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Archive-name: Solo/laundry2.txt


Archive-title: Laundomat Encounter - 2


 Angry was a good word, but frustrated was even better.

Sexually frustrated.

 It was bad enough being driven into activily hunting for a

man, any man, but what was even worse than that, finding an

attractive man to screw and then being turned down!

 That damned George last night was a classic example of how

stupid men were when it came right down to the nitty gritty of

raw sexual longing, and Linda tossed her head negativily,


 Linda would begin to think that she knew something about men,

and would be able to manipulate the man of her sexual choice,

when bang, something like last night would happen and Linda

thought that she was back on square one, like a high school

freshman, wanting to screw but not knowing how to go about

getting someone that was interested.

 There must be rules in the gamebook that she hadn't read. It

was not unlike sitting down and playing Blackjack in a casino

without being sure of the cards or the rules. Really


 Most of the time she didn't think all that much about sex.

 Oh, she'd have liked to have a boyfriend, and maybe get

married some day, but not right now, thank you kindly.

 The pressure of having a steady boyfriend was a burden more

than she wanted.

 It was nice to have someone for the Friday night after work,

relaxing, letdown of the pressures of the work week, and maybe

a nice dinner out on Saturday night or even a Sunday afternoon

lying in bed on a rainy day type sexual exertions, getting her

brains fucked out. Snoozing a while while the world turned

slowly past the half closed eyelids until a slowly awakening

lust opened her myopic blue eyes, and drove her into some

sweetly exciting hot sexual exploration. But Linda found the

problems generated by a steady boyfriend, always wanting to

come over and just lay around, maybe watching a football game

on the tube which bored her out of her mind, to be more than

she wanted to handle.

 Not only that, but they always took over ownership of her

body, and then her mind, not letting her have enough freedom to

be herself and it just wasn't worth the hassle!

 Not that Linda didn't like sex, she certainly did! She like

everything about sex. She liked the warmth and the smooth

feeling of having her stomach knot up when she came, and the

slippery wetness between her thighs. She liked the taste and

smell of sex, the rosy hue her body achieved during a long

heavy sexual encounter, and the exciting exploration of a new

lover's body.

 One of her previous boyfriends, Tony, used to fuck her into

submission and then when she couldn't stand it anymore, the

Italian stallion would pull his prick out and spray his sperm

over her breasts, driving her right up the wall with ecstacy.

 The hot spraying juice spurting out before her eyes, and the

feeling of it hitting and clinging to her tits would bring her

to a series of multiple orgasms that rippled her whole body

like a piece of cloth hanging on a line in the wind.

 When he would dip his stubby finger into his liquid, and wipe

his finger in her mouth, Linda would start gasping for breath,

eager tongue lapping at the still hot juice, savoring, while

her loins churned and spasmed with a muscle cramping intensity.

 But they'd broken up when he'd started treating her like they

were already married, and coming over in old jeans, not

showering, and having the weekend of stubble on his face, and

she couldn't stand it.

 What she didn't like was not being able to have sex when she

wanted it, without all of the strings that seemed to be

attached to all of her relationships. Linda knew her body

intimately, every curve and hollow, sometimes lying in bed for

hours caressing and teasing herself. Once, on a lazy

Sunday afternoon, she'd placed a new set of batteries in her

pink plastic vibrator and used it continually, mostly between

her thighs but over her breasts and the rest of her body too,

until the gaddamn batteries went dead.

 Next time she purchased a vibrator, the damn thing better work

on house current, and not depend on batteries! Dead batteries

were also frustrating.

 Sex was addictive. Once she started having sex, she wanted

more and more, and there didn't seem to be any such thing as an

overdose. But when she wasn't getting laid often, then she kind

of forgot about sex except for the few days just before her

period, when her glands secreting female hormones, drove her

out of her mind wanting to get fucked.

 Like right now!

 Last night she'd fiddled around, even breaking down and

calling a few male friends, delving through her personal phone

book, to get no answer ringing, and a woman answering the phone

to an old boyfriend with Linda hanging up.

 She had so much nervous energy that she'd decided to wash

clothes, and then the goddamn fucking washing machine made the

same grinding sounds, and she knew it was a case of calling the

mechanic and another round of headaches getting the goddamn

thing fixed again.

 Another damn trip to the laundromat!

 She'd brushed her hair, slipped a pair of soft soled shoes on,

and gathered up her undies and jeans and blouses into a big

pile, stuffing it into the mesh laundry bag.

 On second thought, she kicked off her shoes, pulling her jeans

off, stripping the panties from her hips and tossing them into

the pile, along with her brassiere. Might just as well wash

everything now, since one never knew how long it would take to

get her machine fixed, did one?

 Nude, she stared in the mirrors on the sliding doors of her

walk in closet, turning her head, cocking it on the side,

looking frankly at her figure. 

 Slim, elegant, and exciting, she thought. Sometimes she wished

her tits were bigger, but then again, they certainly didn't

sag, and there wasn't a crease at the bottom to gather sweat,

and she'd not had any complaints, ever. She decided she liked

her breasts. Pink nipples peaking almost to points, that would

thicken with lust when she was aroused, but blended smoothly

into the surrounding skin when her libido wasn't all that


 Now they were just half peaked, half excited, and no one here

to do anything about getting them into full hardness. Too bad

for them.

 Stomach flat, and she sucked it in even more, looking

critically at the swelling of her smooth lower abdoman, seeing

that the deep breath and holding her stomach muscles flat,

raised her breasts and made her figure look even better. She

raised up, standing on her toes as if she were wearing heels,

watching the further tautening of her slim legs, the muscles

writhing smothly under the soft skin. Most attractive she

thought. If I were into girls, I'd like to try my hand at this

one, or maybe my head, wicked giggle escaping.

 Curly dark blonde haired triangle nestled between the swelling

of her thighs, the fur protruding. Luxuriant growth, bushy

might even be a better word. More might be better Linda

thought, remembering the cushioning her muff gave her when some

over eager lover was really pounding his cock into her, his

belly and groin hitting her between her thighs, then the bushy

mound would act as a shock absorbing mat. Not that she realy

had thought about it all that much while it was going on, but

the next day when the soreness of bruised flesh complained from

the hard banging, her eyes would go upwards, thanking whoever

was running the show for equiping her with a full bush of hair

between her legs.

 She ran one finger through her curls, feeling the soft viable,

flesh, the opening slitted long between her thighs, the

moistness and heat being radiated out, sensing the gathering

moisture making the hidden slotted lipped opening even more

slippery as she wiggled her finger over the bump.

 Jesus, I've got to stop now, or I'll never get those fucking

clothes washed, her mind steaming to match her pussy.

 Linda slid the closet door open, pulling her Gloria

Vanderbuilt jeans from a hanger, standing on one leg, inserting

the other, hopping from one foot to the other to pull them over

the swelling of her hips and ass. Unable to close the zipper on

the form fitted jeans, she lay face up on the bed, pulling in

her already flat stomach, arms akward and akimbo, pulling and

tugging on the stubborn zipper, slowly tooth by tooth dragging

it higher in the track until she could snap the metal button at

the top.

 Jumping from the bed she pulled her plaid shirt from the

closet, feeling the soft wool cling to her, opening the metal

button again, stuffing her plaid shirt, then struggling to

fasten the button, face a little red from the trial.

 Spinning, looking at her ass in the mirror, the denium cloth

clinging to her butt, no panty line showing for the simple

reason of no panties, attractive she thought, nice ass she


 And the wool dark green plaid shirt brought out the highlights

of her naturally curly blonde hair. The hair she'd paid a

fortune to have naturally curled about once every two months at

the beauty parlor.

 She smoothed the wrinkles in the bed, tossed the pillows

again, in case she was lucky and met someone tonight and

brought them home with her, it was always nicer to start with a

smooth bed, and rumple it up with loving.

 Deciding her make up was fine, Linda grabbed her mesh bag,

turned out the bedroom light.

 Leaving on one living room light, carefully locking the door,

both the top and bottom lock, the deadbolt that had been

installed by the guy who didn't wear a shirt and had a cute

butt, that she'd teased until he'd fucked her.

 Driving to the laundromat, her mind went back to that summer


 Remembering - June, no, July, sometime after the Fourth, she

called a locksmith after the house down the street had been

ripped off by someone who'd slipped a plastic card into the

jamb and opened the front door, and the house was a shambles,

with all kinds of things stolen, and she'd gotten scared and

called the locksmith from the yellow pages.

 He'd arrived in a battered white van, no shirt, burly chest

and a tight ass with buns. She liked buns.

 He had convinced her to put in an expensive deadbolt,

explaining, how difficult it would be for anyone to get in,

serious eyes staring into hers, until she felt the animal heat

growing in her loins, and had decided to seduce him, or let him

seduce her, whichever, as long as she got laid.

 It had cost her for three deadbolts, one front, one back, and

one on the sliding glass doors of her bedroom leading to the

enclosed patio. But later he'd taken the labor off the bill, so

she'd really done well in the money department.

 While he had drilled the door and the jamb for the lock on

the front door, she'd hurried to her bedroom and opened the

vertical blinds full open, tossing a two piece bathing suit on

the bed and aimlessly moving around the bedroom with the lights

on, every light on, until she could see him on the patio

working on the back door, then she'd kind of nonchalantly

undressed as if she didn't realize that he could see her

getting naked. Teasing him from twenty feet away.

 He didn't stare, but even though his head was turned to the

door jamb as if he was really inspecting the wood, she could

see his eyes fastening to her nude body moving back and forth

in the bedroom as she hung her clothes, brushed her hair

looking in the mirror, and got her bathing suit on.

 He was watching alright!

 She could see his tight jeans at the crotch, and wondering if

he had a hard yet.

 She'd wandered out onto the patio, slinking into the deck

chair facing him, watching him work, following the shifting of

his muscles while he drilled the pattern out of the jamb and

fitted the metal deadbolt on the back door, the hot sun making

her sweat.

                  CONTINUED PART 2

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