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Archive-name: Amazon/donna01.txt


Archive-title: Donna meets Dennis

                            Part One: 

One weekend a few years ago I took a trip to my old college town. The first 

night back I went out to party and see if any of my old friends were still 

around. I was in one of my old hangouts and I noticed a very tall and 

attractive girl standing against a wall. Her head and neck stood above the 

people around her. She looked at me and gave me a big wide smile to let me 

know she noticed me.  I stared back thinking  about how very big and 

attractive she was.  She had on a pair of  farmer overalls and a long sleeve 

top. I could see, from far away, that she was a big boned woman with very 

generously proportioned breasts and hips.  She had dark brunette hair that 

was down to her shoulders and a beautiful healthy face.  As I stood there 

she continued to smile at me and I continued to stare back. Just then a 

friend of mine began to talk to me and she returned to her friends.

As the night wore on I would notice her continuing to look and  smile at me. 

I could see her from where ever she was in the club, which was big, with 

several large rooms. How tall was she? Could she be TOO BIG for me. I had 

not gotten close enough to really tell exactly. Then I saw her talking to a 

girl named Linda who I had known from my fencing class. I always liked 

fencing with Linda because at over 6 feet tall she was amazonically 

proportioned herself, and would tower over my 5' 9" height. I was never all 

that interested in Linda, having desires for a heavier build, but she was 

always friendly to me and would say hello to me when she saw me. I watched 

them as they spoke to one another, trying to gauge just how big the larger 

one was. Linda had to actually look up to see into her face. She was several 

inches shorter. Then a direct path opened up between us and I saw that Linda 

had on high heeled boots while the other girl did not. I slowly moved closer. 

The bigger girl had her back to me and they did not seem to notice me. The 

closer I got the more amazed I became with her enormous size. At last I stood 

just behind her.  The tops of her shoulders were above the level of my eyes. 

Each cheek of her enormous buttox was twice my width. She was my total 

paradise. As she moved about I saw that what had up to now appeared to be a 

soft flabby body was actually very hard and densely packed. I thought about 

exactly how much heavier and stronger than me she must be and I began to 

become afraid.  My god I thought. This woman was too big for me. I thought 

about what she could do to me if she took me home. I certainly did not want 

a death wish or to become crippled for life. I thought that even though I 

might regret it later, I would have to pass on this one and I was no longer 

interested in what fun she had in mind for me later on. 

I started to back away. I would escape out the side door that was just to my 

right and around the corner.  But I found the crowd of people too difficult 

to penetrate through at that time.  I was finally beginning to move through 

the crowd when very large and strong hand squeezed me on the shoulder. The 

pain stopped me instantly and the powerful hold turned me about. Standing in 

front of me was Linda, and at her side, now running her hand up and down my 

back and smiling down at me was her friend. "Dennis, this is my friend Donna, 

she wanted me to introduce you." Donna slid her fingers down to my butt and 

pulled me against her leg so that my legs straddled her right thigh. The leg 

seemed to have no end. My right leg was at the center of her thigh while the 

left had not reached its inner side. Then with her fingers firmly in control 

she effortlessly slid my 200 lb. body up her leg so that both my feet were 

off the ground. I knew she could feel my hard erection through my jeans. 

With her other hand on the back of my head she effortlessly pushed my face 

into one of her large breasts.  "Oh he's so cute", I heard her say in low 

husky voice. " Linda, I think he's going to be so much fun." She eased the 

pressure against her breast and I turned my head to the side.  I could see 

Linda smile at  me and then smile at Donna.  Something seemed sinister about 

the way she was smiling. I was hoping that some of my friends would come 

around and get me out of this mess. I didn't realize that no one would dare. 

"Why don't we go sit down in a booth, Dennis." said Donna, "Then we can get 

to know each other a little bit better?. You WOULD like to get to know me 

better now wouldn't you?" 

Donna let me slide down her enormous leg till I stood on the floor. Then she 

griped my wrist. I couldn't believe how big her fingers were and what a 

strong imprisoning grip she had on me.  Linda went first and Donna followed 

with me being pulled behind. My weight didn't seem to effect her at all. We 

went through an archway and into another room. It seemed that all my friends 

had disappeared from view. People would move well off to the side as she 

came by, and I noticed that people were looking at me with solemn faces. 

We stopped in front of the first booth along the wall. A group of guys were 

sitting there drinking beer. Donna put her free hand on the center of the 

table and leaned across and over them. They stopped talking immediately and 

looked up at her as she slowly looked around and said "You big strong boys 

wanna make some room for little old me to sit down?" She turned about and 

bent over the guy on the end, teasing and frightening them by feigning to 

sit  before they could get out. Linda looked disappointed when they were 

allowed to scramble out. She had hoped to see one or two of them get 

squashed. Fortunately for them, Donna had her desires set on me. 

Donna forced me down into the booth and I only barley managed to slide 

across and avoid her giant ass from crashing down on top of me. Linda sat down 

across from us. "I'm so hot after seeing those frightened boys jump. You had 

them TRAPPED. I wanted to see you squash at least four of them. " , "Never 

mind", said Donna, "I've got Dennis here to play with." With that she put her 

right arm around me and affectionately kissed me on the top of the head while 

roughly rubbing her other  hand around my chest and stomach, her fingers 

extended down to my crotch. 

To be continued: (Donna plays with Dennis)


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