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Archive-name: Solo/funstory.txt

Archive-author: Richard J. Jacobs

Archive-title: Fun Story of Masturbation

     A few years ago I was at my girlfriends apt. and we were just hanging out

and watching tv.  She was watching some program about the Chippendale dancers.

(I have no idea why she would want to watch that) *smile*

     I kept telling her that looks like fun and she kept telling me mow much

work the guys had to do and all the effort it went into giving a good show.

Well, we were both joking back and forth and I said that I would have no

problem dancing half naed in front of a room full of screaming women waving

money at me. *smile*  This went on for a little bit and out of the blue my

girlfriend said she was going to call her friend and I could put on a show for

the two of them.  I thought she was joking and I said..go head give her a call.

Well, about half an hour later there was a knock at the door and before I knew

it I had two girls waiting for me to give them a show.  since I am a person

that loves to try new things I figured what the heck...They were not paying

money, so they couldn't ask for a refund if they did not like the show. *smile*

     Well they started to laugh and giggle and told me to start stripping... :)

I started to dance around and shake my butt and hips and tried to be sexy

about it.  They were still laughing and giggling and then they started towave

money at me...and they were still yelling for me to take to take it off.  Well

I couldn't say no, could I? *smile*  so off came the sneakers and socks and 

then the shirt...but now with the girls still whooping it up it was time to

take off the pants.. :)  and in one quick motion the pants were off and I had

nothing on but a sexy pair of bikinis... :)  the girls were laughing and

screaming and couldn't believe I took my pants off and they thought I wouldn't

go that far..but i figured you can see more at the beach..*smile*

     At this point I thought my little show was over but the girls had other

plans. They wanted me to take it ALL off...and I said umnmmm....uggggg...ok! :)

And I slowly started to remove my bikinis...and before you know it there I was

in my birthday suit! :) :)  They couldn't believe I took everything off but I

guess I am a nudist at heart. *smile*  but, here comes the kicker...

     As I was standing there naked and the girls were laughing and having a

good time my coc* started to get hard and before I knew it I was rock hard! :)

The girls couldn't believe it but it didn't seem like they were holding their

hands over their eyes. :) :)  They then told me that they wanted to see more, 

but I could not understand what they meant.  I mean there I was standing there

naked...what else was there to see?? :) :)  Then both of the girls staarted to

make these hand know, the ones guys do while rubbing their coc*!

*smile*  I couldn't believe they wanted me to do that in front of them, but

since I am an adventerous sort...I figured what the heck...let's go for it. :)

     So I started to stroke and touch my coc*.  Then I started to play with

my balls..(they are cute little ones) :) and I was dancing and shaking and

stroking and playing with myself and we were all having a great time...After

doing this for about a half hour I could feel myself ready to cum and I told

the girls to watch out because when I cum I shoot pretty far.. :)  It got to

where I couldn't hold out and more and then I started to cum...and let me tell

you it felt good...the other girl who was there couldn't beleive how far I

could shoot and she told me how sexy it looked...  And to make a long story

short they liked that ummm..explosion so much, well I gave them two more before

the show was over and done with. *smile*


     Since that adventure I have turned it into something that is lots of fun

for me as well as the ladies. :)  I now do *special* shows for the ladies. :)

After this first time I started to get calls, not lots of them but some and

the ladies who were calling were asking to see my *special* shows.  And since

it sounded like fun I figured I would give it a whirl.. :) 

     I have done dozens of shoes since then and everyone of them has been lots

of fun and everyone has had a good time..  And there is *no* charge for them.

I figured since I was having so much fun why charge? *smile*

     Anyway I hoped everyone enjoyed reading this and if you would like more

true life adventures just drop me an e-mail and I will post more to the list.

     And for any of you ladies out there are in the New York ara and would

be interested in one of these special shows by a friendly, fun. good looking

(and I really am...just ask my mom) *smile* guy, just send me an e-mail and

I will send you all the measurements ummmm...I mean specifics..*smile*

     Take care everyone.




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