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Archive-name: Solo/beachmem.txt

Archive-author: Joystick

Archive-title: Beach Memories

  Before you get started reading this adventure, let me explain

something here.  I have grown tired of reading other text files from

this board that contained a bunch of bullshit.  If it is a fantasy

that one would like to happen, then they should say so.  I would

like to hear of other peoples adventures in sex, real ones!  To me

reading about real happenings is a much better turn on than reading

someones imagination.  The following story is absolutely true and

did happen as written.  It may be small and even seem a bit 'so

whatish' to some people, but oh well its my memory.  


   Here I was, a virile 17 year old at the time of this adventure in

my life, was a thin male, 6ft tall, and still a virgin. Had a

fingerfuck experience with a girl earlier that year but that was it.

   It was a very hot and humid day in sunny south Florida.  I had

driven to my favorite beach located next to a state park in southern

florida.  This beach area does not have lifeguards or ordinances

against dogs or drinking or anything for that matter.

  I had been drinking all the way there and was feeling pretty

good.  I had just finishing the remains of an old 'doob' I had found

in the ashtray from the day prior, when I turned off the main

highway onto the dirt access road to the beach. I parked the car in

the designated area and gathered my small cooler and towel and

walked down towards the beach.  I scanned the area for people that

were in the buff.  The only nude people I saw were men.  I want to

make it clear that I am not nor ever been gay, but I figured what

the hell, I don't have to get too close to them.  I walked down to

the edge of the beach and laid down my towel and sat down.  Needless

to say my dick was rock hard at the anticipation of baring it all in

front of god and everyone.  Well here goes nothing I figured.  I

pulled my shorts off along with my underwear and oh what a feeling,

that breeze blowing thorough my nuts.  I was at the edge of the

beach so I could not see what was going on behind me.  I was sitting

down with my legs drawn back into a comfortable position. I could

feel my hard on throbbing and bobbing between my thighs. I looked

down and saw a string of precum stretched from my thigh to the

source like a spiderweb.  I looked around and some naked guys were

eyeing me with lust, but I turned away not wanting to have to tell

them to go fuck off if they came over.  To my delightment, two

couples had just arrived at the beach and came down to within

fifteen feet of me to my left. The women were topless and the men

had on shorts.  They were throwing a ball around or something.  I

couldn't believe this, here I was stark naked, with two women seeing

me there. I dropped one leg flat to give them a birds eye view of my

raging hard on. I kept looking out to sea and strained one eyeball

to see them. The women giggled a little and I caught them looking

over at me. This made me want to explode right there.  I stood up

and walked into the water, my dick swinging with the rhythm of my

walk. I sunk into the warm water and swam out a little and stroked

my dick ever so slightly and wham, the fish had been fed.  I'm sure

that even Ray Charles could see what I was doing, but I did not care

at the time. After a few minutes of self afterglow(god what an

orgasm) I walked back to my towel and put my shorts back on and


    I'm married and have two kids now. I've experienced other sexual

events with other women along the way, and I've yet to find another

experience that matched the excitement I felt that day (not that I

haven't enjoyed the hell out of other things..don't get me wrong

here), but this event remains pasted on the walls of my mind and I

often think about it and masturbate in the bathroom(as most married

men do!).  Aren't some memories great!

                          Lets hear your best sexual experiences....

                                signed,  joystick



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