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Archive-name: Amazon/trisha1.txt


Archive-title: Trisha Grows Up - 1

As a young high school student in the south, my parents, younger sister

Pam and I had just moved into a house in a new development.  Our lot 

was located on a dead end circle with five other newly constructed

homes.  We were the first to move in and this house had an in ground 

pool and large yard, as did several of the other homes.  

Our new nextdoor neighbors turned out to be Mr. and Mrs. Webster, their

13 year old son, Brian and 14 year old daughter Trisha.  They moved in 

two weeks after us and as the summer progressed, we all became 

pretty good friends, especially Pam and Trisha, they were nearly 

inseparable.  At 14 years old, Trisha was a tall for her age, standing 

5'10", she was several inches taller than me and I was three years older, 

only Trisha was so skinny, she was all arms and legs and actually

reminded me of a spider, like a daddy longlegs.  We played a lot of sports 

and the teams were usually the guys against the girls,  Brian and I won 

most of the time except in the pool, where Trisha could swim like a damn 

fish and was able to use her height to the best advantage.  We even wrestled 

occasionally, Trisha and me, and I usually beat her by controlling her long 

skinny arms and legs and pinning her school-boy style or holding her helpless 

in a bearhug with her arms trapped by her sides while I squeezed her till 

she would give up.  It was actually quite easy with her being so thin and 

gawky.  We would have tag matches, and Pam and Brian would always tag off 

forcing Trisha and me to wrestle each other.  We didn't know many wrestling 

holds but often just rolled around enjoying the body contact (at least 

I did) till I usually pinned her or used a leg scissors or bearhug to force 

her to submit.  Nobody ever got hurt as it was all in fun and I could tell 

Trisha was enjoying the opportunity to be close to me as I was at being 

close to her.  She even on occasion rubbed between my legs with her hands 

or legs, laughing as she could feel my excitement.  


Trisha would get even though, usually in the pool, by dragging me to the deep

end where only she could touch bottom,  making me feel pretty helpless while

she stood in water up to her neck and held me in water over my head with her

long arms.  She was by far the best swimmer and could catch any of us easily 

and take control in the water, this put us on more even terms athletically, 

and eventually brought the two of us closer together.

When school started in the fall, we didn't see each other at all.  Trisha

and Brian both went to private schools nearby and I returned to boarding 

school in the northeast.  Trisha joined the swim team at school and within 

the year began to change physically, gaining some much needed weight and 

filling out.  I spent the following summer in the north working with relatives 

and only saw her once that fall before returning to school.  When we met she 

wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, embracing me in a hug so tight it 

took my breath away, I thought she was going to break a rib or something.  

I still don't know if she was just excited to see me or trying to prove 

something, but I quickly realized how much she had changed.  She was taller, 

I looked down thinking she might be wearing heels, no dice, just sneakers.  

I stepped back, mostly trying to catch my breath and take a good look at her.

She stood there in her jeans with a smile on her face and turned in a circle

saying "two inches taller and twenty pounds heavier, what do you think."  I

couldn't tell much from the clothes she had on, they concealed everything.

"I think you look great" I said looking up at her, "what a change."  "I 

think the swimming has really helped me gain weight but the required workouts 

with weights and all the exercises really suck,  you have to put up with them 

to be on the team though." 

We talked about our summer vacations for awhile, she said she missed me and

all the fun and games, she teased me a little about the times in the pool 

and the wrestling, laughing and saying "wish I could get you in the pool with 

me now, I think we could really have some fun."   I didn't know what she meant 

by that at the time so I let it pass, but I thought about it quite a bit 

later.  Had she really matured that much, was making some kind of pass at me 

with that statement or what?.  She asked me for my new address and gave me a 

box of stationary as a present, asking me to write her also.  Before I left, 

she wrapped her arms around me in another crushing hug while kissing me and 

then whispered in my ear "you will write to me won't you?."  She had her arms 

wrapped around my ribs, under my arms, and just held me tight till I answered 

"yes, of course I'll write you." "Every week?" she said while still holding 

me tightly against her.  "I'll try" I said.

I returned to school the next morning, still thinking about the previous 

night.  Trisha had gained twenty pounds and it felt like all of it was muscle.

Damn, I still had this image of her as this tall, skinny 14 year old in

my mind, if only I could have seen what her body looked like now.  I talked to

Pam, my sister, on the phone later and all she would say was how big a crush

Trisha had on me (did she ever) and how I was going to write to her from 

school.  Pam added that she had told Trisha that I was attracted to tall girls 

(and blonds), and she certainly was filling out that mold.  "She asks about 

you all the time, and when you are coming home."  Pam said before we said 


I started writing about every week, first telling her how great it was to see 

her and how much she had changed since that summer.  How much she had grown 

and how the twenty pound weight gain looked good as much as I could tell.  

She wrote me every week,  telling me about her swim meets and how she still 

had to workout regularly to remain on the team.  How much she missed me and

couldn't wait till I came home.  She never mentioned gaining weight though, 

just how much more I would think she had changed when I next saw her.  She 

signed her letters "Love" with Xs and Os all over them.  Then eventually "I 

Miss you and Love You" after a few months.  My letters dwindled to one every 

two to three weeks but I kept writing when I had the time and thought of 

something to say. 

It was late spring and I was finally on my way home after graduation.  Pam

and my parents were there and we visited several friends of my parents on the 

way home, taking about a week to make the drive with all the stops.  I tried 

to pump Pam for information on Trisha, but she was no help, she just kept 

saying "you'll be surprised at how much she has changed" and "Trisha can't 

wait to see you."

The night we arrived I was greeted by Trisha as we began to unload the travel

van.  She surprised me with a hug and a kiss from behind as I was unloading 

the van.  She whispered in my ear "I really missed you John, I'm so glad you're

home again".  As I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes, the gawky 14 year 

old teenager from a few years ago was now standing in front of me.  Trisha was

easily over six feet tall with long blond hair and a beautiful face.  At 

seventeen years old she had turned into a towering blond beauty with a 

knockout body and a pair of legs that looked even longer than I remembered.  

Even dressed in the baggy warm-up suit like she was, I could tell she had 

gained more weight and her legs looked absolutely huge.  Taking the luggage 

from my hands she said "here, let me help you unload the van" and proceeded 

to carry four suitcases, one in each hand with one under each arm, into the 

house.  I stood there with my mouth open watching her easily carry this heavy 

load up the stairs to the house as Pam opened the front door.   


Trisha helped move most of the luggage into my room and we settled down in the 

basement wreckroom later that night.  Pam and Brian came in but went into 

the other room, closing the door.  Trisha said "they have been dating for over 

a year now, I think they make a great couple."  Rising up from the couch,

Trisha stood in front of me and said "I want to show you how much I've changed,

and maybe a few other things later tonight."  As she removed her wind-breaker, 

I couldn't believe how big and broad her chest and shoulders were.  Removing 

her pants, she said "dad says I've developed swimmers shoulders and legs, what 

do you think?"  Standing before me in her little two-piece bathing suit, the 

tall skinny girl nextdoor had developed into a big muscular looking young 

woman.  Her thighs were at my eye level, and they looked bigger around than 

my waist as she stood there looking down at me.  Her once long skinny arms 

were now full and solid looking, and her shoulders and upper arms looked just 

as muscularly developed as the rest of her.  All the swimming and workouts 

she wrote me about had reshaped her whole body.  "Well, what's the matter 

John, have I gotten to big and tall for you?  Take your shirt off and come 

here, stand next to me, here."

I removed my shirt and stood next to her as she requested.  I began to 

compare my body size to Trisha's, not knowing where this whole situation 

was going.  The top of my head was about even with her shoulders as I 

looked up a her smiling face.  "Make a muscle" she said as we raised 

our arms. Trisha's biceps swelled so much bigger and larger than mine 

she started to giggle.  "Do this," she said, straightening her arm 

downward, parallel to her body and making her triceps flair out visibly.  

As I copied her move, almost nothing happened when I flexed.  Trisha was 

showing off arm muscles that I didn't even have.  "I think you'll need to 

catch up to me now John," she said as she pointed and flexed her right leg 

next to mine.  Her legs were much bigger and longer than mine, when she 

flexed her thigh muscle, it got as hard as a rock and swelled even larger.  

My skinny leg simply looked like it belonged on some little boy compared 

to hers.

As I sat back down on the sofa, Trisha stood there and stared down into 

my eyes with an amused look on her face.  I couldn't believe what a beauty 

she had turned into.  Long blond hair, standing over six feet tall with the 

body of an amazon goddess, and she was still only a teenager, not yet 18 

years old.  As she leaned forward and took hold of my hand, I thought she 

was going to help me to my feet when instead, to my shock, she crouched 

down and tossed me over her shoulder and carried me out through the sliding 

glass door.  It was late, and not wanting to make noise and wake anyone, I 

kept my voice low saying, "Trisha, Trisha, what are you doing?" as she easily 

carried me across the yard to the back of her yard where the pool was.  

Opening the fence with her free hand, we entered and she lowered me to 

the ground on a blanket.  

Trisha stood over me with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face.  

Looking up at her towering body, I realized I had a full-fledged hard-on.  

She must have felt or noticed it because she said, "Well it looks like you 

like my new muscles and body from what I can see."  She lowered herself to 

the blanket and straddled my hips with her big thighs.  Taking hold of my 

hands, she pinned my wrists to the ground next to my head and started kissing 

my face and neck all over.  When she stopped, she looked at my face and asked 

me if I remembered the times in the past that we had wrestled.  I answered 

yes and told her I often thought about it. "I guess that Pam has told you by 

now that I still have a crush on you" she said.  "The reason I wanted to 

wrestle with you before, and had Brian and Pam set us up, was because I 

hoped one day that I could wrestle you and have some fun with your body.  

But I never did."  I looked at her surprised that she was still attracted

to me after all this time.  She continued "I don't think you'd mind my 

wrestling you now, would you?"

Laying there on my back with my arms pinned by my head and Trisha's thighs 

tightly gripping my waist, it was obvious to me that there was not going to 

be much of a wrestling match.  Again she kissed me long and passionately as 

she pulled my arms down to my sides.  She circled her arms under my back and 

around my ribs, pinning my arms to my sides.  She began to squeeze me tighter 

and rolled onto her back, easily pulling me with her and wrapping her long 

legs around my waist.  "I loved it when you held me like this John, I never 

wanted you to let me go.  I guess you didn't understand how turned on I was 

even then, did you?" she said smiling at my confused face.  "Now I can hold 

you like this as long as I want to, and I don't think you can stop me.  It 

even feels to me like you've got a hardon down there, don't you?"  I couldn't 

believe this was happening to me, it was like a wet dream.  I was so hard and 

excited and she knew it.  Trisha unhooked her legs from around my waist and 

spread them wide while still holding my upper body firmly against her.  

Planting her feet beside my legs, she lifted her powerful hips off the 

blanket and me right along with them.  I wanted to reach down and grasp her 

firm ass cheeks but my arms were still trapped helplessly at my sides and 

in her crushing embrace.  She held my hips like this for several long minutes, 

allowing me to squirm and hump away on her solid platform.  When she lowered 

her hips, she repositioned her legs firmly around my ass and started to 

squeeze me with both her arms and legs.  

From all the gyrating of our hips, the tip of my hardon was protruding from my

shorts.  When my knob touched her bare abdomen she crushed in on me so tightly

with her legs and arms that I nearly passed out.  She shuddered and trembled 

and with a final gasp of my name, rolled to her side and on top of my nearly

unconscious body.  

She sat on my legs, pinning my thighs with her ass and hips as she reached 

through the leg of my shorts and took hold of me.  "I think a dip in the 

swimming pool will calm you down, come on" she said as tightened her grip

on me.  "I've been waiting to get you in the water with me for a long time. 

"Come on,  you won't believe what I can do in the water now."

To be continued


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