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Archive-name: Solo/comepute.txt


Archive-title: COMEputer from Loveline

  You've just turned off your COMEputer after reading all of the messages.  You

decide it's time for you to go to bed.  As you climb between the cool sheets, I

can tell what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking.

  You can't see me but there  I  am.  Standing  in  the  shadows  watching  and

waiting.  As  you turn off the light,  I wait patiently for you to go to sleep.

My heart is pounding wildly against the thin fabric of the gown that flows over

my naked body.  Covering all that is there that will make  you  stiff.  I  want

you.  As I watch you drift into a half sleep,  I long for you.  I move from  my

hiding place slowly across the room to the bed which you lie upon.

  Your breathing is even and slow.  I gently nudge against your bed, shaking it

only enough to make you turn over to gaze at me with half sleepy eyes. My hands

slowly  move  over  the  roundness  of  my  breasts,  down to my smooth stomach

carressing my hips,  my thighs.  As you watch me you wonder how I  have  gotten

here to where you are, but you really don't care.  I gently crawl on top of the

bed just next to you. My fingers rest gently upon your lips as I gaze into your

eyes you know what I want.

  My fingers move from your lips slowly to your neck as I bend to kiss you with

my soft, full lips.  Softly and gently my tongue enters your mouth as your arms

come  and  enclose  me,  pulling me towards you.  I can feel your heart beating

against my chest wildly. I break the kiss only to slide my lips to your neck so

they may lick and pull on the skin where I feel your pulse beating rapidly.  My

fingers carress your chest,  my nails tracing a pattern from one nipple to  the


  Gently  flicking  it  just enough to feel your cock stiffen against my thigh.

My mouth soon follows.  Leaving a wet pattern with my tongue,  I move  down  to

your stomach, slowly. My eyes steadily watching you watching me.  As I kiss the

insides  of  your  thighs,  your  cock  is  positioned directly in front of me,

standing there waiting for my mouth to attack it.  But I won't!  I want you  to

feel everything.

  I want you to feel everything that is being done to  you.  My  tongue  slowly

and wetly licks little circles pulling your balls into my mouth,  so  warm,  so

wet.  The sensation is about to drive you out of your mind.

  I  encase  your  cock  with my lips,  starting from the bottom of your shaft,

moving very slowly upward to the very tip, and back down again.  Your hands are

clutching the sheets as I see beads of sweat start to fall from your  forehead.

Your eyes are closed.

  Your  hips  moving  up  and  down  trying  to  force your cock into my mouth.

Sticking out my tongue firmly,  I purposely  and  slowly  lick  the  hard  vein

underneath your cockhead,  flicking it back and forth as you beg me to take you

inside my warm, wet mouth.  And I do.  Swirling my tongue around the head which

is very tight,  and very purplish in color,  I clamp my lips firmly just around

the head moving my head back and forth.

  As if I were sucking on a baby's bottle I increase the suction causing you to

plead for release. Not yet, I want you to go insane. I push my head down just a

bit  further  so  I  can  rub  the  sensitive head against the roof of my mouth

pushing your cock deeper until you're just at the back of my throat.

  In one swift motion I have you deeply imbedded in my mouth as my tongue wetly

swirls  all  around your hot,  throbbing prick.  Your head is thrown back,  the

moans of pleasure which come from your throat is nothing  compared  to  what  I

feel  happening  within  my own body.  I gently remove your cock from my mouth.

It's so swollen, glistening with my saliva. It looks as if it's about to burst!

I lie on top of you kissing your forehead, eyes, nose,  your lips,  dangerously

sucking your tongue.  I know you want to come and you shall, but not yet.  Your

mouth finds my nipple,  sucking it between your teeth.  Ooooh, your mouth feels

so good on me.  You're holding me so tight,  running your finger along my  very

wet slit, in a position where I couldn't move if I wanted to.

  You start to tease me with your cock,  putting it on my clit, rubbing it back

and forth as I beg you to put it inside me,  but you don't.  You want me to beg

you, you want me pleading half crazed from the pleasure I feel.  I rub my pussy

against  the  head  of  your  cock letting you feel my wetness,  moving back to

capture just the head if not all into my hot steamy, lust filled hole. You push

your hips up and I feel your cock head spreading me apart, entering me.

  My pussy contracts involuntarily as you  force  your  way  in.  Your  fingers

digging  into  the  cheeks  of my ass. I cry out, ooh,  your cock feels so good

sliding into me.  As I feel you enter more  and  more  until  you're  snug  and

deeply inside my pussy.

  My fingernails dig into your chest as I rotate my hips on top of you,  around

and around slowly grinding.  My mouth sightly open as I cry out from your  deep

thrusts. We stare at each other as if in a hypnotic trance.

  Your  movements become more aggressive,  your cock is soaked.  My cunt juices

dripping down the sides onto your balls. You pump me faster as I move on top of

you,  my rhythm matching yours.  Your hands roam my body,  squeezing  my  tits,

pinching  my nipples while my fingers play with my hard swollen clit.  I use my

pussy to suck on your cock,  squeezing it,  pulling it as  you  buck  under  me


  I lean over only for a moment to whisper into your ear very softly,  "Fuck me

Gary,  don't hold back." With one swift motion,  you turn my over onto my back,

throwing my legs over your shoulders.  Your cock savagely rams  into  me.  Your

body  is  moving  faster.  Your cock sliding in and out,  grinding into me with

animalistic passion. Moving deep within me, your cock swells even more.

  I  wrap my legs around you pulling me closer,  deeper.  We're both going mad,

so mad we lose all self control.  Your breath comming in heavy gasps as if some

unknown entity has entered your  body  to  take  complete  possession  of  you,

driving you insane.  Then you feel it, we both do. You feel the deep ferrocious

tingling in the pit of your stomach.

  As  I  grind my cunt up into your groin,  your teeth are biting into my neck.

Your balls ache from being so tightly  filled  with  come.  I  feel  them  slap

against  my  ass  as  I  reach down and slide my fingers over their smoothness,

tightness.  Your whole body starts to tremble,  as you feel  a  sharp  tingling

chill shoot up from the base of your spine. My clit is burning as if on fire. I

beg you,  " Move your cock faster Gary.  Ohhh,  yes, that's it ...  harder, ram

your cock into me.  Move it faster!  Slam it into me.  Tear my pussy apart with

your cock!" You sound like a wild animal.  Your moans,  groans and gasps become

louder and more fierce as I feel your cock  twitching  and  I  feel  your  cock

twitching and jerking inside my cunt.  Our bodies  shake,  tremble  and  become

lost.  We  are  no  longer  people,  only  two  mad,  crazed beings begging for

release.  Your body spasmodically jerks on top of me and mine under you, as  we

are bathed in the flash of white light which hits us both.

  Our heads spinning as the last moments of our pleasure finally  subside.  You

look  up as I slowly emerge from your bed giving you one last kiss very deeply.

I want you to remember.  You close your eyes and drift off into a very peaceful

sleep as I go back into the darkness from whence I came.


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