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Archive-name: Solo/xformed.txt


Archive-title: Transformed

I approached the door and pushed it open.  Inside it was quite                 

dark.  It took a while but finally my eyes adjusted.  Seated                   

in the corner of the room was a very attractive women.  She was                

dressed as if she were looking for a lover, or should I say undressed.         

She wore white stockings and garterbelt, white high heels, and                 

a maids hat.  She was seated on a large over stuffed chair.                    

Her legs were thrown over the arms of the chair, and in her hand               

was a dildo, which she was thrusting into her pussy.  Her head                 

was thrown back in exstasy.   I know she did not notice that                   

I had walked up.  I stood in amaizment and watched for a while                 

as she pleased herself.  Her other hand was bussily rubbing her                

clitoris as she continued to plunge her plastic lover in and                   

out of her gaping cunt.  I heard her moaning, and squeeling with               

delight, symaltainiously with each stroke.  I couldn't help myself,            

I walked up and gently stroked her long hair from her face.                    

As I did she lurched, WHAT!... Oh, AH!...  Her body had started                

to convulce in orgasm, she was caught between fear, and cumming,               

the cum won out, and she completed her act.  She looked up at                  

me and I again brushed the hair from her face.  "It looked like                

that was a good one", I said.   Her hands were still trembling                 

as she spoke.  "Ah, how did you get in here?"   "Right through                 

that door over there, I turned and gestured to the door...  !!!                

It was gone...                                                                 


...and suddenly I felt a shuddering, unnerving wave of energy                  

pulse through my body. The light was blinding, even though I                   

had closed my eyelids. I raised my hands to cover my face, as                  

I felt the energy grab hold of my body. It felt almost like an                 

extended electric shock, but somewhere between pain and pleasure.              

Suddenly, the windswept roar of the wave subsided, and I was                   

left with the sound of a rain forest in my ears. I lowered my                  

hands and opened my eyes; I was still blinded, and decided not                 

to stand, as I felt the dense grass of the jungle between my                   

toes. I was frightened, and exhausted; I'd just come. I reached                

down to put my cock back into my shorts, and rather than a flacid              

phallus, I found a stiff prick in my hands. "But I'd just come!"               

I thought to myself. I pulled on my cock, as if to continue stroking           

off in my blindness. The dildo slipped out of my vagina, into                  

my hands. But, wait... I could FEEL my cock... but it wasn't                   

attached to my body! I took my left hand and placed it in my                   

crotch...and felt the wetness of my swollen vulva and the newfound             

sensitivity of my clitoris which sent a wave of sexual energy                  

straight up my spine, to my... breasts! I took my right hand,                  

in shock, immediately up to my right breast, and my nipple sprang              

to attention. But having dropped my penis in the cold grass,                   

I let out a gasp of shock. "I'd better not lose *this*," I thought!            

Thinking of no better place to put it, I carefully got on my                   

hands and knees, naked except for the lingerie the desirable                   

woman had worn in message 3. I found my penis, and placed it                   

in the warmth of my mouth, as my long hair cascaded around my                  

face. On all fours, I had to suck to keep my cock in my mouth                  

as I explored my new body with my slender slender                 

waist, my flaring, womanly hips, my thighs, covered with baby-soft             

downy hairs. I touched my clit, twisted my left nipple, and sucked             

on my cock, which somehow had a connection of sensation to my                  

brain. The feeling of sexual completeness was inexplainable.                   

I had but one thing to do, and I knew that I must do it. Yes.                  

I took my hard cock, and slid it into the garden between my thighs.            

I felt so complete; I could feel the contractions of my PC muscle              

upon my cock, and the thrusting waves against my clitoris,                     

simultaniously. I cooed softly with a mezzo-soprano tone, and                  

fell gently into the grass...                                                  

I separated the folds of skin with my fingers.  The sensation              

of my fingers in this new area of my body sent vibrations though           

my slender frame.  I pulled on the outer lips and could feel               

a trickle of moisture sliding down my thigh.  I took my cock               

and slid it between the folds of skin lengthwise, rubbing up               

and down the length of my slit.  The fluid oozed from me and               

lubricated my cock.  Ummm this felt sooo fantastic.  I tweeked             

my left nipple between forefinger and thumb, then pinched hard,            

hard enough to cause almost pain.  My nipple responded by getting          

very hard.  My cock slid between my lips with great ease, I retracted      

a bit and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to my cavern.         

I rubbed it up and down just a little more to insure that the              

inner lips were ready for the insertion.  Then I pushed only               

the head into myself.  I could feel the tension  mount in my               

loins.  I was moaning uncontollably as I pushed a little harder.           

My other hand found its way to the top of my slit.  I rubbed               

my fingers through the wet hairs that surrounded my new pleasure           

spot.  Then I found a nub, burried just below the top of my slit.          

I rubbed one finger over the end of it.  Ohhhh!!! I jumped as              

did.  The intencity of doing that drove me into a frenzy.  Now             

my the folds of skin had puffed up, and there was fluid almost             

running from my swollen hole.  I undulated my hips and dug m               

heels into the soft soil.  All that was around me turned into              

a blur.  My head thrown back and my back arched, I writhed around          

on the ground with my cock pulsing in and out of my cavern.                

I could feel the waves of orgasm building from deep within.                

Thrust after thrust of my cock and I kept rubbing this tiny pleasure       

nub that was now totaly exposed from its hooded hiding place.              

Ah, Uh, oooooo I cooed, now at the very verge of release.  My              

lips now slurping as my cock slid to the hilt within me.  ONE___           

F_I_N_A_L_ __ P_U_S_H!!! Ohhh!!!  I heard the air escape from              

within me.  I convulsed so hard that my slippery cavern muscles            

pushed my cock from me.  I mushed my fist over my lips and rubbed          

furriously  Umph Umph!!!  The waves kept comming, one after another        

till I lost control of what I was doing and fell limp....                  



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