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Archive-name: Solo/oneonone.txt


Archive-title: One on One

     I was once again in the security of mu home and the warmth of my

bedroom when I decided to lay down and reminisce about days gone by. 

God, I'd been so lucky to be able, and capable, of so many warm and

romantic days and evenings before; some warmer than others, of course. 

I remember, oh so well: Irene, Cathy, Linda, Gina, Liz... Liz.  "Oh man,

Liz!  That petite, fresh nymphette that made so many nights fly by", I

thought to myself as I reached down and grabbed my cock for the thought

of her.  I felt a rush of blood and a tinge of nerve shoot to my member

as I continued in my visualization of Liz.

     She was tiny, about 4'11" and eighty-some-odd pounds, and as

vivacious as you could get.  Her frizzy, black hair surrounding her cute

little face with dark eyes reminded me of a harem girl waiting for her

master to beckon her for a night of pleasures.  Her pert, firm breasts

touted continuously erect nipples, as if always in a state of excitement. 

She always used to wear Danskin tops that made men constantly notice her

for her small, beautifully sculptured torso and, of course, tight jeans

that completed the sloping curves of her perfect, petite form.

     My mind became crystal clear and my imagery of her was complete.  I

saw her nakedness and anxious attitude at one time.  An overwhelming

combination of vision and feeling overtook me and my hand moved easily

about my now stiffened cock.  I remembered the feeling of being in her

and the beckoning from her for more.  She reminded me of a rabbit;

hopping around for the most advantageous position for penetration.  My

hand surrounded my engorged member and slowly, softly moved upon it's

length.  I opened my hand so the flat of my palm pressed upon the silky

skin.  I moved my hand up and down and side to side causing the blood

that filled my dick to pulse and course through the large veins that now

bulged around the exterior of my love machine.  I again glimpsed a

picture of Liz laying spread-eagled on a bed, calling me to come to her

and fill her cunt with my hungry cock.  She was stroking herself between

her thighs with open hands, spreading her lips and showing me the pink,

warm spot of her, and my, desire.

     I rubbed my index finger on the head of my dick and played with the

little hole in it's apex.  I circled my fingers around the shaft and with

long, deliberate strokes, watched myself pull and push the loose skin of

it's length.  I felt the hardness within me all the way to the base of my

ass.  I then pinched the pink foreskin of my prick and rolled it between

my fingers.  It felt so good.

     Another picture of Liz appeared in my head.  She was rolling my cock

in her mouth, manipulating it with her tongue to rub on the insides of

her cheeks.  I grabbed myself hard and allowed the memory of her warm,

moist mouth to play with me.  With my other hand I gently massaged my

balls and allowed my fingers to play with the hairs surrounding them.  I

pushed my finger between the sensitive egg-shapes and tickled the lowest

portions of my erection.  My leg muscles tightened and strained as they

held my hips up off the bed and then they relaxed permitting my ass to

gently sit down on the bed.

     Again, a vision appeared.  This time of me standing on a bed holding

Liz' hips up to mine with my shaft plunged deeply into her.  I could hear

her moan and sigh with pleasure; our bodies straining and sweating in the

heat of the moment.  As I pictured myself letting her body slide down my

rock-hard pole, I could see the glistening traces of her juices on the

bumpy shaft of my cock.  I could feel the tightness of her cunt grabbing

at me as the head almost came out of her.  I held her there for a second,

teasing her with the tip of my tittalator before ramming it's full length

into her hot, dripping cavern and pulling her ass up hard to meet my

attack.  "Oh", she shouted as she felt the tip of the battering ram touch

the back of her vagina.

     Hard again, I pulled at myself and allowed the memory to warm and

burn my pulsing erection.  A quiver ran through me and electrified my

cock, balls and ass.  I moved my other hand around the cheek of my ass

and teased myself by poking at my anal sphincter which was now clenched

tight.  Another hard stroke and simultaneous poke increased the throbbing

within me.  Again and again I repeated the move keeping the vivid picture

of fucking Liz in my min's eye.  I began to notice pain as I moved my

hand up and down the shaft of my prick and looked down to see the raw

redness of my earnst.  I quickly opened the nightstand drawer and dipped

my fingers into the jar of joy-lube that was there.  As I began to

annoint myself with the goo, I felt the rawness subside and the warm,

slippery feeling of a ready, pouting cunt arrive.  Oooh, it felt great to

imagine myself deep within Liz; sliding my hand easily and smoothly up

and down the throbbing shaft.  Another tingle came upon me and excited me

tremendously.  Flashes of Liz came and went in different positions each

time; each one a feeling rememberance of her tight wanting pussy and

clenched little ass.  I gasped as a jolt of electric coursed within me

and made me shake with desire.  I slowed my pace and remembered Liz'

prominent pelvic bone that rode heavily on the top of my cock.  I

pictured her face: contorted and relaxed, oohing and ahhing, beckoning

and shooing.

     I then grabbed the anal probe that lay next to the gel in the

bedstand and dipped it into the jar.  Slowly I moved tha thin prod to my

ass and felt the slight cold of the gel on my asshole.  I held it there

for a while and let the movements from my jerking cause it to gently push

against the tightly closed circular muscle of my hole.  Another flash,

another tingle, another shot of electric hit me.  I increased my frigging

tempo and started to push the probe against my sphincter till it slipped

sharply into my asshole.  "Oh", I moaned, "oh!".  I could feel the

pressure of my asshole undulating on the shaft of the probe.  Slowly I

pushed it in further.  "Oooh", I gasped as it slid gently into me.  I

quickly slowed my hand movements and felt the probe inside of me,

envisioning it as if it were my cock inside of Liz.  I opened the hand

that was upon my shaft and again rubbed my cock slowly and deliberately. 

I moved my hand at the same speed as I felt my ass opening and closing on

the foreign object placed there.  They abetted each another.  As my hand

came down across the sensitive area of my cock-head and foreskin, my

asshole pulsed.

     I rolled over and knelt on the bed, envisioning Liz taking me

doggie-style.  I worked the probe gently but deeply into my ass and felt

the rushes of pleasure in my dick.  I glanced over to the drawer and saw

the cover of an explicit magazine there.  A dark-haired girl was on the

cover holding her cunt open to expose her hole and clitoris.  Her large

tits were pushed together by her arms and the nipples were erect and

begging for attention.  I thrusted the probe forward and jerked myself

rapidly upon the sight and soon felt the mounting pressure start to move

in the base of my cock.  It pushed into the shaft of my dick and my ass

clenched tightly at the still embedded probe.  Another pulse and I could

feel the heat of my semen rising in me.  Another pulse and I could feel

my juice at the orifice of my cock.

     Boom, the first shot blasted it's way onto the mattress and my ass

muscle grabbed at the probe uncontrollably, fluttering and contracting.

     Boom, the second shot left me and hit the base of the pillow case. 

Boom, the third shot landed directly in the middle of the pillow and as

it did I spun myself over and flopped down on the bed causing the probe

to ram deep inside of me.  Boom, another stream of flying jism left my

hose, and another, and another.  As I lay there cumming and writhing in

pleasure, I noticed my asshole flickering spasmodically upon the thin

tube buried inside it.  "Oh, my God", I muttered.  The sensations were


     Slowly, I began to regain some composure and slowly, very slowly,

pulled the probe out of my ass feeling it's ribbed shape, like the

flowing of tides, upon my straining ass.  Boom, another shot of cum

spurted from me as the probe exited my hole and let the sphincter muscle

slam shut.  "Oh, God!" I yelled at the last blast of my ejaculation.  I

laid there twitching, my eyes closed, thinking of Liz as she kissed me

generously about my face and neck.  As my orgasm slowly subsided, I spent

there satisfied at my recent masturbation.

     "Wow, who says you shouldn't do this?" I asked myself jokingly. 

"Not me, baby!  Uh uh.  Not me!"


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