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Archive-name: Amazon/legs2.txt


Archive-title: Legs 2

	There is this really attractive girl at work named 

Winnie who has the most beautiful legs of any woman 

here. They are long and when she walks you can see the 

flex of muscle in her calf. I told her I thought her legs 

were beautiful and she said, " thanks." For a long time I 

would look at her walking around and we began to talk 

from time to time; I never could figure a way to turn the 

conversation back to her legs and how powerful they 


	Finally one day we were talking and I just asked her if 

she exercised or what to keep such a trim figure and such 

good-looking legs. Winnie smiled at me and said, " I 

watch what I eat and I like to jog everyday. I think my 

legs have too much muscle. Look how big my calf gets 

and feel how hard it is. " Well I almost died. She flexed 

her muscle for me and it was in fact hard as stone.  I told 

her that I didn't think they were too big; but I had to admit 

they were hard and very well developed and that they 

looked strong. Then she flexed her thigh and hit it with 

her fist and said, " You think the calves are strong look 

at these babies. I like to wrestle the guys I date and I'll 

tell you once I get my legs around their head or body I 

can squeeze them into submission in seconds. I usually 

don't pour on the power that fast because I like to 

make them squirm for a little while first. Maybe you 

and I can go a few rounds sometime. "  I was 

speechless; my dream was coming true and I didn't know 

what to say; except that I would like that.

	Several weeks went buy and I swear she wore skirts 

and made it a point to flex those legs more than normal as 

she would walk buy me. A few times she would whisper 

in my ear things like, " It won't be long now until I make 

you beg me to let you give up; or, get your eyes back in 

your head, it's only solid muscle; or, my legs are 

getting stronger and stronger, we'd better wrestle soon 

or you really won't have any chance. " On the fourth 

week she approached me and said, " well, little man, how 

about us having our session tomorrow night. Here's a 

map to my place, be there at 7 PM and wear or bring 

some old clothes I'd hate to tear up any good clothing. 

Also bring your video camera I've got a girl friend 

who is going to be there and she can take some 

pictures." I watched the flex of her legs as she walked 

away and they looked even stronger than I remembered.

	I was at her place at 7 and her friend answered the 

door. She was 6' tall and had muscles every where. " Hi, 

you must be Sam. My name is Marilyn. Winnie will be 

out in a minute so lets set up the camera and you show 

me how to work it. You look like you're in shock or 

something. Haven't you ever seen a body like mine 

before ? Would you like to feel my muscles ? Maybe 

when Winnie gets through with you she will let me 

have you for a little while. No, that's silly. There won't 

be anything left of you by then. "

 	What in the hell had I gotten myself into ? In a few 

minutes Winnie came in wearing a robe and smiling like a 

cat that had just caught the mouse. She made a big issue 

of untying her robe and letting it fall off of her shoulders 

to the ground. I looked with amazement at her. She was 

thin, but her muscles were etched on her. There was no fat 

at all. Her arms rippled and her stomach looked like a 

washboard. Then her legs. Her thighs were awesome as 

were her long diamond shaped calves. She hit a muscle 

pose which made the muscles leap out as she said, " As 

any fool can see I'm way too strong for you. I'm going 

to use you to mop up the floor with and twist you into a 

pretzel. I can't wait to wrap my legs around your neck 

and choke you out. Come over here and feel my 

strength. " I walked over to her and she flexed her arms 

for me to feel. As I placed my hands on her bicep I knew 

that they were too strong for me even though they were 

not huge in size. As if reading my mind she said, "they 

are 13" but as you can feel they are like stone. My 

thighs and calves are just as hsrd and I'm telling you 

now they are stronger than they look. I plan to crush 

you into submission, then to tears of pain and finally 

I'm going to knock your ass out. You are mine, little 

one andyou can't do a thing about it. But, if you don't 

try to fight back then I'm going to really hurt you and 

I'll turn Marilyn looseon you. I've seen her break a 

guys arm with her arm bar."

	I was speechless and a little afraid too. Winnie 

grabbed me in a headlock and squeezed with such force 

that I thought she was goong to knock me out then. I tried 

to pull her arm loose which got a contemptuous laugh 

from her. "Your weak little arms can't compete with 

these muscles. Are you hurting a little ? Are you 

afraid that I'll snap your scrawney neck ? Don't worry 

little one I won't hurt you too bad yet. I want these 

long, strong legs to eat you alive. The very same legs 

you can't keep your eyes off of at work. Reach down 

with one hand and feel my thigh, and put the other one 

on my arm. Do it NOW !!!" I did as she said and she 

flexed both her thigh and her bicep. I was in real pain now 

and we had just started. I begged her to stop; but, she was 

having too much fun. She walked over to Marilyn and 

said, "now feel Marilyn's arm and thighs. Tell me if 

you want me to let her work on you some. Do you want 

to try her on for size, little boy ? Marilyn flexed as I felt 

her hard as rock arms and legs. Not only were they hard, 

but these were also huge. "My bicep is a rock solid 17" 

and my thighs measure 30". I think I could easily 

crush you to death with either of them. Yopu'd better 

start fighting back or Winnie will let me have you. 

And, I love to break men's bones. I'll start with the 

ribs then your arm, maybe a leg too."

	I tried to get out of the hold; but, she was just too 

strong. After she tired of this hold she threw me down 

onto the floor and with cat like speed she engulfed my 

neck and head with her long legs. I knew it was all over 

for me. As I opened my eyes and looked up at her she 

smiled, winked, and knocked me out. I didn't even have 

time to submit. When I came to she still had her python 

legs around my neck. "Well, that was fast wasn't it ? I 

just used about 1/2 of my power to put you out;but, I 

won't do it that fast again. I wanted to show you the 

power of these beautiful legs of mine. They are going 

to eat you alive. You are about to enter a world of pain 

you never knew existed between a woman's legs. You 

men only think of the pleasure between them. When 

I'm finished with you you'll tremble at the thought of 

putting your head between a woman's legs."

	Winnie began to slowly increase the pressure and I 

was screaming my submission in a matter of seconds. She 

just smiled and kept squeezing. She reached down and 

placed my hands on her thighs so I could feel the muscles 

that were crushing my neck. "This is only about 1/3 of 

my strength andyour thrashing around like a fish out 

of water. Do you hurt, little boy ? Do you want this 

strong girl to stop hurting your little neck ? I'll let you 

go but only if you'll promiseto crawl around the room 

on your hands and knees barking like a dog; then I 

want you to crawl over to me and beg me to smash 

your weak body with my legs in a body scissors. Do 

you agree or do I hold this pressure until I've 

destroyed your neck muscles ?" I agreed with tears in 

my eyes.

	Winnie released the hold and my head bounced off the 

floor. I got on my hands and knees and crawled around 

the room barking like a dog. Marilyn and Winnie were 

both laughing at me - I was totally humiliated. I was so 

frustrated by the power of these two beautiful women that 

I was crying. As I approached where they stood I heard 

Marilyn ask Winnie, "now remember what you 

promised me. You won't bust him up too badly so I 

can let these thighs of mine pop some bones. I just love 

to hear the sound of men's bones cracking." Winnie 

said, "I remember, but it'll be hard this guy's so weak 

and I'm so strong that I may break him without really 

trying to." She stood there with her hands on herhips 

smiling down at me while she flexed those awesome legs 

of hers. I knew she was pumping them up to really work 

my body over. I crawled up to her and looked up into her 

face. I asked her to please crush me with her legs in a 

body scissors. "Put you hands on my thighs, think 

about what they just did to your neck and then see if 

you can't put a little more pleading into your voice, or 

I might just get that neck again." As I put my hands on 

her thighs she exploded the muscles and I begged her with 

a trembling voice to please finish me off with her legs.

	Winnie grabbed a handful of my hair, lifted my head 

up and flexed her arm. As I was looking at her powerful 

bicep she swung her legs aver my body into a standing 

body scissors. Before I knew what hit me she clamped 

down and all of the air was forced out of my lungs. 

Winnie then dropped to her side and the crush was on. 

She began to toy with me by squeezing then relaxing; 

squeezing, then relaxing. Each squeeze seemed to get 

harder. She then rolled onto her back and with seemingly 

no effort lifted me into the air between her legs. " Now 

for some rib brusing power, little boy. I'm going to 

make you cry." As she increased the power of the hold I 

was in real pain. I reache out to try to pull at her legs ther 

was no give and I could once again feel thepower in those 

beautiful legs of hers. She began to shake me along with 

the squeezing and I was crying in no time. My tears were 

falling on her and running down between her big breasts. I 

was begging her to stop before she cut me in half. "I told 

you that I was going to demolish you didn't I. And I 

have done just that. You offered me no resistance; it 

was no contest. I also told you that if you didn't give 

me any fight I was going to let Marilyn have you. 

Well, I want you to ask me nice to please allow you to 

give me some pleasure by letting Marilyn work you 

over for just five minutes." 

	I begged her to do anything that would stop the pain I 

was feeling. Winnie lowered me to the floor and then 

released the hold. She stood up on her toes and flexed 

those diamond shaped calves in my face. "Just think 

these are what first got your attention and they 

haven't had the chance to show you how strong they 

are. I want you to trace the muscle outline of my calf 

with your tongue." When I was moving from one leg to 

the next Winnie slammed my neck between her calves and 

began to do toe raises. I was screaming my submission 

again in seconds. And in a few minutes I began to sink 

down into the depths of unconsciousness. As I began to 

come to I felt a handgrab a handful of my hair and raise 

me to my feet.

	There stood Marilyn. My face at her boob level. Did I 

mention that both of the women were well endowed. 

Marilyn could see my eyes fixed on her chest and she 

seemed to expand it. " Pretty big girl aren't I these 

little things are 40D. I could kill you just by wrapping 

them over your face and holding you there. I want to 

break your bones though. Lets get a little closer with a 

Marilyn hug." She wrapped her arms around my torso in  

bear hug and began to squeeze with her massive arms. 

Winnie had bruised my ribs so the pain was intensified as 

Marilyn squeezed. "OK, be real quiet now and you'll be 

able to hear the ribs crack." She increased the pressure 

and I screamed in pain as one of my ribs broke. "I told 

you to be quiet, I'm sure you didn't hear it so I'll do 

another one for you. now shut up and listen." I was 

almost out again; my head was laying on her shoulder as 

she put more power into the hold. This time I heard the 

CRACK as the rib went. "OH, I just love that sound. I 

only have a few more minutes with you so let's go for a 

hand and an arm in the same hold. You double that 

little fist of yours up and try to hit me in the jaw as 

hard as you can. If you hit me then I'll quit. If you 

don't I get to demonstrated some real arm muscle 

power as I snap your arm and crush your hand at the 

same time. Try real hard now." I tried to hit her, but 

she grabbed my fist in mid air and laughed as I tried to 

pull mmy hand free. " I can crush an apple with one 

hand. Keep your eyes on the big arm muscle as long as 

you can. On the count of three I'm going to make my 

forearm and arm muscle grow and grow for you." 

	She crushed my hand and I heard the bones of my 

fingers go like fire crackers. Marilyn was laughing at my 

helplessness. Then she began to curl her arm toward her 

body which raised me off of the ground being held by my 

crushed hand. As my feet cleared the ground and I looked 

into her smiling eyes; Marilyn snapped her arm and I both 

felt and heard the snap of the arm and the wrist as I 

passed out from the pain. When I came to this time I was 

in the hospital emergency room. The nurse came over to 

my bed as I began to come around. As my eyes cleared I 

noticed she was about Marilyn's height. In a very sexy 

voice I heard her say, " I see by your injuries that 

you've met my friends Winnie and Marilyn. When you 

recover from these injuries I'll let you feel the power 

of these big babies." With that she took my good hand, 

pushed back her sleeve, placed my hand on her arm and 

flexed her huge 181/2" bicep. I guess I fainted as I heard 

her laugh.



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