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Archive-name: Amazon/suzbc_01.txt


Archive-title: Suzie's Big Change  

Keywords: Violent at points


Suzie Spear was a sixteen year old blond, tall, skinny and 

except for her beautiful face, not much to look at.  She 

was the daughter of a husband and wife scientist team, and 

they all lived on a small island located a short distance 

off the California coast.  The island belonged to her 

parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spear, and except for Carl, 

their laboratory assistant, her parents had little contact 

with the outside world.  Suzie's mom, Dr. Stephanie Spear, 

was a PhD in electrical engineering from M.I.T.  Her father,

Dr. Joseph Spear was a former college football star and well

schooled Physiologist from UCLA.  

Joe Spear was a big man, standing 6'5" tall and weighing 

nearly 250 pounds.  Although is had been a number of years

since he played football, he was still in good shape with

a hard muscular body.  Stephanie also was a big woman, at 

an even 6 feet tall,  she had long blond hair and the body 

of an olympic goddess.  Her legs were long and shapley and

her breasts were quite large for a woman so tall and slender.

They both wondered if and when Suzie would blossom into the 

image of her beautiful mother.  Suzie wondered too, because 

at her age, other girls were developing curves in all the 

right places.  Even though she was 5'10" tall, she was as 

skinny as a flagpole and her chest remained as flat as a 

board.  Suzie had a day job as a maid at the largest hotel 

in the area, it was just a short boatride each day and she 

actually liked it, not wanting to wear a white lab coat and 

work in the research facility on the island.  Even though she 

had a tremendous liking for Carl, her parents mousey lab 

assistant, she was able to see him every night at home since

he too lived on the island.

The Spears' research was financed by the US Government 

and several large universities.  It centered on the 

ability to transfer knowledge from one animal to another.  

They first began with rats, with one being trained to 

traverse an elaborate maze in only a few seconds, and 

then transfering this information through their electronic 

contraption into another rat, totally unfamiliar with 

the maze.  After many months, and numerous electonic 

designs, the pieces started to fall into place.  The 

learned knowledge was being transferred at the desired 

rates and their latest design, with all the new computer 

chips available, was no bigger than a childs lunchbox.  

Now it was time for step two.  This time they used dogs, 

one being a highly trained show animal, the other, a mutt 

from the local pound.  This time the connection worked 

like a dream, the pound mutt emerged with all the trained 

knowledge of the show dog and the knowledge remained 

perminantly.  All three members of the team, Stephanie, 

Joeseph and Carl  were pleased with the results and 

decided to break for a week, they all needed the rest 

and wanted time to plan for their next step, transfer 

between humans. 

Suzie knew everything there was to know about the success 

of the research, even though she hated to work in the 

laboratory, she typed all the scientific notes for the 

project during the evenings and on weekends.  This also 

gave her time together with Carl as he was usually present 

to interpret many of the unfamiliar terms.  He knew she 

was attracted to him, and despite their age difference of 

almost 12 years, he realized he was falling in love with 

this teenager.  He didn't want to chance a parental 

misunderstanding and possible loss of employment at a time 

like this, everything was going so well.  He decided to wait 

till the time was right before opening his heart to her.  

Suzie wanted Carl in the worst way, he was a little short 

for her liking at 5'7" tall, but he fit her ideal mold in 

all other catagories.  He was smart, good looking, dedicated

to his work and her parents trusted him, taking him into 

their family like a adopted son.

The decision on who to use for the next step of the research 

seemed to take forever.  They considered everyone from 

scholars to prisoners and they could never come to an agreement.  

Thinking out loud, Dr. Joe suggested the subjects might be 

Stephanie and himself.  The idea seemed to make sense, each 

of the doctors would benefit and be that much more valuable 

to the project with the others thoughts and knowledge.  The 

next morning they set about preparing for the transfer as 

Suzie zoomed off towards the mainland in her speedboat.  

The doctors were seated at opposite ends of the room in 

electrically insulated chairs and covered from neck to feet 

with a nonconducting, thermally insulated blanket.  Wires 

connected from all parts of their bodies to their magical 

box seated on a table between them.  Carl meticulously 

inspected each wire and took notes as he prepared to engage 

the transfer.  "The duration of the transfer has been set 

for 45 minutes Carl, we should be unconscious for another 

five to ten minutes after that" said Stephanie.  "Turn on 

the video and take as many observation notes as you can" 

said Dr. Joe.  Carl did as instructed and then flipped on 

the transfer switch.  Both doctors layed still as if they 

were a sleep.  Carl took notes and documented various meter 

readings as the minutes counted down.  The transfer was 

going just as planned, Carl studied their faces separately 

as they rested quitely under the protective blankets, taking 

more notes on the transfer readings every 5 minutes.

The electrical transfer box shutdown at the 45 minute mark 

and Carl lit up a cigarette to pass the time and celebrate 

the successful completion of his tasks.  The doctors never 

let him smoke in the lab but they were both still unconscious 

so he took the liberty.  Five minutes later as he crushed 

his butt out on the floor, Stephanie started to wake up.  

Carl walked over to her and as she looked up at him she 

said "it worked Carl, it worked, I have his thoughts, 

I know what he knows."  When he removed the protective 

blanket from  over her body he couldn't believe his eyes.  

"My god Stephanie, look at you" he said.  Stephanie rose 

to her feet and looked down at Carl's shocked face.  "Oh 

my god Carl, what have we done?, look at me, look at my 

body."  Stephanie stood a towering 6'7" tall, her body 

had grown and expanded so much she had shredded her 

clothes and wore nothing but her once baggy lab coat.  

She lifted her arms in a stretching like motion and the 

muscles in her biceps and forearms burst through the lab 

coat like it was made of tissue.  As she stepped forward 

the buttons popped off and the front of the coat burst 

open exposing her legs.  Her thighs were simply enormous, 

the size of tree trunks, with huge cords of muscle that 

flexed with each step she took.  "Oh Carl, what about my 

husband?, how is Joe?"  When Dr. Stephanie removed the 

blanket covering her husband's body, what they saw 

surprised both her and Carl.  Joe was nothing but skin 

and bones.  His body had simply shrunk, now he looked to 

be only 5'8" tall and so emaciated you could see his ribs 

an pelvic bones, but he was still alive.  

Stephanie easily picked his fragile little body up into her 

big muscular arms and carried him upstairs to the bedroom, 

being extra careful not to accidently crush him with the 

unfamiliar power she now posessed. It was going to take 

some time for her to get used to being so big and powerful, 

but her mind was already filled with the numerous possibilities 

her new muscles presented.  She wondered how her husband 

would react, being married to a woman who was now so much

bigger and stronger than he was.  As she stood looking at 

his shrunken little body laying on the bed, she wanted to 

hug him and kiss him, but knew it was not possible.  She 

realized that in his present condition, a simple hug from

her big arms, or a passionate embrace of her muscular 

thighs wrapping around his little body, would be fatal.  

She thought for a moment about her daughter, Suzie, and 

how she would react to this change, then continued tending 

to Joe as he laid limp and motionless on the bed. 

When Suzie returned that night, Carl tried to tell her 

what had happened, but she quickly bolted from the room 

and ran upstairs to see for herself. She couldn't believe 

what she saw, her mother, so much bigger and taller than 

before.  And the muscles she now posessed were bigger than 

any she had ever seen on anyone, anywhere.  She was holding 

her father on her lap and hand feeding him, and he looked 

like a starving skeleton of the man he once was, weak and 

near death. "Your father is going to make it Suzie" she 

said, "but I don't think things are ever going to be the 

same around here."  

It was weeks before Dr. Joe was even able to sit up in bed 

and talk, Stephanie cared for him like a mother would a baby, 

but all Joe wanted to do was return to the lab and try to 

reverse the proceedure.  Stephanie had different ideas,  

she had Joe's thoughts and knowledge and she had Joe's 

muscles too, and as she slowly nursed him back to health, 

she was realizing how much she loved being this strong and      

powerful.  She went along with Joe's attempts to reverse 

their changes, but knew it would not work.  The effects 

of the magical box could not be reversed, and the data 

showed that this type of transfer would be normal between 

males and females.  This proved to be an error they had 

not predicted, as all previous experiments involved mammals 

of the same sex.  It slowly became clear to Dr. Joe that

there would be no reversal of the transformation.  His 

wife, Dr. Stephanie,  was going to remain the tall muscular 

Amazon she had transformed into, and he would have to learn 

to deal with it, one way or another.

Suzie had again typed the notes of the experiment and knew 

everything she needed to know.  She liked what she saw, 

the knowledge and physical strength her mother had gained, 

and the way she was able to dominate her once physically 

superior father was astonishing.  The prospect of being 

as strong and powerful as her was even more exciting, this 

was exactly what she had been looking for, and she wanted 

Carl to be her man, only he was much too small to provide 

a transfer that would enable her to grow as tall and 

muscular as her mom.  She had a better idea. She formulated 

a plan of her own, a plan that would start that friday night.  

She was waiting for the right time, and it wasn't going to 

be long now, there were only a few minor details that needed 

to be worked out.

On Monday, she gave one weeks notice at work and agreed to 

sub Friday night for one of the other employees.  There was 

to be a National Mens Body Building contest on Friday night 

at the hotel, and most of the employees would attend.  

Suzie's plan was beginning to shape up.  That night a home 

she located the drugs that were necessary for her plan and 

now she was ready.  She fooled around the lab at night, all

week long, making a copy of the magical box to be used 

as a substitute when she made the temporary switch.  Late 

Friday afternoon after Carl left the lab for the weekend, 

Suzie made the switch and headed for her last hours of work.  

She went about her work as usual, picking up her final check 

at the front desk at 9:00 PM.  Standing at the rear of the 

auditorium, she searched out the largest man to appear on 

stage.  He looked magnificient, standing nearly 6'6" tall 

and weighing 275lb, he was a mountain of muscle and looked 

to be around 29-30 years old.  Taking his name from the 

program, she accessed the register database from a vacant 

administrative office and recorded his room number.  As 

she returned through the lobby, she noticed the show was 

over and her man had placed third.  He would be returning 

to his room shortly, most likely in a fowl mood, she would 

be waiting.

Suzie pushed the maids cart down the hall to room 297, 

opened the door with her keys and pulled the cart in behind 

her.  She went about her business cleaning the bathroom 

and making the bed.  Suddenly the door flew open and in 

walked her man, he looked even bigger in person.  "Get 

the hell out of here bitch, I want to be alone" he said.  

She looked up at his towering frame and couldn't believe 

how big and muscular he was, "Are you deaf bitch, I said 

I want you out of here, now !"  As she opened the door and 

pushed the cart outside, she thought to herself "boy am I 

ever gonna teach this son of a bitch a lesson."  Before 

leaving, she walked through the room spraying a can of 

air freshner, making sure she held her breath the entire 

time, "Yo bitch, get your skinny ass out of here before 

I throw it out" were the last words she heard him say as 

she closed the door.  Standing just outside, she heard 

his body hit the floor with a thud only moments later.  

The drugs had worked as planned, he would be out for 

several hours and it would be only a few minutes more 

till she could enter the room.

Suzie returned the maids cart to it's closet and removed 

the all powerful electrical box, carrying it with her 

back to room 297.  She closed the door behind her, locked 

it, and wedged a chair under the door knob.  Everything 

was perfect, the room had no windows and her huge muscular 

man laid naked and out cold on the floor at her feet.  

She quickly attached the wires to the proper locations 

on his body and then she sat down on the bed as she 

attached the remaining wires to herself.  She calculated 

the transfer time to be 50 minutes, since this man was 

a little larger than her father and she was so much smaller 

than her mother's original size.  She flipped the timer 

on and laid back, thinking mostly about Carl and how he 

would soon be under her power.

She woke up nearly two hours later, feeling groggy and 

disoriented, she suddenly realized that the effects of 

the knockout drug had also transferred to her.  She looked 

down the length of her body and saw her clothes were 

shredded and torn from the transformation.  As she rose off 

the bed, the shredded rags fell to the floor and she stood 

totally naked looking at herself in a wall mirror.  She 

liked what she saw, the transfer had worked.  She estimated 

her height to be about 6"10" tall since her head was so 

close to the ceiling.  She stretched out her arms and 

flexed, watching her biceps explode into huge balls of 

rock solid muscle.  Her forearms were equally powerful 

looking, with cables of muscle and veins etched down 

both sides.  Her once skinny legs were now simply massive, 

with each of her thighs having grown to nearly 40" around. 

When she flexed them, they knotted into deep cut muscles as 

hard a steel with smaller muscle laced in between them. As

she rose up on her toes, she saw her calves bulge out with 

deep grooved muscles just like her  mothers'.  Turning to 

look at the reflection of her back and calves from another

angle in the mirror,  she realized the man was not on the 

floor anymore, but at the door, struggling feebly with the 

chair she had wedged against it.  "What have you done to me 

you bitch?, let me out of here, let me out of here now." he 

said as she looked down on him from across the room, amazed 

at the sight of his body.  He appeared to have shrunk to 

about 5'6" tall and looked like he weighed maybe 50 lbs.  

She figured the extra five minutes on the timer had reduced 

him even more than she expected.  But just like her father 

after the transfer, he was nothing but skin and bones.

Suzie estimated her new weight to be about 295 lbs, but 

the closer she got to him the smaller he looked.  When 

she finally stood over him, she had to laugh at the 

puny remains of this once massive man.  "Remember me 

little man, I'm the skinny bitch you were going to throw 

out of here a few hours ago" she said as she smiled down 

on his cowering form.  "you shouldn't be so mean to little 

16 year old girls, they might come back and get you when

they've grown up" she laughed again.  She reached down 

and grabbed both his wrists with one hand as he tried 

to protect himself, lifting his wimpy little body off 

the ground.  She carried him across the room to the mirror, 

and held him out in front of her with one arm, examining his 

skinny remains and letting him see their reflections.  "I've 

taken just about all you have to offer me little man, but 

there is one thing left" she said.  She layed his body across 

both her forearms and curled him to her massive chest, her

breasts spilled over his body as her biceps rose into huge 

balls of solid muscle, digging deeply into his stomach and 

chest, threatening to crush his ribs at any moment.  Suzie 

knew she could easily crush this little man to death if she 

wanted, using just her bulging biceps, but after holding 

him captive like that for several minutes, she reconsidered 

when she thought of the mess it might make if she squashed 

him.  He must have realized the danger too, because he passed 

out and went limp in her arms at that moment.

She layed his limp body on the bed with his arms at his 

sides, then rolled him up tightly with the bed sheet, 

allowing only his head and feet to be exposed at each end.  

She gathered up the electrical box, his clothes and other 

items so as to not leave a trace, and put aside a set of 

his clothes she thought might fit her, they would be tight, 

but they would fit.  She placed everything in a duffel bag, 

then stood at the end of the bed looking down on her 

captive little man all rolled up in the bed sheet.  

Suzie knew she had to remove all traces of evidence, the 

captive little man was all that remained.  She leaned 

over and grabbed him by the waist with both hands, 

lifting his upper body off the bed and up between her 

massive thighs.  When she placed her feet together on 

the floor, she felt and heard several of his ribs snap 

like twigs.  Looking down at his waist and then back 

over her sholder at his head, she realized that her thighs 

were so big that they literally encased his upper body 

from neck to waist.  She didn't even have to flex her 

mighty thighs and already she had broken several of his 

ribs.  This was going to be much easier than she had 

originally thought.  

She flexed both of her massive thighs at the same time, 

"SSSCRUNCHHH", crushing his upper body flat, the sound 

made her laugh, as it reminded her of a bag of potato 

chips she had once sat on.  Still holding his crushed 

torso firmly between the vice-like grip of her tightly 

clenched thighs, she reached back and took hold of his 

head with her right hand and gave it a vicious twist, 

his neck snapped as easily as if she was opening a jar 

of pickels.  As she removed her hand from his head, it 

fell limply against the rock hard muscles that laced 

the back of her legs.  She slowly reached forward and 

grasped both his skinny ankles with her left hand and 

pulled her arm sharply to her side, his back broke with 

a loud crack as she let his legs fall limply to the 

mattress.  She pulled his mangled body from between her

awsome thighs and dropped it on the bed.  Except for 

his head, she thought his remains looked like they had 

been run over with a steamroller, Suzie had simply 

squashed him flat.

She folded his crushed and broken remains into a tight 

little package and rolled him up in the remaining bed 

sheet.  Stuffing his body into his oversize workout bag, 

she zipped it shut and left through a back door leading 

onto the beach.  She was in the boat and on her way home, 

leaving no traces behind.  She tossed the mans remains 

into a gator pit on the far side of the island and circled

back on her way home.  She thought about her mother, and

how both of them had been transformed, and then she thought

about Carl, and how she was going to have her way with him.

"Yeah" she said to herself, "I can't wait to get my hands 

on Carl."

To Be Continued..... 

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