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Archive-name: Solo/mast.txt


Archive-title: Spokane

   What do I think about when I masturbate? Funny you should ask.

Sometimes I masturbate while looking at porn mags or watching porn

flicks so I am thinking what it would be like to actually be one of

the people in the picture or movie. I am an exhibitionist at heart

so it would be a real turn on to be naked and/or having sex while

others watched. I am always the "doer" not the "doee". I am the one

sucking the cock, eating the pussy, fucking the girl or getting

fucked in my ass. I also get turned on by the idea of being watched

while I jerk off. Many times I have masturbated by an open window,

pretending not to notice that I could easily be seen by all who

cared to look. Sometimes I have even gone out of my way to make

sure that someone was watching. The best example of this is when I

was in Spokane for a conference two years ago.


   The morning session of the conference was incredibly boring so

I was going to skip the afternoon part. I wanted to take a nap,

shower and check out the city. When I got to my room I quickly

stripped and jumped in the shower. I came out of the bathroom after

a nice long relaxing shower wearing a towel around my waist. I

picked up a "What to See and Do in Spokane" book and sat by the

window. I was on the 24th floor of a downtown hotel and the window

was a big picture one with a big sitting area in front of it level

with the bottom of the window.

   I sat against one of the walls and stretched my legs out and

checked out the view. Down below the city was hustling and bustling

like any other Friday but somehow the window acted like a barrier

between me and the ruckus below. All around me were other high

rises, they were fairly close but I couldn't make out any of the

activity within them. Above them loomed a clear blue cloudless sky,

truly a perfect day.

  I then started wondering if people in the other buildings ever

caught glimpses of naked bodies in my hotel. How many times had

they seen a couple making love or lounging around in the buff after

a shower or masturbating. Then it occurred to me that perhaps they

had seen me naked when I was getting ready for my shower. Perhaps

they should see me masturbate too!

  After seriously checking out the area around me for any obvious

means of causing trouble and making sure my door was locked I again

sat down on the ledge, minus my towel. At first I sat with my knees

pulled up to my chest and my cock hidden between my body and my

legs and looked out the window. It felt incredible, the sun was

beating against the window and covering me with warmth. I was

wondering if I would have the guts to go through with it when I

finally said "What the hell" and lowered my legs.

  There I sat, naked in the window for all of downtown Spokane to

see. Slowly my hands crept towards my semi-erect penis. I like to

start masturbating before my cock gets hard so I can play with the

foreskin. I pull it all the way back and watch as my pink cockhead

comes into sight and bends down slightly. As I was doing this I was

totally engrossed with the pleasure it was causing and completely

forgot where I was.

  I like to tease myself at first, I just stroke slowly until I get

hard. Then casually continue, in no hurry at all. When I get hard

I continue to pull the foreskin all the way back and forth so it

rubs against my glans and gets the precum flowing like a river.

Only after doing this for awhile did I look out the window and

remember where I was but by this time I did not care.

  I spread my legs wide because I like to feel my balls bounce

against my crotch. I did this by the window and began beating off

really hard totally oblivious to all who might be watching. I like

to stroke really hard and alternately tense up and relax, this

causes my balls to slap against my crotch and then stop. Combining

this with a tight grip around my the head of my cock easily brings

me to climax quickly. As I got closer and closer to my orgasm my

breathing got heavier and I began to gyrate my hips as though I was

fucking the air. Usually I slow down to delay my orgasm a bit and

prolong the experience but there was no stopping this cum.

  My whole body twitched and I arched my back and shot spurt after

glorious spurt of warm cum into the air. I heard the first few

shots splatter on the wall behind me and then felt the rest

splatter on my chest and crotch. I continued to stroke as I eased

back into the sitting position. The remaining cum began to dribble

down my cock onto my hand so I used it as lube to stroke the rest


  I licked the cum of my hand and began to play with the globs of

it on my chest. It was really warm, almost hot and was thick as

syrup. I reached for my towel and wiped off my chest and cleaned up

my dick. As I got up I noticed my cum that had hit the wall. I

thought about it for a second and decided to put on a "grand

finale" for any spectators that I might have had. I bent down and

licked each glob of cum off the wall.

  I barely made it to the bed before I fell into a deep sleep.


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