, Melisa's sex life was 

phenomenal. She was one of the most sought after girls on campus, and 

with good reason. Melisa thought college was nothing but a four year 

orgy and very seldom turned down a chance to have sex. She had no qualms 

about letting any of her dates get into her panties. The guy had to be a 

real geek if he couldn't get between her legs, and even then, Melisa 

would at least give him head. As far as she was concerned, the only 

thing in life that could come close to having a stiff cock was shopping.

  Melisa knew everybody thought she was a slut, but it didn't matter 

because no one would dare say it to her face. Her family's status in the 

community prevented that. It was also the reason for her wild behavior. 

The strict rules and conduct she had to abide by at home didn't apply 

when she wasn't there. Her father's dated codes of what a lady should 

act like always collided her unbridled spirit. And after high school, 

she became even more rebellious toward him.

  All of this seemed to change when she started seeing Simon. It was as 

though her popularity had dropped to zero. All the guys stopped asking 

her out, and wouldn't even flirt with her anymore. At 6' 5" and the 

middle linebacker for the football team all four years he was there, 

Simon was an imposing figure that nobody wanted to mess with, but Melisa 

didn't take this into account. She thought men didn't find her 

attractive anymore. In a way, this was all right, because she fell in 

love with Simon, and didn't want her past indiscretions to ruin their 


  But, within six months after they got married, Melisa began to feel 

unwanted and repressed again. Even though she always wore the sexiest 

clothes she could lay her hands on, Simon didn't seem to want her. 

Before they moved, her confidence plummeted to an all time low because 

he hadn't fucked her in over a month. She couldn't understand why Simon 

didn't want to fuck as much as she did. Melisa just couldn't go that 

long without sex, and didn't know how her husband could.

  Sure, she enjoyed fucking the guy last night and the one this morning, 

it helped take the edge off her sexual appetite. But she really didn't 

want to fuck them, she wanted Simon to fuck her. "Well, if my own 

husband won't screw me, at least I know other men still want to." she 

said aloud when she stepped out of the shower. As degrading a thought as 

this was, Melisa decided it wasn't her fault. She also made up her mind 

that she'd fuck someone else again if Simon didn't start paying more 

attention to her.

  It was only eleven o'clock in the morning and already Simon was well 

on his way to getting bombed. He picked up the tenth shot glass from the 

neatly lined row of twelve, and gulped the fiery liquid down in a single 

swallow. Janice was still sitting across from him, talking up a storm 

about something or other. He didn't know what she was saying, or did he 

really care. She had been yakking away ever since she picked him up on 

the side of the road. He looked at her through the empty thick shot 

glass. All he could see were two distorted red lines, opening and 


  "You still suck cock?" he blurted out.

  Totally stunned, Janice sat there with her mouth hanging open as Simon 

continued his one sided conversation.

  "I didn't think my wife did, but she does. She's a pretty good at it 

too, opens her mouth up real wide and plays with your balls. You play 

with the balls when you suck a guy's cock?"

  When the bartender looked their way because Simon wasn't being so 

quiet anymore, Janice leaned forward and said, "Why don't I take you 

home now, Sy. I think you've had enough."

  "Is she with him?" he mumbled.


  "Is she still with him?"

  "Simon, you're not making any sense. What are you talking about?" 

Janice asked, not really understanding him.

  Leaning over the table the way Janice was, Simon got to within inches 

of her face and said, "My wife and some other guy are playing hide the 

salami in our own fucking house!"

  "I don't believe it! You're just imagining things. Why, from what I've 

heard, your wife sounds like a real nice girl."

  "I saw it with my own eyes! Melisa was sucking this guy's cock and 

rubbing her pussy all over his face, right there in the middle of our 

own fucking bed!"

  "Listen, Simon, why would any girl in her right mind want to run 

around on you? Besides, name one guy in this neck of the woods who would 

even dare think of doing something like that with your wife. Hell, you 

only moved back a couple of weeks ago. Nobody's even met her yet!"

  Janice truly believed what she was telling her former boyfriend, 

because that was how she felt. Six years ago, they were the hottest item 

in town. Janice had dreams of marrying Simon one day and living happily 

ever after, but then things changed. When he received a full scholarship 

to a university on the east coast, she was happy for him, but also sad 

because her plans for getting him to ask for her hand in marriage were 

put on hold. The day Simon left for college, Janice thought her life 

ended. She would have waited until Hell froze over, if he asked her to, 

but never Simon did. Janice was completely shattered, and blamed herself 

for letting him get away. Even though she had married someone else since 

then, she still loved, and often dreamed of Simon. Janice doubted that 

Melisa was cheating on him, but maybe, just maybe, this was the second 

chance she'd been hoping and praying for.

  Simon, for the first time since she picked him up, really looked at 

Janice. Her soft chestnut hair was longer than it use to be, and her 

face was thinner, but Janice was still very attractive. She still has 

that look, Simon thought. Janice's deep brown eyes were what attracted 

him to her in the first place. When they were alone in the past, which 

was often, she would give him a look that was adoring, while at the same 

time very sultry. She was giving him that look now, and the old feelings 

for her were starting to come back. Simon reached out to hold Janice's 

hand, but she jerked it back quickly.

  "Let me get you home." she said as she gathered up her things.

  "I told you, I don't want to go home."

  "Well, I can't stay here all day, Sy. I've got shopping to do and a 

house to clean. I really have to go."

  Feeling sorry for himself again, Simon leaned back in his chair and 

said, "I'll be fine, why don't you take off."

  Driving away and leaving Simon at Don's tavern, Janice began thinking. 

If his wife was really cheating on him, she could get Simon back. She 

had heard the rumors about her own husband's infidelities and figured 

that all she had to do was wait around and catch him in the act, then 

file for a divorce. Janice suddenly pounded on the steering wheel when 

she realized exactly what she was thinking about. "Damn it, Simon!", she 

yelled, "Why did you have to come back?" and then she started crying.


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