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Archive-name: Solo/discover.f

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: Self Discovery




            Please, won't you come and join me in a journey through

            human sexuality.  We will explore together, the emotional as

            well as the physical sides of pleasure.  We will encounter

            people, sometimes fictitious, who have discovered that a

            total loss of inhibitions can expand ones consciousness.

            The women, men and all the others we will meet will inspire

            us to ponder our own sensuality.  My stories are sometimes

            true, directly from my own personal experiences.  Some of

            them are half-truths, and some are fantasies.  I will leave

            it up to you to decide which are which.

            I sincerely hope that you enjoy our travels together.  I

            truly believe that you will.   And I hope that, out of all

            of my tales of pleasure, you will stumble on something that

            will benefit you in your search for sexual freedom within




            COPYRIGHT (C)  1990   -   By Heather  Dawson   -  All rights

            reserved except  as provided for herewith: This document MAY

            BE freely  reproduced, or  transmitted by  any form  or  any

            means, electronic  or  mechanical,  including  photocopying,

            recording, or  information storage  and  retrieval  systems,

            electronic bulletin  board systems,  or magnetic  media,  or

            other means deemed suitable, providing it is not modified in

            part or whole nor sold, or combined with other products sold

            commercially, without  the express written permission of the


            The turbulent storm was raging outside, just as it had been

            almost all day.  The humidity and the pounding of the rain

            were making me sleepy and tired.  Just plain old groggy.  I

            decided to retire to my bedroom for a nap until the showers

            had ended.  I was too weary to continue working on the

            business project that was before me.  I had, for sometime,

            been in a self evaluation period, and I no longer felt like

            I knew who I was.  Somewhere something had gotten lost.

            I retreated to my bedroom as the thunder roared. It was

            illuminated only by the misty haze that hung in the spring

            air.  I slipped out of my sweats and went across the room to

            toss them into the hamper.  I began to re-trace my steps, as

            I caught my image in my mirror.  I stopped, looking

            curiously for a moment.  The hazy light made my fair skin

            seem luxurious. My blonde hair, pulled up, had taken on an

            ash tone, and my oval face was highlighted by my full blush

            lips and deep grey eyes.

            I raised my hand to my face and traced the soft lines of my

            cheekbones, my eyes closed as I began caressing my flesh.  I

            looked down at my breasts, through the mirror, full and

            round, they stood suspended by the bra that held them.  I

            moved my hands to release them from the contraption that

            embodied them.  My nipples became erect and took on a sudden


            I began to feel my sexuality as the sweet fragrance of my

            own flesh rose and hung in the heavy air.  As I closed my

            eyes, I saw my delicate body and envisioned it wrapped

            lightly in silk.  I placed the palms of my hands on my

            nipples, and began circular motions as I felt the imaginary

            fabric caressing them to their full alertness.  I gazed

            again into the mirror, as I guided a hand to my panties, I

            felt the texture of the satin ribbon daintily tied in bows

            against my hips.

            I tugged gently at the ribbon until the bow came untied, the

            corner of the panty fell down exposing the skin just to the

            side of my vagina.  My stare into the mirror had become

            fixed as I stroked the skin with my littlest finger.  I

            watched myself convince my other hand to render the other

            bow unsecured, allowing the light panties to dropped to the

            floor beneath me.

            I looked down to see the wisps of golden hair that was no

            longer compressed by the panties.  I watched in the mirror

            as I guided my fingers, gently placing them over my vagina,

            the warmth comforted me as my forefinger slipped down to

            where my vaginal lips began to part.  I felt the moistness

            that I had anticipated, the heady sensations that arose

            intoxicated me, and my legs began to quiver with bliss.

            I spread my legs slightly apart as I began to massage my

            clitoris, pressing it between my fore and middle fingers.

            The motion increased my secretions much to my pleasure, and

            I began to press delicately, nurturing it until I felt it

            begin to swell.

            I saw myself as a glorious vision of loveliness as I began

            my decent to the carpet.  Now on my hands and knees, I

            turned sideways seeing my breasts hang down, greeting their

            new environment with utter elegance and grace.  I raised my

            feet above my buttocks, supported only by my hands and

            knees. I lowered my bosom enabling me to massage them on the

            soft, yet scruffy carpet.

            I began to move slowly back and forth as I watched my

            nipples graze the textile.  It was a wondrous sensation as I

            again felt them become fully erect. I felt a drop of my

            essence roll down my inner thigh.  I raised to face my

            mirrored image, relishing my sexual glory, I sat with my

            legs spread apart, resting my buttocks on the heels of my


            I watched enthralled as I raised hands to my breasts, again

            with my thumb and fore-finger, I rolled the nipples, they

            tingled with extraordinary pleasure.  I pulled them outward

            and increased the applied pressure, I raised them upward and

            exposed the ivory skin beneath.  I pulled and tugged at them

            until I could stand no more.  I placed both hands onto them

            and began to squeeze and massage all of their area.

            I watched myself as I was doing this and revelled in the

            release of my stress.  I felt a sense of security knowing

            that I could be in control of at least on thing in my

            life...the way I made love to myself.  My sensations and

            confidence allowed me to become totally uninhibited,

            exploring my body and my total sexuality.

            I abandoned my thoughts and moved my hands down to my

            vagina, curiously watching the mirror to see what I would do

            next.  I glided a finger to the opening of my tunnel and

            felt my warm juices oozing.  I slid my finger inside me and

            began to explore the inner walls of my pleasure center.

            I entered another finger and watched myself glide them in

            and out, in and out.

            I began to grind rhythmically against my fingers, I pumped

            them harder and faster as I began to moan in a low whisper.

            My essence was flowing freely so my fingers glided easily, I

            watched my image in the mirror and began to increase my

            trusts.  I pushed harder against my hand as I watched my

            lips spread and contract.  I used my other hand to steadily

            massage my clitoris, only to increase my stimulation

            tenfold. I felt and watched as my body began to

            involuntarily convulse, the ritual that would bring me full


            I pulled my fingers out of my vagina and rubbed the thick

            juices over my entire vaginal area, then I re-inserted them.

            I spread my lips with my other hand and caressed them

            gently, rubbing the juices into them.  I watched my fingers

            slide in and out of my vagina in the mirror.  I watched my

            mouth open and my tongue spread fiery saliva across my lips.

            My pace quickened, and my long, hard thrusts turned to

            short, violent ones.  I flicked a finger quickly on my

            clitoris as the others pumped me faster.  My head fell back,

            I let out deep sighs of pleasure . . . I knew that I was


            My whole body began to contract and my movements were tense.

            Sensations rippled through my body in immense waves as I

            plunged my fingers deep into my vagina and massaged my

            clitoris with extreme pressure.  My juices gushed onto my

            fingers and hands in colossal volume.  I continued gliding

            my fingers in and out, steadily decreasing speed and force.

            I felt total release as if all was drained from within me,

            my body contracted once more dropping me to the floor.

            I turned on my side and placed my head upon the carpet, I

            turned to query the mirror with one final gaze.  I again saw

            myself as glorious.  I had never experienced anything like

            this before, nor had I ever dreamed of anything similar.  I

            had felt my total womanhood . . . more importantly, I had

            seen her.

            I raised and crossed the hazy room once more.  I pulled back

            the covers and slid into bed and fell into a deep slumber.

            The storm had ended...inside and out.


            I hope that you enjoyed our little visit, I certainly did!

            There is a special place that I would like you to know

            about, it's my own mail folder on DataStar, (nodes 2 & 3),

            it's called "HEATHERS IN & OUT BOX".  Please feel free to

            give me a call there anytime.  You can leave me messages,

            let me know what you think about my stories, or just engage

            in some chit-chat.  Come and join in on some good ole' adult

            fun with me and my friends.  Bring along some of your own

            friends if you like...we'd love to have you all!  I'm sure

            we can have a delightfully wonderful time together.

                               Hope to hear from you soon!



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