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Archive-name: Amazon/nancy2.txt


Archive-title: Training with Muscle - The Woman's Way

	Hi ! My name is Nancy and I'm going to tell you a story 

that will show you how I use my tremendous strength to train 

men - the weaker sex. My interest in this started with my 

brother, but I discovered that no man I have ever competed 

with could cope with my strength; and I enjoy watching them 

thrash around and watch their faces turn different colors 

before I add more power and knock them unconscious. As I 

stand over their pathetic, wasted bodies and watch them 

"sleep" I can feel the power of my own sensational body. I am 

5'9" tall with 25" thighs and 16" calves. My powerful arms 

measure 16" flexed and my measurements are 38E-24-36; and I 

have the face, I'm told, of a dark haired goddess.

	As I said I have totally reduced my brother to a total 

wimp. It's not even any contest any more. I met a guy who 

said he wanted to experience the things I had done to Don; 

but I could sense that he felt like no woman could do those 

things to him. He was a perfect victim. I decided that I was 

going to tell him exactly what I was going to do to him and 

then do it. " Bob, I think I'll knock you out with my arms to 

start with. I'm going to wrap my arms around that neck of 

yours and slowly increase the pressure as you struggle to 

keep from going out. Now you try as hard as you can to keep 

me from doing what I say I'm going to do to you. "  We 

circled around a little and then I grabbed a handful of hair 

and slammed his neck into my arms. I had him right where I 

wanted him and I slowly increased the pressure. He was 

dancing around, pushing at my arms and moaning that I was 

breaking his neck. I began to verbally humiliate him about 

being too weak to resist my great strength, even when I had 

told him what I was going to do. I tired of his pathetic 

pleadings so I said, " Ok, little man, I think it's time you 

took a nap. Put your hands on my arms and feel how hard my 

muscles get as I crush you into oblivion. "  I put more power 

into the hold and I felt his body go limp. I dropped him in a 

heap at my feet and I knew he was mine. He wasn't out long, 

but I let him rest for a few minutes.

	" I told you you were no match for me. Now you get to feel 

the power of my long, strong legs. I'm going to wrap them 

around your head in a variety of scissor holds and I'm going 

to put you out several times. When I'm finished you will be 

on your knees begging me to let you serve me in any way I 

want. You'll do what I say and you will say anything I want 

to hear or I'll continue to physically destroy you until you 

obey me. I'll bet I will even be able to make you stick that 

scrawny neck between my beautiful thighs and beg me to crush 

you with them. "  This guy was scared at this point so I 

didn't have to work to hard to get him in a forward neck 

scissors.  I could have put him out then, but I wanted to 

demoralize him some first.

	I would crush his neck until he was almost out then relax 

some and let him regain some of his senses. I made him feel 

my thighs as I flexed the rock hard muscles that were making 

mince meat of him.

 	After several minutes of this, which he later told me 

seemed like hours, I decided to end the slaughter. So, I 

poured on the power and after a few convulsive jerks of his 

body he went limp between my strong thighs. He was out for 

about 5 minutes. When I noticed him coming to I walked over 

and bent over, giving him a good look at my cleavage, and 

said, " Now, Wimp, are you getting the picture ? I'm just too 

much woman for you to handle. I think you've just about had 

it so I'll finish you off this time with my famous reverse 

head scissors. "  And with that I laid down and placed his 

face in between my thighs in a reverse head scissors and 

slowly increased the pressure until he began to thrash around 

like a fish out of water. I was laughing so hard at his 

futile attempts to get loose that I almost had to release the 

hold. However, I got control of my self and closed my thighs 

over his face and snuffed him out cold again.

	It took him a good five minutes to revive again and this 

time I just stood over him with my hands on my hips and 

looked down at him. After a few minutes he finally figured it 

out and with all the speed and energy he could muster, which 

wasn't much, he got on his knees before me and begged me to 

stop beating him up. Then he pleaded with me to let him put 

his head in between my strong thighs and for me to finish him 

off with another knock out. I simply spread my legs and he 

crawled over and placed his neck between my calves. This guy 

was so addle brained he didn't know the difference between 

calves and thighs; or, did he think my calves couldn't hurt 

him ? Well, he found out just how strong they are when I 

stood on my toes and squeezed his neck flat. His tongue was 

hanging out and his face turned red as he gasped for air. 

Just before he went out I released this hold and slammed his 

face into my crotch then I really poured on the power and 

held him there until his limp, weak male body had been 

reduced to nothing.

	The first thing he saw when he came to was me standing 

over him flexing my powerful muscles. I made him get on his 

knees again and feel my calves, thighs and pumped up arms. 

Then I made him kiss my muscles and various other parts of my 

superior female anatomy. And I made him admit that my 

muscular legs and arms were just too much for a male. And 

once again I had demonstrated how to train with muscle - the 

woman's way.

	I see that look. I can make a believer out of you too. 

Maybe I won't finish you off so fast. Anytime you want to try 

me on for size just let me know.


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