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Archive-name: Solo/claire2.f

Archive-author: ErosJerry

Archive-title: Claire's Knee II

  Bang went the front door! Claire, arriving dead tired from her walk up

the neighborhood's San Fransisco hill, after a week of super hard project

work at computing services Univ. of California at San Fransisco. "Boy, do

I need a drink and a load off," Claire thought, as she kicked off her work

shoes, Naturalizer comfort walkers and slipped into her Dr. Scholl's wooden

exercise sandals..."Ahh, that's already sooo much better.. what would I like

to drink now? What's in here?", looking into the liquor cabinet. "Aha!  Dry

Vermouth; I'll add Tanqueray and ice and stir the hell out of it for a smooth

martini plus!!" She took down her glass, mixing metal canister, filling it

with chipped ice, poured out a generous three ounces of Tanqueray gin, a mere

two drops of vermouth (she hates macho guys who just pass the vermouth bottle

near the top of the glass.. for adding fumes. Claire really loves the flavor

of the dry vermouth and its slippery slight oiliness adding piquancy and tex-

ture her more classic-style martini. Claire's ice was practically 100% gin, so

she poured her ingredients right into the cannister to mix with the ice, then

agitated the whole mixture like crazy, for a full two minutes. Her glass had

been tucked in the freezer for this little time and now was taken out with a

light frost fogging its rim.. Ahhh... what a drink this will be! Slowly pouring

out her martini through a metal strainer keeping all ice pieces in the canister

, Claire sighed in anticipation as her drink became reality. With a few pieces

of gouda cheese sliced and set on Table Water crackers, Claire repaired to her

boudoir, the neatest part of her bachelorette apartment.

  Zip went the zipper to her fashion-conscious suit, off came her silk blouse,

she reached back and released the catch of her sensual bra, freeing her sweet

breasts and causing her nipples to pop out with little touches of her martini

glass! Off with these stockings and garter belt! Claire liked bucking the

trend of most women stuck with pantyhose - she wore stockings to work and on

dates, except in the hottest summer months, when she wore thigh high silk

stockings or bare legs. She liked the more sensual feel and give of the garter

snaps and flexible-sexy stockings - and she knew that many of her girl friends

frequently got urinary tract infections, possibly from the unhealthy lack of

air circulating around their genitals when they wore those ubiquitous panty-


  Stepping out of her cute pink step-ins, Claire headed straight for the

shower stall. She grabbed a towel, placed it on her sitting stool and turned

on the taps.. Returning to the bedroom for a moment as the water temperature

settled in to "ideal", Claire turned on her clock radio and hummed the easy

listening tune coming into her ear from Anne Murray.. "Another Woman in Love".

  Now Claire felt great as she stepped under her shower and began soothing

away all of her cares and stiff, tired muscles. Taking the bottle of Vitabath

Rose scent from her shower caddy, Claire uncapped it and poured a generous

amount into the palm of her hand. Now, stepping aside from the direct flow of

the water, Claire shut her eyes (as Jerry had suggested to her..) and spread

the wonderful stuff all over her form, face and neck, breasts, back (as much

as she could reach..Damn, I wish Jerry were in here with me now, to do my

back the way he so deliciously does!.. now down her tummy and into her navel.

mmmm, nice! down her legs and to her knees, front and sooo sensitive backs! now

completely doing her feet (eyes still closed, feeling soo sexy.. what a nice

feeling of not being quite here, she thought). Now, a little more Vitabath

and time to lift her leg to the soap holder at the tub's side (Jerry told

her this was the best way to set her vulva for sensual bathing, touching

and pleasuring in a shower environment.. so much of his ideas really make me

feel wonderful, she thought.) Gently sudsing her entire pubic region, she

loved the slippery exotic feel of the Vitabath's sweetly scented texture as

she fingered and laved her labes, pubes, love lips, soft ass cheeks and -

dare she? YES, a Vitabath lubricated finger slid almost imperceptibally into

her anus... oohh, that feels gooood, she thought. I never did that before -

Jerry programed me to try it for its sensual effect. With so much lubricant

it didn't hurt me at all.. maybe I WILL try using the Vick's inhaler tube

Jerry got me.. when I pleasure myself in a few minutes... in bed.

  Now, toweled dry and with her martini half-finished and only gradually cast-

ing its full spell on Claire's relaxing mind.. she slipped on her sheepskin

and favorite bedroom slippers.. only, and glided into the bedroom. Turning

down her comforter and sheets, propping both pillows up for relaxed reading,

she doffed her only clothing, the slippers and slipped into bed. Ahhh, how

nice.. where's Jerry when I really need him, now??? Well, I have this idea

to expand my masturbatory skills this afternoon... why not??

 Sitting up, so cozily, half thinking, half dreaming of the last evening when

she and Jerry went dining, dancing, and lovemaking, Claire soon felt a bit

horny.. the martini sure helped. (I must remember that at my next cocktail

party, for a more interesting time, thought Claire!) Oh, if Jerry were here in

the room, just watching me now, that would excite me so much! I'd love to have

him watch me make myself come! He does a great job, and even knows exactly how

to massage my G-spot, making me soak the sheets every time(!), I'd love to

teach him how I really like my clitoris treated for fantastic feelings!

Next time we're in bed, I'm just going to start!!

  Finishing her drink and setting the volume of the music just a tad lower,

Claire slid her right hand down to her quim... legs parting now, am I lubri-

cating? A little, maybe, she thought. Let's just put our hand over the out-

side of little clit and move it around some...  aha.. that's right! Oooohh

nice! Clit is not little now, she knows it is time to come out for play!

She is fully ready for a session! Claire caressed her entire vulva now, teas-

ing the folds of her labia majora to blossom open.. Reaching over to her

night table and opening the edible massage oil jar, Claire poured a small

amount into the ready shallow dish. Touching her index finger to the oil,

she brought it to her lustful clit and touched her own button - magic! What

a soft, fabulous sensation that is. More excited by the second, she continued

daydreaming and idly increasing the movement all around her cunny - down her

slit (how she loves Jerry to tongue the full length of her slit when he goes

down on her!).. touching her perineum, finger now fully wet and hot from her

oozing glandular offerings to "fucking"...? no, not this time, but .. almost

as nice!.. moving her fingers around her anus..yes, it feels so nice, almost

erotic, but I'm not sure. Let's get my big fat vibrator, the penis-shaped

one for my vagina, and the little Vick's inhaler (I don't think it will

want to inhale once it's inside my rear end!!). Now a little oil on the end

of my TWO dildos, one for front and one for rear. Do lesbians love using these

on each other? Don't they miss the feel of human hard cockflesh ramming in and

out of their love tunnels? I SURE would miss it.

  Let's begin with my cunny.. fingers opening lips? YES.. hole ready to receive

?? Oh yes!!! Tip coming in.. ooh nice, glad it's made of rubber and has some

give.. turn on the switch for vibrator... yes NOW... wow, does that feel super!

Slide more and more in.. feel my vagina expand.. Oh Jerry, how I wish you could

be inside me instead, right now! Oh, those good vibrations, I love it. So hard!

Okay, relax, go slower. It feels right on, now. Clit is vibrant with help from

the motor, vagina feels filled and with slow moving I feel fucked... great!!

motor off! Pick up Vicks inhaler with oil on its tip.. more oil on my finger

to slide all over my anal opening... I hope this won't hurt. Let's see now..

slide the round tip first all around the opening, tease the hole, Claire,

like Jerry's tongue there the other night.. that felt marvelous! THIS feels

great... too! Now ease the tip inside just a little. How does it feel? Okay..

a little more? Yess, ooh this is new... this is like shitting backwards...

sexy sexy smooth not hurting me at all.. slide it all the way inside? YESSS!

hold it there... oh, do I feel filled in both places.. maybe Jerry would bring

my friend Mike Webb from the office with him on an evening and he and mike

could fuck me together????? Yes, I would love that. Mike is so manly, a marine.

And Jerry is so refined, an artist. What a perfect combination for my libido.

How am I doing? Motor back on now! in .... out..... in out..... in in in...

out... ahhhh ohhhhh it feels so good, and my ass is on fire with great sensiti-

vity! Maybe next time I'll insert my medium sized plastic vibrator in there

and turn it on! Ohhhhhhh, I'm coming... wonderful. Jerry I love you.. watch

me frig myself now.. this will be just my fingering answering the yearning of

my clit for more more more. another gorgeous orgasm... sooon sooon.. ooooh

so right! Right, I love it, I love you Jerry.. do it to me,, watch me do

it to myself. Do you like the way it looks? Oh, my God. There you are,

coming into my bedroom and undressing as you come to me. "Come to me, my

love! You're just on time! I tried the Vicks inhaler and it was lovely..

kiss me... ohh I love love love you. Thank you so much for urging me to explore

my feelings. You're sooo good to me.. love me, my sweetheart. Ahhhhh there

you are, inside me... where you belong. Bring Mike Webb with you next time???

"Wonderful, honey.. I would love having two of you inside me at the same time!

I'm glad you think that would be okay.. thanks you... Ohhhh I'm coming...



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