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Archive-name: Solo/carrot.txt

Archive-author: Theena

Archive-title: Carrot

   This happened when I was about fourteen, I think. Before

"Louise" and I got our Christmas presents, anyway.

   I had been reading a "hot" book that Louise gave me. I don't

remember the name, but I do remember I got very horny reading it. I

stopped reading to play with myself, but somehow, it wasn't enough.

I wanted something inside. I wanted to feel like I was being "made

love" to, and to experience what the heroine of the book was


   I looked around my room for something penis sized and shaped,

but didn't find anything. Pens, pencils, even a hairbrush handle

came under my scrutiny and were rejected.  The more I searched, the

more desperate I became, the more I wanted something.

   Finally, I thought of the refrigerator. "There are long, thick

things in there," I thought. So, I went downstairs to the kitchen

(my mother was out) and looked. "Maybe a cucumber," I thought. To

my chagrin, there were none. But I saw a nice, fat carrot! "Super!"

   I carefully washed it and peeled it (I don't know why, habit, I

suppose) and took it up to my room.

   What a shock when I put it where I wanted it! It was ice cold! I

quickly withdrew it and warmed it up in my hands. I couldn't wait,

though, so back it went, cold or not.

   Ohh, how good it felt. I dreamed it was a man, that it moved in

me on it's own. Soon I came. I wanted more, so I started in again.

   But then I heard footsteps on the stairs! "Damn! Mom's home!" I

withdrew my "friend" in a panic, put "him" on my night table and

pulled my jeans on as fast as I could.

   "Hi Mom."

   My mother started to ask me about my day at school, and to chat

(my mother loved to chat).

   As she was talking, she absent- mindedly picked up the carrot,

still warm from my insides, and ATE IT!

   "These are REALLY good carrots!" she said, "I ate yours, so I'll

peel you another."


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