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Femal Domination
BBW, Fem Dom, Amazon Women and Female Domination

Archive-name: Amazon/cat1.txt

Archive-author: PCB

Archive-title: Cat

	For as far back as I can remember I have had an interest, you 

could say an obsession, with beautiful women who were well built 

and physically strong. As the years have gone by I guess I have 

become more "hard core" in this interest. In fact it is a sexual 

turn on for me to think about a beautiful woman beating me in 

physical tests of strength such as arm wrestling and wrestling. I 

have thought about boxing as well, but I am afraid of black eyes, 

etc. At any rate, this story is about how I was introduced to a 

club of women who are all beautiful, well built and physically 


	I had been writing to Cat - a real live woman, believe me, for 

some time when circumstances made it possible for me to travel 

and spend several days in the area in which she lived. Cat had 

told me that she loved to wrestle and dominate her 'victims' 

physically before she took them apart sexually and that she had 

some female friends who did the same thing. I was so excited that 

I could think of nothing else. I arrived and contacted Cat to 

tell her the hotel where I was staying. She said, " I'm so glad 

you are here. I have told the other girls about you and they 

can't wait to see us wrestle. It's really amazing, but I don't 

remember ever being as strong as I am now. You get unpacked and 

settled in and then a few of us will come over to your room and 

we'll have a little warm up contest to see who pays for dinner 

tonight. I hope you brought enough cash 'cause there will be five 

of us going out for a big steak dinner on you." I hung the phone 

up and got all my things unpacked. It wasn't long before I heard 

a knock on the door and I could feel the excitement as I opened 

the door.

	Standing there were four big, beautiful women. I knew at this 

point that I would be no match for any of them. They were all 

dressed in tight sweaters, short skirts and high heels. It seemed 

to me that their legs were a mile long. They greeted me with big 

smiles and as each one shook my hand and introduced themselves 

they each gave my hand a sample of their strength. Cat said, " We 

are starving so we'll make this quick. Come over here and kneel 

down in front of me and let me give you a sample of my scissors 

hold. We could wrestle and the result would be the same; this way 

we don't get all messed up before dinner. If you can last for 30 

seconds without submitting then we'll buy you dinner. " I knelt 

down and Cat almost gently placed my head between her long legs. 

My throat was resting on her crotch and I was looking up into her 

smiling face. The girls counted to three and then Cat winked and 


I was in trouble immediately and everyone knew it. I began to 

croak out my submission. But, Cat wasn't through yet. She began 

to tease me and made me verbally submit time after time.

 " Now if you want me to stop crushing your weak little neck I 

want to hear you tell me what it feels like to have a woman so 

completely out muscle you. Then I want to hear what you think 

each one of these women are going to do to you.  If your answer 

is good enough I'll finish you off, for now.  If it's not then 

we'll continue this for as long as it takes.  You see I could 

keep this hold for hours; only I don't think you would last that 

long."  I started talking as fast as I could.

 	Cat walked over and stood over my wasted body. As I looked up 

I saw her smiling face. "Well, you don't seem to be able to offer 

much resistance to us so far. Maybe you are tired from your trip 

and need some rest. To wind up the introduction for tonight 

Shelia wants to demonstrate her power and then tomorrow she will 

be the first one you have a 'match' with. After her you get to 

feel my power again and I'm going to crush you with my thighs and 

then smother you between these big E cup boobs of mine."  Shelia 

was 6' tall and beautiful. She calmly walked over to me and 

wrapped her arms around my ribs. She lifted me off of the ground 

and crushed me into immediate submission. " You give up, all 

ready ?  I'm not ready to stop yet. First put your hands on my 

arms and feel how hard they are then beg me to finish you off." I 

felt her arms and they felt like steel. I begged her to stop 

before she broke my ribs. I was having trouble getting my breath. 

Shelia laughed and lowered me to the floor and then she wrapped 

her arms around my head and pulled my face into her cleavage. I 

was fading fast and she knew it. Before I could escape into 

merciful unconsciousness she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled 

my face away from her chest. She pulled down so that I was 

looking up into her face. " This was just a sample. I can't wait 

until tomorrow when we have a chance to spend some time together. 

I'm going to give you something to think about tonight. My legs 

are going to make mincemeat out of you. Here, feel this thigh and 

calf muscle and think about them squeezing your throat. "

	Cat decided to have one last shot at me that night. " I am 

going to smother you with my boobs and humiliate you before we 

stop for tonight. At least try to give me some competition if you 

can. "  I really tried, but she was just too much for me. She 

allowed me on top and then she wrapped her arms around my head 

and pulled my face into her massive chest. I was fighting so hard 

to breathe that I lost interest in holding her down. She easily 

rolled us over with her on top. Cat released me and sat on my 

chest. " I have always been afraid of knocking a guy out but you 

seem to want to be knocked out so badly that I have decided to 

oblige you. I am going to do it with my boobs and a scissor 

combination tonight and then again tomorrow. Are you ready to 

take a nap now ? Look at these big babies as they slowly cover 

your face. To make this more fun I want you to play with your 

little dick as I work you over." She lowered her boobs to cover 

my face. They were so massive that they also covered my ears; my 

whole face was engulfed in her cleavage and she was squeezing the 

air out of me with her legs. Cat knew that I wouldn't last long 

like this so she would slack off on her scissor hold and raise up 

to allow me to gulp air. Each time I would do this the other 

women would laugh hysterically.

 	Here I was being held between a woman's legs and boobs; being 

totally out muscled and made to masturbate in front of these 

women. " Here let me help a little. Do my strong hands feel good 

? "  She played with my rock hard dick and then began to slap my 

face with her boobs as she jerked power into the scissor hold. I 

was fading fast when she slammed her boobs back down on my face 

and poured on the power from her legs. I remember shooting my 

load as I went into


	I was only out for a few minutes. As I recovered Cat was 

sitting with my head in her lap. " Look girls, he's coming 

around. Well Mr. Macho, this woman made all of you go limp at the 

same time didn't I ? Now get on your knees and put your face on 

my pussy and say 100 times, A woman's muscle power and her boobs 

are too much for a man. " I did as she commanded and as I 

approached the last several times Cat's powerful legs wrapped 

themselves around my head and I thought she would crack my skull 

as she came. She released the hold and I dropped in a heap on the 

floor. They let me rest for about an hour and then each of the 

women used me as Cat had done. They drove me back to the hotel in 

the wee hours of the morning. Totally beaten and totally enslaved 

by their powerful bodies and their beauty.

	The rest of my stay there was more of the same thing. I was 

beaten and used. And Tia did get to wrap her long legs around my 

ribs and she squeezed with such force that we all heard it when 

one of them popped. She let go and stood over me flexing her 

muscles. She made me feel and kiss them and then she made me beg 

her to not break me anymore.

	I left there humiliated and also excited. I had been 

physically dominated and sexually used by sexy, beautiful members 

of the stronger sex - it really was a weekend work-over.


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