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Archive-name: Amazon/trisha2.txt


Archive-title: Trisha Grows Up - 2

As I rolled over on my knees to get up, Trisha slid her arm completely 

through and out the top of my shorts.  Her long arm circled my waist 

as she picked me up off the ground.  She held me tightly to her hip, 

carrying me towards the shallow end of the pool, tucked under her one

arm.  I felt like a piece of luggage, and now fully understood how she 

easily carried the heavily loaded suitcases into the house.  Her arms 

and sholders had become tremendously strong, she easily carried my 

143 lbs. into the water and as I started to swim away she scooped me 

up into her arm and cradled me like a baby.  

Holding me on top of the water in her arms, she began kissing me 

all over my chest and stomach.  When the water was deep enough, she 

released my legs and placed her hands under my armpits and held me at 

arms length in front of her.  I felt so helpless as I dangled in her

grip, unable to touch the bottom or escape.  She smiled at my puzzled

look and said "You know it always turned me on when I could get you 

in the water like this and under my control.  The only difference is

now I can really take advantage of the situation.  You look so

helpless and feel so light I just want to pick you up and hold you 

and kiss you all over." 

The water level was about even with Trisha's sholders, and where 

she held me it was even deeper.  I don't know the actual effect of

boyancy on one's body weight, but in this case, Trisha was able to 

lift me out of the water and hold me at various heights over her 

head while she kissed and sucked on my chest and stomach.  She repeated

this motion maybe five or six times, I'm really not sure how many

since I was delirious with excitement and moaning with pleasure the 

whole time.  She would hold me like that for as long as she could, 

which was actually a long time since she was so damn strong, and then 

lower me under water till I touched botton and lift me back up again, 

continuing to kiss and mouth me all over.  On the final lift, she

raised me up so high she was able to clamp her lips tightly on my

protruding knob, I was so startled and excited with pleasure that I

grabbed her head and held her tight.  This caused us to loose our

balance and we tumbled forward into the deep water.  She never let go

with her lips, and wrapped her arms around my ass and held me tight 

as we sank to the bottom.  The sensation was absolutely wonderful but

I quickly ran out of air and struggled to get loose to surface.

I thought I was going to drown and began to thrash about while gasping

in the much needed oxygen.  Trisha came up out of the water from 

underneath me, picking me up and carrying me on her sholder again.

As I began to catch my breath, she held my head and sholders above 

the water level, with one arm wrapped around my waist holding me 

close while using her free hand to play with my hardon.  By now my 

shorts were down around my knees and Trisha took hold of my ass 

cheeks with both hands and lifted me off the pool floor and clamped 

my erection between her big solid thighs.  Treating me like a human 

dildo, she used me to fuck her tightly clenched thighs, lifting me 

up and down and in and out till I came like never before in my life.  

She held me so long and tight after I came that when she finally 

released me, my dick was just a shriveled up little weenier and 

I felt totally exhausted.

She tossed me back over her shoulder and carried me back to my house.  

As  we entered through the basement-wreckroom door, Pam and Brian 

were sitting there wondering what the hell had happened.  Trisha 

just laughed and said "we had a 10 lap race and John hit his head

on the pool wall trying to do a speed turn, he would have lost

anyway.  I carried him all the back just to prove I could."

They both laughed, then Pam said "oh we thought maybe Trisha flattened

you in a wrestling match or something, like she does Brian all the 

time, isn't that right Brian?"  All Brian said was "yeah well, you 

don't know how strong Trisha's legs are John, just wait till she 

gets a hold of you and you'll see what I mean."  Then Pam jumped in

again "yeah Trisha, we want to see you wrestle John, I want to see

you crush him like you do Brian, come on."

Trisha laughed, saying "Oh I think John has a pretty good idea of how

strong I am now, but we are going to wrestle later aren't we John?"


to be continued


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