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Archive-name: Amazon/cowgirl2.txt


Archive-title: Cowgirl - Part 2

She commanded me to remove all of my clothes for the next ritual. I quickly

removed everything and stood there, very embarassed from the sight of my

erection.  She said, " Get on your knees in my presence, little man".  I

got to the floor immediately.  She proceeded to remove her overalls.  This

was a slow process because they were very tightly fit.  After they were

removed, she stood there in all her glory.  All that she wore was the

cowboy hat and the deadly boots.  She was magnificent.  She was extremely

muscled from head to toe.  Her calves popped out like grapefruits as she

turn around to give me a rear shot.  I started to tremble on the floor

stairing at her magnificense, knowing that I have just met the girl of my


She ordered me to crawl to her and I quikly came.  She handed me a bottle 

of Baby Oil and told me to rub it on her legs.  I squirted the the oil up 

down both legs and began massaging it into her muscles.  She was as hard as

a rock.  My hands moved over her termendous calves and thighs.  She 

flexed her legs and they seemed to almost double in size.  I new that she

was quite capable of crushing me to death without even trying.  As I looked

up at her, we made eye contact.  She gave me a deep confident stare while 

expanding her massive chest and broke into a double bicep pose.  I felt 

like a helpless fly cought in the web of a giant spider.  Her arms were

enormous.  They must have measured more than 20 inches.  Just the sight of

her before me, started juices flowing out of my erection and dripping onto

the floor.  As she looked down at me she said, "You are my sex toy.  Tonight

you will know what it is like to have sex with an Amazon and you will remember

it forever!". 

As I looked up, she spread her massive thighs.  I found myself stairing at

the largest clit I have ever seen in my life.  I was drawn to it like a 

magnet.  Her juices were flowing as I moved closer toward the giant mound.

She stepped over both my shoulders and trapped my head between her thighs.

Everytime she flexed her legs, it felt like my tongue would stick out an

additional two inches.  She held me there for 15 minutes as I licked and

sucked until my tongue was numb.  Suddenly she began to shake and tremble

as a loud scream came from deep in her throat.  I started to choke because 

it felt like someone poured a pint of creme down my throat.  She released

her hold on my head and I fell to the ground. 

She smiled down at me and said, "I like you little man and I don't want to

lose you.  Just to make sure there is no mistake that you are my property,

I will give you my mark".  She grabbed me by the back of my neck, picked

me up, and carried me into the kitchen.  She opened a drawer and took out

a long piece of rope.  Like a true Cowgirl, she let out a yell and came 

after me.  She cornered me and wrestled me to the ground.  I was no match 

for her great strength and wieght.  In seconds, she had my wrists and ankles

tied together just like a calf in a rodeo.  I was helpless on the floor

not knowing what she had planned next.  She walked over to a tall cubbord

and pulled out a branding iron.  I was scared shitless.  She just laughed

at me on the floor and began turning on the oven burner.  After five 

minutes in the flame, the large "B&D" letters of the brand glowed bright red.

With the iron in her hand, she started to come toward me.  I was screaming

and pleading for mercy, but she paid no attention.  She stood over me and

placed one big spurred boot on my side.  With her termendous weight on me

I could not move.  I closed my eyes and wished this was not real.  I heard

her say as she reared back her arm, "Now everyone will know you are mine".

She burried the brand into my ass cheek and I let out a loud scream.  The

pain was so emmense that I fainted.

Sometime later, I began comming to my sences.  I opened my eyes and began 

to feel all the aches and pains in my body.  I was in her bedroom lying 

on the bed feeling like my entire back side was on fire.  I reached down

and felt a large welt that formed the letters "B+D".  The bedroom door

opened and she entered the room with a satisfied grin on her face.  She

said, "I see my little sex toy has recouperated.  Now its time for some

Amazon lovin".  She jumped on top of me before I could blink an eye.  She

squeezed my wrists and sat down on top of my pelvis.  She began to push

down on me with a crushing forcefullness.  She felt like she wieghed over

300 pounds.  Even though I was in great pain, I felt myself getting very

sexually excited.  Within seconds, I was rock hard.  She felt my bulge 

under her wieght, smiled down at me and slid her body slightly back,

sucking me inside of her.  She gripped me like a vise as she sat upright

and started rocking back and forth.  It felt like my erection was being 

pulled out by the roots as she kept bearing down harder with her body.  I 

started begging for her to stop, but the louder I pleaded the more turned

on she became.  Suddenly her body started to convulse and she let out a

loud scream as she orgasmed.  

Her body was motionless and her eyes were rolled far back in her head.  

She started to breath deeply as she came down from her high.  She opened

her eyes and smiled, then she said, "That was very good my pet, now it is

your turn to cum".  Still on top of me, she began to flex her rock hard

body.  While expanding her massive chest, she broke into a double bicep

pose.  Holding that position, she flexed her stomac as the washboards

started rippling up and down.  I could feel my erection being squezed

harder and harder as I watched the gorgeous amazon on top of me pump up

her body.  I was in heaven, burried under the girl of my dreams, I didn't

want this moment to ever stop.

to be continued...


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